For the first time, what have you experienced

At the end of 2015, we planned to ask for children after getting engaged with my husband. At that time, we were all 24 years old. He always flickered that I said that women’s eggs are limited. We must hurry up.In the year, the belonging was also very good. I didn’t care about these at the time. I was only worried that we wore a wedding dress when I was pregnant when I was pregnant, but I also came to listen to him. I also wanted to have a golden monkey baby.I consulted the mother around me and learned that I had to do pre -pregnancy examination to supplement folic acid. I always felt that as long as you want to have a child, I always have it. It turns out that my idea is too naive.In March 16th, I hadn’t conceived. The Golden Monkey Baby planned to make soup. In addition, when I was promoted, I wanted to put it on, and I worked for my career first.The two -day anti -inflammatory medicine may be doomed from when I took medicine, but I really knew it. At the end of the month, my aunt was postponed for two days.The mother around me said that because she was not obvious when she was pregnant, and the test became deeper in a few days. I didn’t care too much, and her body didn’t respond too much. My husband had been urging to go to the hospital for examination, but there was no time to work.I only went to take the blood next week. At that time, I was going to the city maternal and children’s health hospital. There were many people and various queues. When I got the test results, I glanced at it.I do n’t understand, I just feel that I can get pregnant anyway. I just want to quickly confirm the doctor, and then rush to work. The doctor took the list and looked at it. Suddenly I frowned. I was shocked.Looking up at me, I asked me after asking some of the situation, I was indeed pregnant, but from the data, I didn’t look like a normal pregnancy. It may be an ectopic pregnancy.I do n’t know what ectopic pregnancy means at all, but it ’s definitely not good. The doctor opened a list for me to ask me to accompany my family to do a B -ultrasound. I also told me not to move. I realized the seriousness of the problem.Call your husband and let him come over to accompany me. The results of the examination came out. It was not ectopic pregnancy, but the child was not ideal. Only a yolk cycle. I didn’t see the fetal heart. I cried as soon as I heard it.It’s gone. The doctor saw me crying impatiently and said what was crying. It may be a small pregnancy week without fetal heart, and there is a process of survival of the fittest. The embryo development is not good.Such young, there will be in the future.The doctor said with a pale description, but I felt the word was attentive. In the end, the doctor gave two plans, trying to protect the fetus, or directly aborted. I was frightened.But to lose his pain. I couldn’t accept this reality. I discussed with my husband to decide to protect the fetus. The doctor said that it may not be much hope. If you are willing to protect, try it.Go to an injection every day, eat on time, and then review it after half a month. After returning home, I sorted out my thoughts, decided to resign, and keep the fetus with peace of mind.I took medicine on time, and I was lying on the bed for the rest of the time. My mother didn’t understand the situation. I felt that I was so careful that I was so careful that it was not necessary.In the future, I feel wrong, my stomach is faintly painful, and there are some brown secretions. At that time, I was scared, but I did n’t know what to do. I could only wait for the dawn to go to the hospital for examination.I found that I had bleed, and I thought I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I discussed with my husband which hospital for miscarriage surgery.It looks very painful. At that time, I thought about it. If I couldn’t keep it in the later period, I chose to go to other hospitals for surgery. Finally, we chose a private hospital.It is very responsible and said that it is the same again, but the results are still the same. I arranged for hospitalization to do abortions that night. I was lying on the bed after taking the medicine. The stomach was severe in the middle of the night.It’s time. When I went to the bathroom the next morning, I found that there was a pile of meat on the underwear, which scared me to tell the doctor to see it. It turned out to be an embryo tissue. She pointed at the size of the white kidney bean -sized embryo and said that it was yellow.For a while, I have to arrange the operation right away, and I will call the nurse to help me prepare. They push me in the operating room with a wheelchair. I am afraid to die. I doIt won’t hurt very much. She said that I gave me a general anesthesia, just sleep on the operating table, and the nurse gave me a straw needle, saying that it had been used to get anesthetic, and after a while, I caught my thighI have consciousness, I do n’t think it ’s the use of anesthetic, I wo n’t be able to open my stomach. The more I think about it, the more scared. At this time, I feel that I have a force in my head.The fainting passed, the operation was over when I woke up, and the nurse pushed me back to the ward. I lived another week after the operation., Even if she didn’t go to the hospital when she had miscarriage, I got up for two days at home. My husband was speechless at the time. My sister also blamed that she couldn’t speak and said it.It was already sad at that time. Shouldn’t it be said that some children will have good health and the like in the future, really doubt whether it is a mother?The doctor told me that I couldn’t get pregnant within half a year. Let me condition my body. I also said that it was best not to take medicine during pregnancy. I reacted to get a governor of anti -inflammatory drugs when I was pregnant.The reason, but I was annoyed by my own intentions. After resting for a while after discharge, I started preparing for the wedding. I also took time to see Chinese medicine.At least for at least a few months, I was angry when I heard it, and I couldn’t think of being pregnant as difficult.But later I found that this is just the beginning, and it is even more difficult. I walked too hard for the road to pregnancy.

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