Five months pregnant, the baby has no fetal heart!The decision made before pregnancy made her regret her life

"Doctor, I have no other problems, you can help me surgery directly, I don’t want this tragedy again!" Recently, Ms. Li (pseudonym) from 28 -year -old to see a doctor from Zhuji to Hangzhou.Directly required the surgery, although the expression was calm, but he revealed sadness.

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This caused a deep impression that the chief physician Wang Liang of Zhejiang Medical College was impressed. After a closer question, Ms. Li told her sad stories in the past six months.

This summer, it should have been the joy of Ms. Li as her mother.However, at the beginning of the year, the original healthy babies in the stomach suddenly lost their fetal heart and stopped development when they were five months pregnant.

Before that, she and her husband had not succeeded in preparing for a few years. She asked for medical treatment everywhere, and she worked hard for a long time to conceive her baby."The whole family is very happy. In order to welcome the coming of the children, we bought a lot of things. In such a warm atmosphere, I suddenly said that the child couldn’t hold it anymore, which was really difficult to accept."

Uterine fibroids have become why Ms. Li unfortunately lost her baby.

It turned out that before she was pregnant, she found that there was a fibroids about 5cm in the front wall of the uterus. Although she had been followed up on a regular basis, she had not handled it.After pregnancy, the fibroids suddenly became larger and turned into a small leather ball, which reached more than ten centimeters in diameter, thereby "occupying" the living space of the uterus and affecting the health of the fetus.

Dr. Wang Liang was very sorry for this. She had also been diagnosed with similar patients before. For about 2cm of fibroids before pregnancy, she suddenly increased to more than ten centimeters during pregnancy."Non -pregnancy women, uterine fibroids generally increase by 0.5 to 1cm per year, while women’s uterine blood supply is very rich in women during pregnancy, hormone levels increase, fibroids may increase very quickly, causing vigilance."

So why not deal with it as soon as possible before pregnancy?

Ms. Li’s cultural level is also relatively high, she explained her worries.If the surgical is removed for fibroids, the scar uterus will be formed, and contraceptives will be required for 1 to 2 years, and it will also cause some difficulties in pregnancy."I’m almost 30 years old, I don’t want to be very conceived, so I want to gamble."

Source: Visual China

Dr. Wang Liang can understand the patient’s mood.She pointed out that in the past textbooks suggested that more than 5cm uterine fibroids are best removed."At present, 5cm is not an absolute standard. It is necessary to comprehensively judge the needs of pregnancy preparation, lesions, and symptoms. Nowadays, there are many ways to deal with uterine fibroids. For example, Or limit it to grow up. "

For patients with uterine fibroids who want to get pregnant, whether it is recommended to deal with it before preparing for pregnancy, she also gives her professional advice-

1. Look at the position of the fibroids and the relationship with the endometrium.Subciders can generally not be treated for temporarily. If the fibroids between the muscles are close or convex to the endometrium, it is best to deal with it. Subcidial fibroids are generally recommended to prepare for pregnancy first.

2. Look at the size of fibroids.For fibroids with more than 5cm, you must be more cautious, and you need to consider the distance between the location and the endometrium.

Dr. Wang Liang said that of course, this cannot be generalized, and it is necessary to combine comprehensive analysis of personal circumstances.It should be pointed out that it is recommended that women must do regular gynecological, sex hormones and other examinations before preparing for pregnancy.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News reporter Zheng Qi

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