For the first time I learned what my wife was pregnant?A few Bao dad’s answer is too laughed, which can be called textbooks

For the loving little couple, especially for the long -term pregnancy couple, the arrival of the baby is always surprising. Many Bao dads shared his first time he knew his wife’s reaction after pregnancy. It was really funny and touching.In general, divided into the following types, see if you/your family is?

1. Constantly smirk

@: At that time, we had been preparing for half a year of pregnancy. One night in winter, my wife said, "My menstruation was delayed." I was startled at the time, wasn’t it?In the middle of the night, I put a piece of clothes and rushed out to buy the pregnancy test stick. I came back to check: the two bright red bars, that night, I didn’t fall asleep. I opened a table lamp and stared at my wife’s belly covered with the quilt.Like a fool.

The next day, I started to call. I called 30 phone calls. At that time, I was really happy. Now my daughter is almost 3 years old. If there is nothing, I hope that the daughter -in -law and daughter will be happy and peaceful in their lives.

The baby who was looking forward to it for half a year is finally here. The excitement in his heart can no longer be expressed in words. He can only smirk there and always smirk. Seeing that her husband is so happy, the prospective mother must be very happy ~

2. Pretend to be calm

@: I just tested my husband when I was pregnant and called him. He was super calm.Tears, called him again, and turned off.

I just sat in that sadness myself. After a few hours, I heard the doorbell ringing. Who do I think in the middle of the night? Then when the door opened, my husband stood in front of the door with a large bunch of roses. This guy lied to me and tearsCan’t stop.

The words were calm, but the body was honest. After learning the good news, he immediately rushed back to see his wife, but this gameplay made his wife a surprise.

3. IQ drop type

@: My wife is pregnant with twins. When I learned the news, I was stunned at that time. After ten seconds, I asked a question of "did not be connected together"?

This dad, don’t you want twins and want a conjoined baby?

4. Worried about your own life safety type

@: At that time, my girlfriend and I were exotic. During the holidays, I took a bunch of condoms I bought on Taobao and sat on the plane flying to my girlfriend. Why should I bring a condom?Because the condom there is more expensive than domestic.

A night of snowy nights, my girlfriend gently told me that she was pregnant. To be honest, I was not happy at that moment, but completed the following thoughts in a few seconds: Ah, Dad?I have n’t graduated yet, oh oh, if I did n’t answer well, the snow was flying outside, wouldn’t my girlfriend angry that wouldn’t it be frozen to death?Then we got married and gave birth to a child.After telling my story, I have a advice to tell everyone: Do not buy condoms on Taobao, something happens, big things.

Although the prospective dad’s performance at the time was not satisfactory, but fortunately the ending was very good, the child was born smoothly, a family of three and beautiful, I wish you happiness ~

The moment the wife’s pregnancy is tested, it means that in the future, there will be a little cute milk and milk calling himself "dad", which means that you must take care of the responsibility of taking care of and raising your baby.The reaction, but the main theme is the same, that is happiness and joy.

But when you are happy, don’t forget how much your daughter -in -law hurts his daughter -in -law. In October, his wife is very hard. Finally, the young couples who bless the trials can welcome the baby as expected ~

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