Focus on the cracking way of "one votes hard to find" attractions

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 19th.

Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua View Point" reporters Duan Jingjing, Yang Shujun, He Leijing

In the summer, the tourism industry showed a strong recovery momentum.However, when some tourists are looking forward to embezzling the journey, they have encountered difficulties in the scenic spots and museums.How to crack is attention.

Behind the "one ticket is difficult to find", it reflects the good trend of accelerating the industry and the increase in market heat. It also puts forward new requirements for how to better meet the needs of tourism in high -quality development lanes and match high -quality services.

"There is no shortage of tickets for tourists"

On July 9, people visited Qianmen Avenue.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Chao Photo

Entering July, the summer tourism market was "fire" with hot weather.

The reporter recently saw a number of tourist groups from Zhejiang, Hubei, Hainan and other places near Di’anmen West Street, Beijing.A tour guide in Beijing told reporters that it has been busy since the Spring Festival this year, and has not rest for a day after the summer."Since July, I have brought more than a dozen groups from Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan and other places. I don’t stop walking every day, and my feet have worn."

According to Meituan and Public Comment data, from July 1st to 10th, domestic tourism consumption orders (including hotel homestays, attractions, traffic, traffic, etc.) doubled compared with the same period in 2019. Among them, parent -child -related accommodation reservations are compared to 2019 than 2019The annual increase of 150%; Ctrip Traveling on the topic of "summer tourism" is more than 10,000.

Dai Bin, Dean of the China Tourism Research Institute, analyzed that the summer tourism market was hot. First, the needs of the tourism market after gradual recovery of normalization was released; second, this year’s research travel market has grown strongly."After so many years of development, the public has begun to experience the magnificence of mountains and rivers, and slowly moves to understanding the beauty of culture."

However, people’s travel enthusiasm seems to be difficult to make an appointment, and the ticket grabbing is difficult to "spill a pot of cold water.""I have seen a lot of well -known attractions appointment platforms. Almost all tickets are sold out.It was disrupted before the ticket.

The reporter recently saw at Hangzhou, Nanjing and other high -quality tourist attractions that although the high temperature is unbearable, the number of tourists in some cultural places and garden scenic spots still ushered in a surge.On social platforms, netizens have been making up for tickets.Not long ago, a tourist who was traveling to Xi’an said that he began to make a ticket to the Shaanxi History Museum before departure. He had no appointment and wanted to go to the door of the museum to try whether to buy the tickets on the same day. Unfortunately, it was still not possible."The day after tomorrow is going, I can only wait for the next time I have the opportunity to grab the ticket and come to Xi’an."

Why are you making a difficult time for appointments and the difficulty of grabbing tickets.

Why do you concentrate in the summer?Interviewees believe that in addition to the hot market demand, some new problems have also been exposed after the tourism market enters the appointment.

——The program is tedious to build a "digital wall".The reporter found that making an appointment not only logs in to various small programs or WeChat signals, but the time of grabbing tickets is not the same: some one week in advance, some three or five days in advance; some in the morning, some are in the afternoon or evening, some"Late at night" even forms hot topics on social networks.

Yang Ji, an associate professor at the School of Cultural and Creative and Management of Zhejiang Media School, recognized that intelligent and mobility is the development trend of modern scenic spots, but it cannot be built on a "digital wall"."Whether it is a scenic spot or a venue for a public resource, it is still necessary to consider reserving ‘special channels’ for social groups that are not good at using digital equipment."

——The ticket squeezing the ticket source space.The reporter logged in to the official visit to the Nanjing Museum’s official visit and appointment channels for many days and multiple segments, and found that the tickets for visiting during this week have been displayed as "the appointment is finished".Essence

And through a platform known as "the official ticket source, every day with tickets", and can provide a platform for the appointment service of 200 tickets for 200 museums across the country, even if it is the next day’s votes, the remaining votes are as high as "99+", but it must cost 89 yuanEssenceA customer service told reporters that ticket purchase showed that the name, mobile phone number, ID number and other information were required, and the ticket was not refunded after the ticket was purchased.

"Originally, the Volkswagen’s inclusive benefits have become the way of wealth for some people." Yang Ji said that how to block the vulnerabilities of tickets on behalf of the tickets also put forward higher requirements for scenic spots and museums.Platform system to improve identification and warning capabilities.

——When demand has greatly increased the contradiction between supply and demand.Dai Bin analyzed that during the epidemic period, the public understood the measures such as current limit, appointment, and peaks, but as social order recovered, some scenic spots did not master social needs and assessed market changes in a timely manner.Still use the previous management measures too much, allowing tourists to experience greatly reduced.

Some people point out that the difficulty of making an appointment in some scenic spots is related to the understanding and determination of breaking the question.Zhang Hui, deputy director of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism City Federation and dean of the Modern Tourism Research Institute of Beijing Jiaotong University, believes that under the premise of ensuring safety and non -decreased tourist experience, most scenic spotsFrom the perspective of flow, time, and space, there are great adjustment of elasticity.However, how to implement the actual operation not only tests the wisdom and ability of relevant aspects, but also the determination to supply the supply -side reform."This determination must not only stay in verbal, and to strengthen policy innovation in order to truly resolve the contradiction between supply and demand for tourism services."

Integrate high -quality supply and innovative management services

On June 25, tourists played at the "Sky Mirror" attraction of a rural home in Gongyan Village, Xuanen County.Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Song Wen)

Experts interviewed said that it is necessary to effectively alleviate the difficulty of appointment and the difficulty of grabbing tickets. It is necessary to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people. It is necessary to comprehensively apply, and it is necessary to integrate high -quality supply and innovative management services with a wider field of vision.

People in the industry suggest that the government can timely release data with guidance and high frequency, guide the market through data, and effectively play an early warning role.Scenic and cultural places should scientifically evaluate whether the reservation management model is continuously continued according to their own situation, scientifically planned the tourist tour routes, and continuously optimized the efficiency of connection between the project and the traffic organization.

The Office of the State Administration of Cultural Relics issued a notice on July 14, proposing that museums in various places should be adapted to local conditions, scientific research and judgment, reasonably implement mechanisms such as appointments, current limits, and peaks to optimize the adjustment of the ticket appointment, and avoid "one -size -fits -all".The reporter learned that in order to cope with "one vote difficult", many places have actively responded to demands and made policy adjustments in a timely manner. Through delayed openness and increase appointments, they can better meet the needs of tourists.

The Shaanxi History Museum issued an announcement saying that from July 16th, the opening hours of each week were extended from 8:30 to 18:00 to 8:30 to 20:00 (stop checking tickets at 18:30).Some tourists said, "I was fortunate to make an appointment for tickets, and the family visited the Shaanxi calendar" "You can travel to the museum at night."Hangzhou New Net Red Paido De Shou Palace stated that according to the current situation of the current tourism demand, appropriate increase of appointment places; the Shanghai Museum issued a notice saying that in addition to the reservation mechanism during the peak period, the exemption of appointments will be implemented on working days.Essence

The law enforcement department can play an important role in cracking down on the disruption of market order.It is reported that the Beijing Police has in -depth arranges and punching the free tickets for the existence of price increases around the National Museum.At the same time, some places have also increased the management of ticket purchase platforms, dynamically analyzed the trend of ticket purchase, and found problems in time.

Wang Jieping, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Tourism Association, said that the upgrade of cultural tourism consumption has been continuously forced to upgrade the scenic area, and good scenic spots will develop more diversified, and some scenic spots may gradually face the danger of being eliminated by the market."The scenic spot is the main battlefield of the tourism industry and the core of the supply side. These scenic spots need to be upgraded and upgraded, and you can no longer passively wait for tourists to patronize."

Dai Bin believes that local governments, especially the cultural tourism departments, should focus on cultivating more "warm points" (relatively hot spots) scenic spots, adding these scenic spots to society from space, continuously promoting the overall recovery of the tourism industry ecology, consolidating the tourism industryThe foundation of sustainable and healthy development.

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