Female Table Tennis Grand Slam Li Xiaoxia confirmed pregnancy, she said 8 words about pregnancy!

On September 11, Li Xiaoxia took her pregnant belly photo on her personal Weibo, confirmed the good news of pregnancy, and thanked netizens for their blessings. According to Li Xiaoxia himself, she has been waiting at home at home, and there are 40 days of due date.

This time, in his hometown of Anshan, Liaoning, he played a ping -pong championship. Her husband Zhai Yiming was leading the Liaoning men’s team to play on the spot.On August 22 last year, Li Xiaoxia announced that she had registered with the current head coach of Liaoning team Zhai Yiming. On September 10 of the same year, a warm and warm wedding was held in Shenyang. By September 10 this year, one year has passed.Li Xiaoxia and Zhai Yiming went abroad to travel abroad and returned to the familiar table tennis career after traveling.Although retired Li Xiaoxia did not stop paying attention to the military tennis, he continued to contribute to the table tennis career during pregnancy and was a reserve for the national table tennis.

For cheering for her husband, walking like a full field, she laughed and said, "Walking every day helps to give birth."

What are the precautions for a 40 -day pregnant woman?Xiaobian will sort out you.

1. Reduce the intake of staple food.In the north, it is mainly pasta. Excessive intake of pasta will only increase the baby’s weight and let the baby grow meat. Therefore, in the last month, the pregnant woman can eat 70 % to 80 % of the staple food.Crown grains such as corn porridge are rich in vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is a nutritional element necessary for pregnant women.

2. Add more protein.In order to reserve the energy consumed during childbirth, pregnant women should eat more foods rich in protein and sugar in the last month.Foods rich in protein are mainly animal proteins such as chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, etc., and milk and bean foods are also rich in protein. Sugar -containing foods can eat more fruits, but not too much.Excessive admission is prone to pregnancy hypertension.

3. Eat more vegetables.In the last month, pregnant women are particularly prone to constipation and hemorrhoids. Constipation and hemorrhoids can cause premature birth. Therefore, pregnant women should eat more vegetables in the last month, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements.The body is good.

1. In the last month, it is possible to give birth because it is possible to break the water and pain at any time. It should be avoided to go out alone, or for a long time, and the appropriate exercise is indispensable, but it should not be excessive.And recuperation must also be sufficient.Keep your body clean, and the underwear should be replaced frequently. If you break the signs of delivery or bleeding, you will not be able to take a bath.

2. In addition, in the last month before delivery, it is best to check once a week to understand the development of the fetus. Do not do a B -ultrasound every time.Usually pay more attention to the movement of the fetus.

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