Flat tunnel syndrome

Why do you get numb to your arm?One of the main causes of this symptom is the syndrome of the fistor, which is hemp and other symptoms due to the hands and arms caused by the squeezing of the wrist nerve.

Flat tunnel syndrome is very common, and the incidence is 5%of the total population. Women’s incidence is high. The proportion of female men is 3-10: 1. Pregnant women are common.According to the US Navy, according to the US Navy, the incidence of white soldiers than black soldiers is 2-3: 1., 45-60 years old, and only 10%of the age of 30.


The symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome are gradually progressing. When they first wake up at night or when they wake up at the beginning, they need to throw away their hands when they wake up.Second-rate.

The main symptoms of wrist tunnel syndrome are hemp and pain. They usually occur in the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. They also appear in half of the ring finger, while the little thumb will not appear.Symptoms may extend to the entire hand and forearm.With the progress of the symptoms, it often appears during the day, and it will appear when holding things, rotating wheels, calling, fastening, typing, and reading newspapers.

If it is not treated, the muscles at the bottom of the thumb will become weak, and the thumb will lose the feeling of hot and cold.

If the symptoms continue to deteriorate, if your hands or arms are in the same position for a long time, the whole hand will be difficult to use, and hemp, burning and pain will become more and more serious.


Flat tunnel syndrome was caused by squeezing in the middle nerve.

The middle nerves pass through the wrist tubes of the wrist through the front arm, control the feelings of the thumb and the fingers other than the little finger, and control the muscles at the bottom of the thumb.

Any condition that causes squeezing, stimulation, and compression in the middle nerves will cause wrist tunnel syndrome. For example, fractures of wriste bone fractures can cause wrist tunnel stenosis and stimulate nerves. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause swollen wrist and inflammation.The result of a single reason is the result of the combination of multi -factor.

Common causes are: repeated exercises; repeated use of vibration hand tools; work pressure; pregnancy, due to liquid retention or edema; inflammation, degeneration or rheumatoid arthritis; hypothyroidism; diabetes cause nerve injury; wrist fractures or misplaced; wrist joints; wrist joints; wrist joints; wrist joints; wrist joints;Structural problems; wrist disease; wrist tumor or cyst; pituitary hyperthyroidism; wrist edema or inflammation.

The use of insulin, di metarium, and sulfa crickets will increase the risk of wrist tunnel syndrome.The high risk of women’s vertical vertical syndrome may be due to the small wristual tunnel, or it may be related to the age of menopause. Women with aromatic enzyme inhibitors are often sick.

There is no sufficient evidence for computers to be correlated with wrist tunnel syndrome.


There is no effective prevention strategy for vesal tunnel syndrome, but you can reduce the risk of illness through the following methods:

Save effort when you use your hands.Most people are too hard when they use their hands. Regardless of writing, typing or holding things, they must work less and relax;

Frequent rest.Gently move your hands and wrists, and use it as alternately. If you need to use vibration tools at work, rest more;

Pay attention to and improve your posture.To avoid excessive bending the wrist, it is best to relax and stand in the center. It is important to rest often to rest.If possible, raise or reduce the workbench or desk, so that the wrist is at the best position.Pay attention to the sitting position, because the neck nerve is compressed will affect the wrist, hands and fingers.

The wrist is warm.Wear gloves in cold weather.


Flat tunnel syndrome should be treated as soon as possible. The purpose of treatment is to relieve the symptoms and reduce the disease of the disease by reducing the pressure of the middle nerve.If the symptoms are not serious, it will improve within a few months without treatment, especially people under 30 years of age and pregnant women.

The way to improve self -improvement is as follows: Resting: Resting hands and wrists is the best way to relieve symptoms. If it is caused by repeated movements, often rest and do hand stretching movements; cold compresses; occupational physiotherapy:If it is related to occupation, you can find the physiotherapist to learn from different methods to do these repetitive work.

If the above measures do not work within 4 weeks, it will be treated.

Wearing a wrist splint is a very effective treatment method. Wear it during the day and wear it at night.

NASIDS, such as ibuprofen, can relieve pain and help symptoms.

The injection of glucocorticoid injection of the folder can reduce inflammation and swelling, and the effect is very good, but it may recur after a few months, and you need to close it with another needle.

If the symptoms are severe or lasts more than 6 months, surgery can be considered.

The method of surgery is to cut off the wrist ligament to relieve the pressure on the medium nerves. There are two types of endoscopic surgery and open surgery. After the ligament is restored, there will be more space for the middle nerve.The success rate of surgery exceeds 90%, and the recurrence is rare, but if the symptoms are very serious, the symptoms may not completely disappear after surgery.

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