Female menstruation has these four characteristics, congratulations, explain your good fertility

Although women have greater freedom today, they can decide whether they want their children at will, but if they cannot give birth to children for some reason, they will still bear certain pressures, and sometimes even affect the relationship between husband and wife.In fact, if you want to know the strength of your fertility, as long as you observe some of the menstrual periods.

What are the characteristics of women’s menstruation indicating a strong fertility?

1. The first tide comes just right

As the adolescence of girls comes, the first tide will come as scheduled.Generally, the normal tide comes between 12 and 15 years old. If the first menstruation is just in this range, this representative will have a strong fertility function in the future.Earlier or later, it may be a signal issued by the body, which may have a certain impact on future fertility.

2. The menstrual cycle is normal

The menstrual cycle is normal between 21 days and 38 days. The average cycle is 28 days. Generally, the length of each menstrual period is about 4 to 7 days.If starting from the beginning of the beginning, the menstrual cycle has always been particularly stable, then it means that the ovulation is normal, and you can increase your pregnancy probability according to the ovulation period you calculated.In addition, the amount of menstruation is also paid specially. Normal menstrual flow is generally between 20 ml and 60 ml. It is not normal if it is less than this range or greater than this range.Fertility function.

3. No dysmenorrhea

Some women will be particularly painful during menstruation, because from the arrival of menstruation until the end, the stomach will always be painful. In severe cases, they will even accompany vomiting and dizziness. Normal life and work will be affected.But there are also some women who walk quietly in menstruation, and will not bring any pain to women at all.Compared to women with dysmenorrhea, women without dysmenorrhea will have stronger fertility.If the belly during menstruation is only a little painful, you don’t have to worry about affecting fertility.

4. Menstrual color is normal

Normal menstrual colors are no different from ordinary blood. If the color of menstruation is reddish or black, then you must attract attention, which may be caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.Generally, people with normal menstrual colors will have a stronger fertility function.

Although sometimes the arrival of menstruation will cause women to suffer a certain amount of pain, menstruation has many benefits to women.Menstruation allows the weaker eggs to discharge the body together with the blood, leaving a better quality of eggs and sperm.In addition, menstruation is still a signal bullet for women to get pregnant. If the menstrual cycle is normal, then the menstruation cannot be delayed, it means that women are pregnant.

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