For three years in love, her boyfriend has been delayed to get married, but she wants to have a child first. The girl insisted on breaking up

Falling in love should be sincere, both men and women must be honest and for the purpose of marriage.If you have any deficiencies, or have any difficulties, etc., you must tell the other party clearly.If the other party can accept it, then talk about it; if the other party cannot accept it, then break up early, and no one should delay anyone’s youth.

Whose youth is valuable, while you wasting the youth of others, you are also a waste of your youth.You have to be confident in yourself, no matter what you look like, someone will always like you.

It is no longer the age of marrying chickens and chickens, and marrying dogs with dogs.If you deceive each other, that is to marry, the other party can also propose a divorce.Even if there is no divorce, because of your deception, the other party’s heart will have a pimple, and your marriage will not be happy.

When falling in love, you are quietly playing, and go to the other party for your own interests. When the other party understands, your feelings must be finished.Therefore, in love, you still have to treat each other frankly and move each other with your heart. Only when you are willing to be, you will be happy.

Huang Li and her boyfriend met online. After two months of chatting on the Internet, they developed to offline.Huang Li’s family is local. She is the only daughter. She has good economic conditions in her family. Her parents have official work.

The boyfriend’s house is from a foreign country. There is a sister and a younger brother in the family. The sister is married and the younger brother is still studying.The boyfriend said that his parents were working in the factory. The economic conditions in the family were not very good. Ask Huang Li if he would mind?

Of course, Huang Li didn’t mind. In her eyes, love was the most important, and she didn’t pay attention to money.In fact, Huang Li did not look at money because she had nothing to worry about from her childhood. She didn’t know what the day of no money was, so it was full of affection for her.

After Huang Li and her boyfriend were together, they had been in love for three years.In these three years, Huang Li has proposed to get married many times, but her boyfriend always finds reasons to drag.The boyfriend didn’t want to get married immediately, but wanted to have a child first, so she always wrapped Huang Li to live together.

Huang Li loves her boyfriend, but she is very traditional in her bones and does not want to live together before marriage.His mother has repeatedly reminded Huang Li that it is not good for girls to live before marriage. If they are pregnant, the girl will be very passive, so Huang Li always adheres to the bottom line.

Now that Huang Li and her boyfriend have been in love for three years, their parents are constantly urging marriage, and Huang Li also wants to get married.But after she proposed to her boyfriend, her boyfriend said that you don’t want to live with me, but want to marry me. I have to try to get married!

Huang Li was very surprised. I didn’t expect her boyfriend to have the idea of trying marriage.She also understands that there are indeed benefits of trying marriage, but she still does not want to try marriage, and she wants to be a real bride.Huang Li laid the ultimatum to her boyfriend, either married or broke up!

The boyfriend couldn’t help but promised to get married embarrassed.Since the two are about to get married, they have to discuss marriage, and her boyfriend takes Huang Li back to his hometown to meet his parents.Before that, Huang Li had been to her boyfriend’s hometown and went twice in three years, but they left the same day.

After arriving at her boyfriend’s house, her boyfriend’s parents were very enthusiastic and immediately greeted Huang Li for dinner.After eating, Huang Li wanted to perform better, so she took the initiative to wash the dishes.When Huang Li washed the dishes in the kitchen, her boyfriend and expectant mother -in -law spoke in the room. Huang Li thought they must be discussing marriage.

When Huang Li washed the bowl and went to her boyfriend, I unexpectedly heard that the mother -in -law was saying, "She hasn’t been pregnant, what is married? Do you know how much money is spent?, Cai Gong money can be avoided, and the wedding can be simply done. "

"Mom, but she is unwilling to live together before marriage, and I can’t force her. The money I earned has been made to you. How can I have no money at home?" The boyfriend said.

"You are not right at home, I do n’t know Chai Mi Gui. Your dad is always sick. You have to go to the hospital to see a doctor every three differences. Do n’t you need money? Your brother also needs money to go to school. How can you rely on my salary?She has been talking for three years, why hasn’t she make her belly big … "Mother -in -law said angrily.

Huang Li was stunned, and she understood why her boyfriend repeatedly dragged her to marry her again and again, but wanted to ask her a child first. It turned out to save money. The boyfriend’s family wanted to marry a daughter -in -law without spending money.

Huang Li was very angry and treat her boyfriend sincerely, but her boyfriend’s family was counting her.If her boyfriend’s family honestly told her that the economic conditions in the family were not good, so there was no money to get married, and she would not account for more accounts.But her boyfriend’s house deceived her and calculated her, she couldn’t accept it.

So Huang Li did not say hello to her boyfriend, and took the bag and left.Later, her boyfriend discovered that he chased her later, and the two quarreled at the station.After the quarrel, Huang Li insisted on breaking up. She felt that her boyfriend’s family was not sincere enough.

When they are in love, many girls only care about love and love, and do not care about other conditions.After getting married, the relationship gradually became dull, and the needs of other conditions became highlighted, so the marriage had problems.

Live at home, they are all kinds of firewood oil and salt, so the material conditions must not be considered.When the girl is in love, she has to go to her boyfriend’s house to see more to better understand her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s native family.

The influence of a native family on a person is very great. Do n’t think that he is just married to this man. In fact, he is the entire family that marries the man.What does the in -laws look like and have a direct impact on future little families, so girls should pay attention to her boyfriend’s native family.

Huang Li’s boyfriend’s house is in the field. She does not know the real situation of her boyfriend’s house, and she does not know the prospective mother -in -law. This is because she goes to the mother -in -law’s house too little.Only when girls go to the mother -in -law’s house, can she better understand the real situation and know if she should marry this mother -in -law’s house.

Huang Li decisively ended her relationship with her boyfriend, and she wrote a three -year relationship.In the golden years, the youth of three years is very valuable. If you know that this relationship will not have results, it will end decisively, do not drag water.Because of the constant, the opposite is chaotic, and the feelings must be cut into messy knives!

Huang Li repeatedly proposed to get married, but her boyfriend was delayed. In fact, Huang Li should be alert.In fact, her boyfriend does not want to marry Huang Li, but because the economic conditions in the family are too poor and have no money to marry Huang Li, he will make Huang Li pregnant with his child first.

Fortunately, Huang Li is like a jade, otherwise she is really pregnant, then she is in a passive position.In life, many girls couldn’t hold it for a while, and they were pregnant first.When discussing marriage, the girl can only accept the conditions of the man, or to break the child to break up, which is not good for the girl.

Falling in love must be sincere, it is better to break up for dishonesty in love.If you find that the boyfriend’s family is calculating herself, the rational girl is still choosing to break up. If the relationship is used, it may be miserable after marriage.

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