For 50 days of pregnancy, how can I judge the sex of the baby?Many mothers are not clear, know it early

Guide: For 50 days of pregnancy, how can I judge the sex of the baby?

After pregnancy, the pregnant mothers are pregnant with boys or girls. They have always been the topic that everyone is most willing to discuss during pregnancy.Many expectant dads and expectant mothers have their own preference for the gender of the newborn.I also hope that I can quickly know what the gender of the baby who is pregnant, and I am eager to know the sex of the fetus in advance through some methods.

So if you have just been pregnant for 50 days, how can you judge the sex of your baby?

First, fetal gender identification is required.

Medical speaking, pregnant mothers can distinguish the gender of the fetus after 22 weeks of pregnancy.But the gender of the fetus at the beginning or in advance is not allowed by law.

Regarding the different identification of fetal baby, not only has this strict regulation and supervision in China, but also the same abroad.Like France in Europe, gender choices are prohibited, unless it is with rare genetic diseases.Unless there are some special reasons in Germany, gender identification is prohibited.

2. Examination during pregnancy can see the sex of the fetus.

1. Check the pregnancy sac during pregnancy.The pregnancy sac can be observed in the uterus through ultrasound in the early pregnancy of pregnant mothers.You can also observe the gestational sac through the vagina and abdomen of the pregnant mother later.Some say that the shape of the gestational sac is related to gender. The long strip is a boy, and the oval or circular is a girl.

But the fact is that because the shape of the pregnant mother’s uterus and the development of the fetal sac in the uterus, the early fetal sac can not grow in all directions.Shape.

The gestational sac will also be affected by many other factors, such as uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, uterine adenomia, and embryo development, whether the tires will occur, which will cause different changes and conditions of the shape of the fetus.

The sex of the baby cannot be judged by observing the shape of the gestational sac, which is mainly related to the baby’s chromosomes.

2. Donald screening inspection.The inspection of Tang’s screening will be carried out separately in the early stages of pregnancy and the second trimester. The comprehensive assessment results can be performed through some indicators monitored by the pregnant mothers.The proportion of abnormal numbers of normal chromosomes in Tang’s screening is between 800 points and 1,000 -point.Such a risk of Tang’s screening will increase with the increase of pregnant mothers.Because at a certain age, it will also be required to perform other ways of prenatal screening, and the results of the test results of the Tang family screening during pregnancy will be different in different gestational weeks.It is inferred that the sex of the baby has no scientific basis through the results of the Tang family screening, and it is possible for men and women.

3. Judgment of the pelvis is separated.The kidney is an important organ of the human body and appears in pairs.It is mainly to produce urine, eliminating the metabolism in the human body, and the renal pyelone in the kidney structure is a place to collect urine, and transmits urine to the bladder through the connected ureter.The renal pelvis has a certain width, and the width will be different with the changes of the gestational week.If the pyelone width exceeds more than 15 mm, renal water will be formed.Therefore, it is also true that the statement of the pelvic separation is also determined that the saying of men and women is also the same.

4. Monitoring of fetal hearts to judge.The fetal heart is the baby’s heartbeat.The heartbeat of the fetal baby is the end of life at the beginning of the heart tube of the heart.The frequency of fetal heart beating will be affected by multiple factors. In the early stages of life, it will be slightly faster.When the pregnant mothers are in the middle of pregnancy, the normal fetal heart range will be 120 to 160 times per minute, and the frequency of beating is relatively uniform, and only a small time will change.In the second trimester, the growth rate of fetal fetus was 110 to 160 times per minute.

The fetal heart will also accelerate with the change of fetal movement, and it will return to normal state for a period of time.These can also be monitored by a professional fetal heart monitor. It will clearly feel that everyone’s situation is different, and the changes in fetal heart rate are not unchanged.And this has nothing to do with whether it is a male or female baby.

Important Tips: In order to better bred the next generation, gender judgment is not allowed to participate in personal preferences.This is also to make the proportion of men and women in the age of appropriate age.As parents, they should focus more on how to bred healthy babies.As long as they are healthy, they are the same for boys and women.

Today’s topic: Just 50 days pregnant, how can I judge the sex of the baby?

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