Folklore story: Dreaming of husband and wife, seeing the land master sent the child to give birth, the family is rich for a lifetime

The scenery of the mountain village is beautiful and the streams are surrounded by the streams. Most of the villagers are very simple.At the foot of the mountains in a lot of miles away from the village, Great Po Li lived alone in a stone built in a stone.

Aunt Li is also kind, but everyone always avoids her family. As for the reason, it is still related to the black cat she raised.

The black cat’s appearance and ordinary cats are no different. When those eyes are staring at people, everyone always has a feeling of being seen through.

The reason why this is also well -founded is that there was a cargo Lang entered the village half a month ago. At that time, most of the villagers worked in the ground, and the children in the family played under the trees in the village.

After the cargo Lang looked around, he walked towards a solitary boy, and took out a handful of sugar and gave him to eat.

The child was very happy after watching it. He was only two years old. It was the age when he loved sweets.But before the sugar was imported, the black cat of Li Da’s house suddenly came out of the back and slapped the sugar.

Later, it called the cargo Lang a few times again and again. After watching it, the cargo Lang was very angry after watching it, ready to drive the cat away.Who knows the strange thing happened. After the Black Cat was screaming, the cargo Lang felt a faint coldness spread throughout the body.

Then he raised his mouth and kept saying that he was a trafficker. When he entered the village today, he would abduct the child.

As soon as this came out, a man who happened to be heard from the ground was heard.He rushed over at the moment, twisted the cargo Lang, and the incident quickly spread, and everyone hurried back from the ground.

The eldest chief quickly took the people to the county to the county. After the county’s first instance, there was a case. There were already two children traveled by him.

It is strange to say that Cao Lang suddenly woke up after confessed his evil things.When he learned what he did, he couldn’t help but be shocked. Is it possible to hit a ghost today?

This incident has also become an unsolvable mystery. Many people attribute it to "three feet with gods", saying that he is a bad thing to be reimbursed.

Aunt Li did not justify after hearing it, but on the day when the traffickers were sentenced, they praised the black cat and said that it was well done.If there is a third person at the scene, it will definitely guess that the abnormal of the traffickers is exactly the black cat intentionally.

In July that year, the weather was hot. On this day, Aunt Li and the black cat were sitting under the big tree of the yard to cool. A handsome man knocked on her door.The man named Yang Ming, this time I came to ask Aunt Li to help the birth.

Aunt Li looked a little surprised when he saw him, as if he saw the inappropriateness in him.She packed up the tools of picking up, also called Yang Ming to go out with the black cat.

Does the mother -in -law still have to take a cat?This was the first time I heard it.But thinking of the status quo of his wife, Yang Ming couldn’t help but feel heavy. Compared with the strangeness of his wife after pregnancy, it is not strange to bring a black cat to get birth.

Yang Ming rushed to the carriage, and half a hour later they came to a small courtyard in the neighboring village.The layout in the courtyard is also elegant and neat, and it can be seen that the owner’s family is still quite wealthy.

After seeing the master and the mother -in -law, the servant Zhang Ying came over. Yang Ming hurriedly asked what Madam was?Zhang Ye said: "The children in the belly just made a noisy again, and the lady was sweating, and she fell asleep soon after slowing down."

Yang Ming just let go of his heart after hearing it, ready to ask Aunt Li to rest first.After hearing it, Aunt Li refused, saying that he would take a look at the mother.

Gently pushed open the door, a white -haired pregnant woman was lying on the bed.If you do n’t look at your face, you only look at the hair, and think that the pregnant woman is very old. In fact, she is only 20 years old this year, which is exactly the old age.

Aunt Li glanced at the pregnant woman, showing a thoughtful expression on his face, and then quickly walked out of the room.After coming to the church to sit down, Aunt Li said, "Your wife is gradually white after pregnancy, right?"

Yang Ming nodded:

"Indeed, the doctor of the medical museum was also very surprised after watching it, but they couldn’t diagnose it. Some doctors suggested to kill the child, but the lady did not agree with it.Will give up easily. "

With Yang Ming’s complaint, the emotional past of a pair of young men and women gradually appeared in front of it.

Yang Ming is the second son of Yang Yuan in the city, and his wife is a fisherman girl named Liu Yulan.Most of the wealthy people to marry a wife must pay attention to a door -to -door right.The reason why Liu Yulan was able to marry Yang Ming was because he had saved him.

Yang Shi is intelligent and easy to learn, and has achieved the reputation of talents.Unfortunately, the better he is, the more difficult the situation at home.

When the aunt saw Yang Ming, the sister -in -law’s limelight, she was naturally not happy in her heart, so she often made some tricks that could not make it difficult for him.

For example, the food that you want to eat every day is not bad on the surface, and there are fish and meat.But the taste can be made of a lot of articles, put more salt and less salt; the meals are colder and hotter, and it will feel a lot worse.

Yang Ming eats such meals every day.But it can’t be said that the aunt is not, otherwise a filial big hat may be deducted.

Yang Ming’s elder brother saw that his brother was better than himself, and he was unhappy.Seeing my mother using the soft knife to clean up people, my heart was naturally very happy.

However, he reminded that be careful of his brother sued his father, but his aunt dismissed:

"It’ s not delicious to dislike the meals, so spend money to buy it yourself. The poor people outside can not even eat food. He was born of a aunt, what qualifications to pick and choose? "

Aunt Wang was distressed by his son, so he wanted to spend money on the kitchen.After Yang Ming knew, he stopped what happened to this house to hide the eyes of his aunt.If you don’t want to be under the jurisdiction in the future, you need to be out of place.

His thoughts were not right, but the aunt was really not angry when he saw his son, and the sister -in -law gradually broke away from the control, and wanted to intervene in his marriage.After some inspiration, I wanted Yang Ming to marry Zhao Xian’s daughter as his wife.

Yang Ming knew that he quickly tried to take off his marriage, just because the wife’s candidate was too bad.Miss Zhao was ruthless, and the girls in the family were killed by her.

Many people talked about that if the Zhao family had to marry his daughter, he would marry his daughter, and he could burn the enemy chickens and jump.Because of her ruthless reputation, she hadn’t married at the age of 20, and Liu County’s Wei family was anxious.

For the happiness of his aunt and his last half of his life, Yang Ming found his father and analyzed the interest relationship in it.

Yang Yuanwai attached great importance to this, and soon scolded his wife.It is unreliable to say that she is unreliable, and it is not all the children who are not born.

After listening to, the aunt was half -dead, and Yang Ming’s sue in her heart hated itchy teeth, but there was no way to take him for a while.

When Zhang Ye saw that the owner was so angry, he was pleased, so he presented: "Madam doesn’t have to be angry. Even if the two masters are in the same official, don’t you dare to filial piety to you?

"Speaking, it is difficult to swallow this tone of my heart. Now I dare to resist me just in the exam. How can I say it in the future?"

Zhang Yan laughed: "If it is only easy for the ofst time, we are not good at shooting, but we can also use the hands of others to teach the second master." The aunt heard the joy and quickly asked what kind of good schemes would be said soon.Essence

It turned out that Zhang Ye was ready to make this matter quietly revealing this matter to Miss Zhao.With her arrogant and arrogant temperament, knowing that she was rejected by her marriage, she would be ashamed and anger to teach people.

In this way, the wife does not need to dirty her own hands, and the purpose in her heart can be achieved. Why not?The auntie said that he was good at Lianlian, and gave all the matter to Zhang Ye to deal with it.

One afternoon two days later, Miss Liu was sitting out of the sedan. When she passed a alley, she happened to hear two beggars gossip.

One of the beggars said, "The reputation of Zhao County’s Wei daughter is too bad. Although she is a sister -in -law, even her sister -in -law is unwilling to marry her as a wife?"

Another beggar then said: "Isn’t it? Master Yang Er is still unhappy with his auntie, and he disagrees to marry Miss Zhao as his wife.

The two beggars were talking about it there, but Miss Zhao in the sedan was so angry that she was so angry that she quickly stopped the bearer.

Ms. Zhao got out of the sedan to come to two beggars, took out a piece of silver and shook it, and said, "Give me what you know, say it clearly, and I have a reward."

The two were originally dedicated to revealing the wind. Now they can still accept another sum of money. They are naturally happy.

After listening to it, Miss Zhao scolded: The Yang family was really abominable, and she wanted to make me marry a sister -in -law. Miss Ben is not rare.

Having said that, when I thought of being disgusted, my heart was very unhappy.After returning, he found his brother, that is, Yang Ming’s classmates, and asked him to find a chance to teach Yang Ming.

Master Zhao saw that her sister was disgusted, and naturally she was willing to help her out.After thinking overnight, on the second day he found an excuse to invite Yang Ming to go to the lake to play with several classmates.

After drinking alcohol in the cabin, and playing the game of guessing puzzle, Master Zhao said, "It’s better to take a look at the lake view outside, and it is easy to disperse the alcohol." After listening, everyone agreed, so he went to the cabin, so he went to the cabin.Go out.

Just as Yang Ming stood beside the ship’s side and watched a poem at the torrential level. A man who looked like a family came to him.Past past.

Then the sound of the falling water rang, and Yang Ming was hit into the water.The clothes on his body were dressed thick, and after getting water, his body quickly became heavy. He was a dry duck and could not swim in the water. After struggling in the water, he poured a lot of water.

Several boatmen quickly stopped the boat and prepared to save people, but hadn’t waited for them to move, and saw a woman who returned from fishing seeing someone falling into the water, and soon jumped into the water.

As soon as the woman approached Yang Ming, she was so bad that she accidentally grabbed her arm by Yang Ming.Those who fall into the water will firmly entangle people under fear. If they cannot get rid of them, they will be dangerous.

Between one and one pull, the fisherman’s girl couldn’t get away for a while, and her breathing became difficult.Fortunately, the two fishermen on the boat came down to rescue the two of them, otherwise things would be troublesome.

After Yang Ming was awake, Master Zhao made an apology again and again, and his attitude was very sincere.Who would want to get it that the matter of falling water turned out to be planned.

After the incident returned to the Yang family, the auntie secretly laughed, and exaggerated the incident well, and finally taught the kid.But this time the water falling incident can be made again.

"As the saying goes, men and women are not taught. I heard that the second master of our family hugged the woman who saved him in a panic. Isn’t that the reputation of the girl.Forgotten the righteousness. "

As soon as Zhang Ye understood the meaning of his wife, he nodded echo: "For the sake of the Yang family’s reputation, according to the old slave, the second master should marry the girl home."

The aunt did this, but she didn’t want Yang Ming to have a powerful Yue family, and let others laugh at him.She still knows the temperament of this sister -in -law. She is soft and compassionate.

The incident did not expect her aunt, and she had persuaded her and Zhang Ye.I told Yang Ming’s woman in winter is not good for her body, which may cause Gong Han, and it will have an impact on the childhood child.

To count on your two also have skin kiss, shouldn’t you be responsible for the girls?Yang Ming was also very guilty about this. At present, she told her aunt that she was willing to marry Liu Yulan as a wife, and asked her to help come to mention her.

The aunt’s face showed a smile, but she said in her mouth and said, "This matter has to be nodded in this matter. Last time I wanted to help you say that my dear was scolded by him. Now I dare not provoke him again to him.You still need to speak yourself. "

Yang Ming then found Yang Yuan and invited him to agree to the marriage.After listening to it, Yang Yuan did not agree. He only said that he could send more money to the Liu family.

But the person who came back later said that Liu Yulan had previously been engaged, and now he has been divorced because he saved the second master.When Yang Ming heard that he insisted on marrying Liu Yulan as his wife, otherwise he would be uneasy in his life.

Yang Yuan watched him not listening to advice, and he was unhappy in his heart. He said that he was too affectionate, and I am afraid it would be difficult to achieve great achievements in the future.Although this marriage has experienced some twists and turns, Yang Ming finally married Liu Yulan back home.

The husband and wife in this world are willing to communicate and tolerate each other to accommodate each other. This day can always live.In order to match her husband, Liu Yulan followed him to study with him.

One teachings are serious, one is intelligent.The relationship between the two gradually became deeper in getting along.Although the husband and wife are harmonious, Liu Yulan has his own troubles.I have been married to my husband for more than a year, but I do n’t know why I ca n’t get pregnant.

The aunt did not like their husband and wife, and now they have found an excuse to call Liu Yulan all day.Instead, let her get pregnant quickly and spread their branches for the Yang family.Otherwise, give the second master a few concubines.

Whose mood can get better all day long listening to such words?Yang Ming was a thoughtful husband. After noticing his wife’s panic, he found an excuse and took her to a Zhuangzi outside the city. She could read quietly.

A good environment really cured the mood. Both of the couples who went out of the house felt a lot of feelings.After Liu Yulan came to the village, he often dealt with women in the village, and his life was leisurely.

Once she passed the farmer Zhang Dali’s family, she heard the sound of scolding and scolding in the yard, and the cry of a woman.

Zhang Dali already had three daughters, and the day before, his wife gave birth to another daughter.This made the mother -in -law who wanted the boy to be angry, so he scolded that the daughter -in -law was really married to a loss. If the next child regenerates a daughter, she will go home and go home.

After listening, the daughter -in -law had to cry, both pitying her daughter joined into this home; she also hated that she could not give birth to a boy.

Because you are born with your daughter, chicken soup and the like, don’t think about drinking, you should eat whatever you should eat on weekdays.There was a weak body, and naturally, there was not much milk to feed the children, making the newborn always crying and crying, so pitiful.

Liu Yulan was sympathetic after listening to a few gossip, so he brought some gifts to visit the mother and children.

The girl was thin, but her facial features were exquisite and cute, and Liu Yulan couldn’t help holding her and coaxing her.Because of the help of Liu Yulan, the child became a lot of fat after the full moon, and relied heavily on Liu Yulan.

Zhang Dali’s mother -in -law quickly went down to work after the confinement. The mother -in -law took the child at home and couldn’t do it. The girl’s film was not worthy of her effort.

One day when the child woke up, he turned around alone in bed, accidentally falling under the bed.A large bag was immediately stuck on his head, and it was no breath when everyone found it.

Although Zhang Dali was sad, he did not dare to blame his mother.It was necessary to bury the child quickly. There were many children who died in ancient times. It would not be long before she would be forgotten.

After the incident, the saddest person was Liu Yulan, and he still made a quiet wish in his heart: If there is still a living, let the child enter into a harmonious and peaceful family.

After another month, Liu Yulan felt a little uncomfortable.I asked Lang Zhong to take a look, but she was pregnant.

The husband and wife were happy and prepared for the arrival of the child.Liu Yulan’s appetite was very good after pregnancy, but somehow, the black hair was gradually white.People have become unbearable, and no matter how much supplements to eat.

The weird people saw it for the first time, and suddenly gossip behind.Do you say that the couple did something wrong with the couple?Otherwise, how can a woman get pregnant?

The aunt also took advantage of this opportunity to send difficulties, and said to Yang Yuan, "Master, this is weird. Is it impatient? Do they find a Taoist priest to take a look?"

Master Yang also gave birth to Yang Ming’s anger. He previously told him not to marry this daughter -in -law.

"The daughter -in -law he married himself has the consequences. In the future, let them live in the countryside and don’t return to the house. It is not necessary to let others say that our Yang family gossip."

In this way, under the decision of the two everyone.Yang Ming’s husband and wife were kicked out of the house, and only a loyal servant Zhang Ye followed him to help take care of it.

On the day when the child was about to produce, Yang Ming explored it and learned that he was good at Li Li’s craftsmanship, so he put on a carriage to invite people over to get birth.

Aunt Li nodded after listening to his complaint and said, "Your husband and wife are affectionate people, and the children in this belly are also affectionate. UnfortunatelySave."

Yang Ming and Zhang Ye were frightened after hearing, and the reason why the child could not ask for the reason.

Aunt Li informed the child’s origin.It turned out that the child was born from Zhang Dali’s daughter. Liu Yulan had previously hugged her. The child felt the love in her heart, so she was very close to Liu Yulan.

When she fell from the bed and died, she felt Liu Yulan’s desire for her child after turning into a ghost.The soul of the heart of gratitude, so she came to the Yang family fluttering and devoted her to Liu Yulan’s belly to make her pregnant.

If this person wants to reincarnate, he must go to the prefecture to report, first drink a bowl of Meng Po Tang, and then eliminate the ghost of the prefecture, so that it will not be hindered by the mother.The reason why Liu Yulan had white hair was caused by ghosts.In the opinion of Aunt Li, now her body is almost the point where the oil is exhausted.

Now that she can return to her mother’s body if the ghost fetus will return to her mother.

After Great Aunt Li finished speaking, Liu Yulan, who woke up, said, "You don’t need to be too sad, and there will be children in the future. For your body, this child needs to let her enter the government first."

Yang Ming quickly helped his wife persuaded that the two could not help crying with headache. The hope of many days has ended, and no one can accept such a cruel fact.

Aunt Li didn’t care about them, just nodded at the black cat.The Black Cat Mind will make a weird scream at the belly of Liu Yulan.

The child in the stomach seemed to be responded, and a punch and kicking kicked, making the pregnant woman couldn’t help but caress.

Later, Liu Yulan felt that the limbs were getting warm and flowing, as if there were any psychic drugs being transformed, and the weak body became strong because of pregnancy.

Zhang Yan exclaimed in surprise: "Mrs. Er, your hair suddenly turned black, and his complexion became rosy."

Liu Yulan, the original Liu Yulan, has become flat.What followed was the baby’s soul floating in the air, and she was rushing to the Yang Ming couple giggle, and she looked very cute. She was the baby spirit that she was born before.

Liu Yulan wanted to hug the child, and he grabbed an empty hand when he stretched his hand.Aunt Li said with a smile that she is now like the soul body, and people can’t touch it.

Since we have a fate to meet, let me give me good afterwards.I personally took my child to the prefecture, and asked Yan Wang to let the child re -reborn to your house, and then how about the mother and daughter’s frontier?

After listening to the husband and wife, the husband and wife were happy. For so many days, they had a deep relationship with their children. If so, it would be better.

At the same time, they were also curious about Li’s identity. Why did she have such a big ability?What is the identity of that black cat?

This answer was answered in the king of Yin Cao Difu.After seeing Aunt Li, King Yan quickly got up and welcomed each other. It turned out that the bodhisattva of the Bilan Po was driving. The little king had a loss. I do n’t know what the Bodhisattva is here today.

Aunt Li has changed at this moment and turned into a graceful and luxurious old woman."The old body traveled to the world and encountered a strange thing. Today, I want to discuss my personal feelings from the king."

Then the Bilan Po Bodhisattva said Yang Ming’s husband and wife.After listening to, Yan Wang nodded again and again, and immediately asked the judge to take the child away, and quickly arranged for her reincarnation.

One night after two days, Yang Mingfu had a dream of the Lord after falling asleep.The land master said that your husband and wife are greatly created and have been helped by the fairy.

I came here to send the child to give birth. This child will be greatly created in the future and can help you shine the door. In the future, you need to cultivate her well to live up to the kindness of the Yan Wang and the Bodhisattva.

After speaking, the Land Lord threw a golden light forward, and the golden light diameter went straight to Liu Yulan, and soon disappeared.

The couple woke up in the morning and thought that the dream of last night was still vivid. It turned out that the aunt Li was the mother of the star official, and the Blue Po Bodhisattva traveled from the world.

It is inferred that the black cat with him is naturally not all kinds of all kinds. No wonder there will be the ability to manipulate people’s hearts.

Soon after the Land Lord dreamed, Liu Yulan was pregnant again. This time, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.Shortly after her daughter was born, Yang Ming took the exam.A few years later, I went to Beijing to take the exam and got a jinshi.

Because of his outstanding appearance, he was agile. After entering the Hanlin Academy, he was reused by the emperor. After more than ten years, the official to the four grades, and his daughter became a princess.

Because the emperor’s son died successively at the time, he could only pass a child from the clan. Yang Ming’s grandson was selected as the prince by the royal family.When the emperor died, he was also a successful succession.

The officials of the Manchu dynasty were envious of Yang Ming, and they said that he had a good daughter, and this blessing was really rare.The couple smiled at each other after listening. Many things in the world were actually causal. They were kind to the child, and the children were born in their homes for gratitude.

There are clouds in the old saying, and it is fixed before drinking and pecking.Yang Ming’s husband and wife, who planted good thoughts, also gained unexpected blessings.

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