Folks: The girl was sold as a guy ring, and dreamed of Jinlong’s tangled doctor at night: She was pregnant

During the Tianshun period of the Ming Dynasty, there was a family named Lou in Ganquan County, Yangzhou Prefecture. There was a son and a daughter.

However, the family in this building is poor, and the couple rely on the hardships of the rich and pull the two children.Although the days are poor, the family is happy and smooth.In this blink of an eye, the building struck the industry for sixteen years old. The long body was tall and handsome. This eye saw the age of marrying a wife, but the family was cold, and no one was willing to be his daughter -in -law.Thinking about the incense of the house of this building, the couple were sad and could not sleep well.

There is a Zhang Dasao in the county, known as Zhang media, who is famous for saying, and the marriage of her hand is not unacceptable.So the couple of the family and the couple worked hard for a few months, and they had a good gift on this day. With the silver, the couple went to Zhang Da’s house.

This media is full of people, and the heart is also kind. After listening to the intention of the couple of the Loujia family, she happily promised to help his family find a good daughter -in -law, because Zhang media feels convenient and promotes marriage.Ford, there is no existence of only helping the rich and not the poor.She also has a child herself. She was born as her parents. She was very considerate of the couple of the family members, so she only accepted half of the silver of the family couple that day, and the other half left the couple to get married to her son.The couples of this building are grateful, and they can only say thank you.

If you say it, the water splashed out, this big media does say it. After a long time, he found a daughter -in -law for Lou Zaiye., Sleeping, Xiuer has lost his father since he was a child, and he was dependent on his mother. Under the teachings of his mother, this Xiuer followed the rules and dignified.

The mother and daughter came to the rain in the wind for so many years. Yang Xiu’er’s mother looked at her daughter growing up day by day, and she had no extra money at home.It happened that this media came to the media at home. Xiu’er’s mother was overjoyed. This is nothing more than a good thing for her. Although the family is poor, her daughter has since rely on it, and she will no longer be on the wind and rain.It is also realized, and it is worthy of Xiu’er’s father.So the mother’s mother immediately agreed to the family affairs.

This media was also very happy, and she immediately told the news about the news.This building is even more happy. Regardless of the situation, as long as the daughter of the other family is good, it is a good thing.So the two sides took a total of the good day, and they immediately picked up a good day, ready to marry Xiuer into the door.

The daughter -in -law of this building has married the door like this. Xiuer is also filial to the parents of the Lou family, and he is also very good for the sister Lou. The family and the United States are dull and happy.There is an unexpected situation, such a day after three years.

This summer, the county did not know why the plague was circulated. The sudden and violent came from this plague. All medical museums had not been treated with the right medicine to heal, causing countless deaths.The older old people died because they had no resistance.This also includes the parents of the family and the mother of Xiuer.

It happened that the building was just ten years old. She lost her parents’ care in her young age and could only grow up with her brother -in -law.Brother and sister -in -law used to love her before, and now her parents are not there, and my brother -in -law’s attitude towards her obviously has changed.

In the past, my brother -in -law who had care about her was a burden now. Daily only gave Lou Yue to eat leftovers and leftovers, and she also used her as a maid, and even let Lou Huyue sleep in the firewood house, causing her to cause her.The whole body was dirty, and there was no time to fix it for yourself.Therefore, no one wants to tell her about family affairs. Brother and sister -in -law do not want to make Lou Yue marry, mainly because they do not want to prepare dowry for her, but they are afraid of the neighbor neighbors poke their spine.The county magistrate in the county is a girl ring.

Seeing that the hosted by the county magistrate, the county’s housekeeper arranged her in a wash house to help washing and organizing clothes. As the building fought, the beauty gradually grew up, her beauty gradually revealed. He almost inherited the parents’ appearance andAll the advantages in the figure are Liu Meixing’s eyes, rich in shape, flowers and moonlight, and a soft posture.

Gradually, she was accustomed to the days when she was washing the house. It felt at least not to see her brother’s eyes than in her home.of.Other women in the slurry house are bigger than the Moon, and the moon is sweet, and everyone takes care of her.

On this day, the manager of the washing house asked the Yue Yue to help send the clothes of the master’s clothes to his room.So I sorted out the clothes, left the slurry house, passed through the corridor, passed the rockery and lotus pond, passed the main hall, and walked straight towards the master’s bedroom.

Say that Master Ling this county, everything is good, just lascivious.He has a main room and a little concubine. The main room is Liu Ruyan. He has been married to the county magistrate for five years.This little sister -in -law is sweet, her appearance is good, her mind is clever, and she is very pleasing to people. Therefore, the county magistrate loves her. For less than two years, she gave a son for the county magistrate.Xiaoying’s pet rewarding continuously.This Liu Ruyan looked in his eyes, hating in his heart.On this day, she was so angry that she was walking in the yard.Suddenly, I saw the Yueyue entering the master’s room, so he followed all the way and listened to the window.

I did not think that the county Ling Master happened to come back from the study, and was preparing to wash his hands for a while. Seeing that the Yue Yue walked in with the washing clothes, he fixed his eyes and felt that the woman had a good sign of life.Not thin, pretty like the peaches of Sanchun, Ching Su Ruo Jiuqiu Chrysanthemum, a pair of Danfengyan eyes, two curved willow leaf hanging eyebrows, the powder surface contains spring prestige, and Dan lips do not laugh.

When Jianyue saw the master in the house, he immediately blessed a blessing respect respectfully and said, "Master, your clothes have been sorted out, and the management is not open today.Holding the clothes with both hands, I didn’t dare to look up.

The county Ling did not want to connect the clothes, and then asked, "What is your name".The Yueyue replied: "The slave is called Lou Zaoyue." After standing in place, he didn’t dare to move.The county magistrate looked up and down with a pair of eyes and looked up and down, slowly making a lap for a closer month, and laughed.Jun Yuedun felt embarrassed, and it seemed that even the air was solidified, and he couldn’t wait to put down his clothes immediately.

The county Ling Master returned to the front of the Yueyue and took over his clothes with both hands. He touched the hand of the touching moon. The feeling was soft and tender, and he was suddenly upside down.Hands, want to pull into your arms.

Where did the Jianyue experience such a thing? It was scared by the sudden reaction of the county magistrate. There was a trace of fear on her face. Out of instincts, she broke away from the county Ling Master, and she also said: "Master,Can’t … "Then, he ran out without looking back.

All of this was seen by Liu Ruyan outside the window, and she was even more angry in her heart.Thinking of a little sister -in -law, it is enough to annoy herself. Now there is another laundry girl. In case she flys on the branches as a phoenix, and gives the master a, I have to plan for myself and not let her succeed.

So, she turned her eyes and gave birth to a plan. She called the government to manage the matter and said to the manager: "There is a girl named Lou Zaoyue very smart. I like it very much. From now on, she don’t have to wash it in the slurry.The room was here, let her come to me, be my personal girl, I will hurt her. "

I do n’t know why this manager does n’t know why he came to be a close -fitting girl, and dare not ask more. Thinking about the arrogance of the Liu family on weekdays, he replied: “Yes, I do it.” Then I retreated.It’s right.

In the evening of the same day, the Yueyue came to Liu Ruyan’s house to serve Liu’s daily life.This Liu Ruyan saw the Yueyue.It is better to say that Zuoyue came to be her personal girl.

In order to torture the hit moon, Liu Ruyan did not make the Yueyue comfortable for a moment.During the day, it was all very picky, letting the Yueyue do this and that, and when there was a little different, he stared at his nose and yelled.At night, she did not allow the attacking moon to go back to the room to sleep, so she let her fight the floor in her room, so that she can serve her to drink water and get her legs.This Liu Ruyan is difficult, and it is really a ruthless person. Every night, I let the Yueyue sleep for a while every night.Strang your legs. "

Jianyue never expected that Liu Ruyan would be like this to her. She did not know why it would be like this. I didn’t know how much tears had flowed in private. She thought that Liu Ruyan was a beautiful difference, although she had the meanness of Liu Ruyan’s meanness to Liu Ruyan.She heard, but she thought that as long as she was obedient, she served the master seriously, and the master would always hurt her.But now she dares not to think about the good aspect at all. Thinking of this life, she can only cry silently, often thinking of her dead parents.

In order to serve the good Liu Ruyan, the poor month was tortured and not to rest during the day and night.I ca n’t rest all night that night, and I ’m going to work during the day. I ca n’t make mistakes.Because he did not get rest for a long time, he gradually became confused, and his mind sometimes became unobstructed.

On the evening of this day, Liu Ruyan commanded the hot water to wash his feet.In the chaos of this month, he poured hot water, and quickly brought it to Liu Ruyan.The Yueyue put the hot water basin on the ground, and helped Liu Ruyan to sit down, took off her shoes for her, and held her pants.Suddenly I heard the sound of "ah", what was going on before the attack of the moon, I saw this Liu Ruyan lifted a pair of red and swollen feet, and his face was full of painful expression. This hot hot water was also.Stepping on the ground by Liu Ruyan, she also slid down from the chair and fell to the ground. Half -leg seemed to hurt bones and bones, and could not move.Suddenly, the crying sounded in the ears of the attack, and then looked at Liu Ruyan, his feet were red and swollen, and the large and small blisters were covered with feet.

It turned out that the month of the attack only cared for boiling water, worried about being scolded by Liu Ruyan, and wanted to quickly go out and go out. Without using cold water to warm the warmth, he directly brought Liu Ruyan and washed his feet.Jieyue was frightened. It was confused, and was immediately scared by the scene in front of him. He hurriedly reached out to help Liu Ruyan. This Liu Ruyan was unbearable and scolded.Two mouths of the month.Judging covered his face, dared not grieve, and did not dare to cry.

This Liu Ruyan did not do nothing. He called the housekeeper by his head and immediately drove the Yueyue out of the county.The moment he drove the Yueyue out of the county Ling House, Liu Ruyan laughed.

Zaoyue was kicked out of the county magistrate, and she only gave her a jacket that could be washed. She took this clothes and had no place to go. She didn’t want to go back to Brother’s house.At this time, there was a lot of rain in the world, and it was already dark. She had nowhere to go, so she went to the Dragon King Temple behind the village for a while.Lou Xunyue went to the Dragon King Temple with a heavy rain. He first burned the dragon king of the dragon, and then packed up a clean corner in the broken temple, replaced the broken clean clothes on, and fell asleep in the corner.

After Lou Huyue fell asleep, she had a very strange dream. In the dream, she saw a golden dragon flying into the Dragon King Temple. This golden dragon was shining and beautiful.Beautiful dragon.After Jinlong saw Lou Tung Moon, he suddenly spit out: "What a handsome little lady, are you here to accompany me?"

Lou Yueyue saw Jin Longkou vomiting, and was stunned, scared back a few steps back. I did not expect that Jin Long flew to Lou Jianyue and directly wrapped around her waist.When Lou Huyue woke up from his sleep, the sky was bright. She only felt sore in her body. Lou Yue thought it was because she was resting on the corner last night. She didn’t care about it.I felt dizzy for a while, and I started to vomit.

The aunt who hit the moon in this building loved her very much when the attack month was very young. She heard that the Yueyue was sold by the nephew and nephew and daughter -in -law to the county magistrate.Home, hurry to find everywhere.No, I found this Dragon King Temple after looking for it.

I walked straight in, but I did not expect that the Yueyue Zhen was here.The aunt saw that Lou Yue’s face was pale, and she helped the wall to vomit. Some did not dare to recognize the building of the building. It was not until she repeatedly confirmed the name of Lou Yue, and she took her to see the doctor. UnexpectedlyAfter the pulse, she said that Lou Yue was pregnant, but she was not an ordinary child in her belly, but two dragons.

The doctor who gave Lou Yue diagnosis was a nearby famous doctor. After he passed the month, he stared at her belly and said, "You can’t be a two -dragon in a woman in the world?"

The aunt heard that the doctor said that the unmarried woman was pregnant, and only scolded him nonsense, and took the building to see other doctors. Unexpectedly, other doctors also said that Lou Yue was pregnant, but they did not not haveIt is said that the two dragons are touched by Yuehuai.

Seeing that the two doctors said that Lou Zaiyue was pregnant, she asked who the child’s father in the belly was, but Lou Jianyue cried and said that she did not know at all.I have never had any contact with foreign men, and I do n’t know why I became pregnant for no reason.When her aunt saw the building at the moment, she was blank, not as if she was lying, so she took her home to prepare to discuss it from a long time.

Lou Zai Yue Si thought about it, and decided to give birth to the child. She told her mother: "I don’t know why she was suddenly pregnant, but the child was born in my belly, and it was also a fate. I want to give birth to this child.You can know the reason why I get pregnant. "When I saw Lou Jianyue insisting on giving birth to the child, she carefully took care of her.

Unexpectedly, the two years of pregnancy of Lou Yue were not born. Until a summer rainy night, Lou Jianyue finally started.When the building was produced, the out -of -house electricity flashed and thunderous, heavy rain poured, and the inside of the house continued to adjust his breath with the help of the mother -in -law, and made every effort to produce. I did not expect to give birth to two yellow dragon eggs. The mother -in -law saw this scene.I was scared to faint on the spot.

Lou Zaiyue and aunt saw the two dragon eggs rolling on the ground, the eggshell flew out automatically, the two little golden dragons flew out of the egg shell, and fell on the next Yueyue. The two little golden dragons fell on the bed.Suddenly it turned into two white fat dolls.Each little doll is wearing two small crickets and wearing a yellow belly.

Lou Yue and my aunt were shocked and happy to see this scene. At this moment, a big golden dragon flew in from suddenly outside the door. After entering the house, he became a handsome and handsome young man.Politely gave a gift to Lou Zaiyue and aunt, and said with a smile: "These two children are mine."

It turned out that this big golden dragon was the three princes of the Dragon King, named Xuan Ye. On that day, he followed the Dragon King’s life to go out of the rain. When he passed the dragon king temple to the foot, he saw the beautiful building hit the moon.Only in the dream of Lou Yue’s dream with Lou Yueyue, which caused Lou Yue to be pregnant.

Xuan Ye said that the person who strikes the Moon diagnosis is the fairy doctor in the sky, so he can easily diagnose the two dragons in the building and the moon. Xuan Ye also said that he was willing to marry the building to attack the moon as his wife.When I came, I came to pick up the moon and the children to live with the children.

When Lou Zaiyue saw him bravely responsible for his actions, he believed that he was a man worthy of relying on, and took his two sons to live with Xuanye with Xuan Ye. After that, their family of four lived together happily.

Before Xuan Ye left Lou Yue, he deliberately wiped out the memory of the mother -in -law and made the mother -in -law forgot about it. In order to thank her aunt for their care of Lou Yue, he left a box of gold for her.

Lou Jianyue’s brother -in -law heard this, and he came to find his aunt for gold. In order to teach them, Xuan Ye turned his brother into a frog in the river, which was taught for them.

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