focus on!There are "squares" in resistance, orange non -"Wei" one

The cold medicine frame was almost empty, and the Chinese medicine and pharmacy counter was busy. Vitamin health products were placed in a conspicuous place.The scene seen in the fruit shop.

Recently, consumers’ demand for cold medicines and oranges has increased, and even some shops have in short supply. However, the method of resisting disease is not only cold medicine. It is not only orange to supplement vitamin C.

There are "squares" in resistance:

Cold medicine supply should be constantly flowing in Chinese medicine houses

"Is there a small Chaihu?" "Are there any antiviral oral solution?" There are constant asked for the city’s civilian store, but the answers are the same "sorry, after selling"."After the self -epidemic prevention and control policy is adjusted, the sales of drugs such as cold medicines have increased. Bulofen, Xiao Chaihu, antiviral oral solution and other drugs are in short supply. Often, a group will be sold soon." Ms. Zheng, the person in charge of the pharmacy,explain.

Compared with the empty cold medicine rack, the Chinese medicine room is another situation. The pharmacists kept busy grasping medicine and scale, and the corners were piled up with a bag of Chinese medicine bags.

Mr. Wu, a citizen who was waiting for medicine at the counter, introduced the Chinese medicine prescription to the author. "This is the prescription I saw on the Internet. It is said that it can prevent new crown pneumonia.People have positive symptoms, but we still have to strengthen prevention. "

Mr. Wu said that the prescription was "Guangdong Anti -2" released by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine.This is the latest version of the Chinese Medicine Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Medicine Administration, "Guangdong Against No. 2 ".

Orange non -"Wei" one:

These methods can also supplement vitamin C by selling oranges to the fruit shop

In addition to the cold medicine, there are also oranges in the fruit shop.

After infection with new coronary pneumonia, symptoms such as sore throat and dry throat generally occur. Netizens ridiculed that this symptom is "cutting throat", which means that the swallow is like swallowing blades.In order to relieve sore throat, the remedy of "Salt Steamed Orange" began to become popular. The orange was about to cut off the top, and in the practice of the orange cup, sprinkled with a little salt, steam it with boiling water for about 10 minutes, and then steam the flesh with the steamed.Eat water together.

The popularity of "Salt Steamed Orange" indirectly drove the consumption of oranges. The author visited a number of fruit stores in Jieyang City and found that oranges were out of stock. The staff of the fruit store said that it was not sure when it could come.However, for supplementing vitamin C, moisturizing throat, oranges are not the only choice. These vegetables and fruits are also rich in vitamin C.


The cauliflower has the reputation of "Vegetable Queen". Its vitamin C has a high content. Each 100 grams of cauliflower has 85 to 100 mg of vitamin C, which is 4 times that of Chinese cabbage.


At present, it is the season for eating radish. In addition to the nutritional elements such as lutein and carotene, carrots also contain vitamin C. The vitamin C content contained in each 100 grams of carrots is about 12 mg.


Tomatoes can be stir -fried and can be eaten as fruits. It is a source of vitamin C very easy to take.


Kiwi has the title of the king of vitamin C. Each 100 grams of kiwi contains about 60 mg of vitamin C, which is 5-10 times that of citrus.The vitamin C needed by an adult a day is 100 mg, so only 1-2 kiwi can supplement the required vitamin C for only 1-2 kiwi per day.


Lemon taste is acidic and is suitable for lemonade with honey, which supplement vitamins and greatly supplement water.


Hawthorn is known as the "Vitamin C" messenger. Each 100 grams of hawthorn contains 53 grams of vitamin C. In addition to supplementing vitamin C, hawthorn also appetizers to digest.


The vitamin C content per 100 grams of strawberry is about 47 mg, second only to hawthorn, and is now the season when strawberries are listed. In addition, strawberries also contain amino acids, anthocyanins, vitamin E and other ingredients that are beneficial to human health.

But it should be noted that vitamin C is a particularly vulnerable nutrients. From the moment the fruit is picked, the vitamin C is constantly oxidizing and losing.A good refrigerator can slow down the loss of vitamin C.

[Reporter] Tang Chusheng Zhang Bingchun

【Media Assistant】 Cheng Yu

[Author] Tang Chusheng; Zhang Bingchun

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+Client

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