For 4 months of pregnancy, fetal development, pregnant mothers have 5 kinds of manifestations, indicating that the fetus develops well

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The 4th month of pregnancy is the stage of 13-16 weeks of pregnancy.

At this time, the pregnant mother has passed the most sensitive period of fetal development and started to enter the stable period. The physical condition and mood began to gradually improve. This is a normal performance during pregnancy.For signs of development, pregnant mothers only need to keep their hearts and nourish their fetuses.

[Development of fetal fetuses at 4 months of pregnancy]

① The fetus at this stage is about 15-18 cm in length and the fetus weighs about 110-150 grams.

② The taste, smell, vision, hearing, touch, and retina of the fetus are gradually developing and forming. The bones of all parts of the body have begun to become hardened. The kidney development is getting better and better, and now urination can be urinated.

There is also a question that parents are more curious -the gender of the fetus. By this pregnancy month, we can see that it is a male or female baby in the B -ultrasound.

PS: But because there are relevant regulations in my country, doctors are not allowed to disclose the gender of the fetus. Therefore, when the pregnant mothers ask the doctors to be rejected, they must also understand the doctor. In fact, as long as the pregnancy is smooth and the baby is born safely, boys and girls are good Essence

③ After 16 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will gradually feel the fetal movement, but the amplitude of the fetal movement is very mild, like "the feeling of vomiting bubbles", and the feeling of the intestinal sound.

Therefore, it is also easy to confuse, and there may be fetal movements, but the pregnant mother may mistakenly believe that it is the intestinal sound. Pay attention to the difference and experience.

[For 4 months of pregnancy checks]

At the 16th weeks of pregnancy in the 4-month pregnancy, there is an important checkup-Tang family screening. It mainly screens whether the fetal intelligence is problematic. Pregnant mothers also go to the birth check-up on time to cooperate with the doctor for examination.

Different hospitals may have different inspection arrangements. Some are recommended for pregnant women to do Tang sieves, and some are recommended to do non -invasiveness directly. Just check according to the actual arrangement of the doctor.

If you have any questions or abnormal results, consult your doctor in time.

After 4 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will also change, and these changes are also signs of the healthy development of the fetus. The pregnant mother must know.

Signs 1. Pregnant mothers are glowing, and the state becomes better

In the early pregnancy, the state of pregnant mothers will become better and better, which is normal.Because the reaction of early pregnancy gradually disappeared, the pregnant mother did not have physical discomfort, and the state became better.

And the state becomes better, it can be used as a sign of the healthy development of the fetus. The pregnant mother continues to maintain a good state and a good mood. This is more conducive to the development of the fetus.

Significant 2. Oral appetite and larger meal

Due to the gradual disappearance of early pregnancy reactions, the appetite of pregnant mothers will gradually improve.

Entering the middle of pregnancy, the fetus began to develop rapidly, and the nutrients required increased accordingly.

Therefore, the appetite of pregnant mothers has become better and more eats. It can also indirectly indicate that the fetus is developing well. It is better to pay attention to supplementing nutrition, especially protein, calcium, iron, iodine, and DHA.

In terms of eating habits, you can continue to eat and eat less in the early pregnancy, but you cannot eat Haizai and do not control it. This is easy to increase weight too much, which is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Signs 3, the abdomen is highlighted (that is, the show)

As the height of the fetus increases, the size of the pelvis of pregnant women is not enough to put the body’s length at this time, so it will extend to the positive abdomen of the pregnant woman.

Therefore, from the appearance of the pregnant mother, the lower abdomen has been slightly raised, some pregnant mothers have begun to show their arms, and the degree of bulge of the belly is getting greater, which is also a sign of the healthy development of the fetus.

Change 4. Pregnant mothers are not afraid of cold but are afraid of heat

After being pregnant, many pregnant mothers will be afraid of cold and wear a lot.

However, after early pregnancy, pregnant mothers will gradually become no longer afraid of cold, and even fear heat than family members. They always sweat. This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. It can also be used as a sign of healthy development of the fetus.

Change 5. Increase secretions

Due to the increase in hormones secreted by pregnant mothers, the amount of secretions will increase under the stimulation of hormones. This is also a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. It can also be used as a sign of the healthy development of the fetus.

However, it is necessary to remind pregnant mothers to pay attention to hygiene, take a bath, change the underwear, etc. If there are many secretions, you can use sanitary pads.

In addition, if the color of the secretion (not transparent colorless), taste (odor) is abnormal, there are even obvious pain, and you should see a doctor in time.

What are the obvious performances in the fourth month of pregnancy?Or you can leave a message to share discussions.

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