Foreign research: pregnancy will change the brain!"Pregnancy Stupid" is true?The truth is different from what you think

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After Xiajiang was pregnant, he found that the reaction speed of his brain became slower. After giving birth, this reaction ability still did not recover, the memory became poor, and often forgot things.

When I discussed in the girlfriend group, I found out that many mothers felt like this after giving birth.”Zero plan”

Girlfriend Ru Ru sent a report in the group. Some researchers at the University of Barcelona in Spain studied the changes in the brain before and after production after pregnancy: found that pregnancy would cause the mother’s brain to decrease.

This reduction can not slowly recover until the second year of postpartum.

Two years after pregnancy, it is really three years pregnant!It seems that "pregnancy stupid" really exists!

Girlfriends are mourning, women are too difficult. When they grow a uterus, they must bear the pain of pregnancy. When giving birth, they are heartbroken and lungs.It is to make yourself stupid, and your mind is not good at first.

It is not entirely a bad thing to reduce the gray asymmetry of the mother’s brain, and sometimes less.

Girls will also have the initiative of the brain ash in adolescence, which means that the girl’s brain nervous system is more mature and cognitive emotions will be more stable.

● Mom’s pregnancy is to better take care of the child

The study found that when the mother heard the child’s crying, these ash -bearing areas will be more active.

Pregnant stupidity is just to make the mother feel more sensitive to feel the child’s needs and can better take care of the child.

Many mothers hate iron and steel after giving birth. Although a family of three sleeps on a bed, as long as the child hummed a few times, the mother immediately woke up, and the prospective father still slept.

In fact, it is because of her mother’s pregnancy silly that she is more sensitive to her needs for her children, so that she can better take care of the child and more conducive to the growth of the child.

● Mom’s pregnancy is silly, which is conducive to increasing the child’s sense of security and establishing a healthy parent -child attachment relationship

Jing Mom asked many mothers who had just given birth to a child. At the moment when the child was born, there was actually no feelings for the child, and even hated the child a bit.The death of death, plus the child’s appearance was not pleasing at all, and the dirty looked particularly ugly.

The mother’s love for children is actually produced in daily nurturing. Mom pregnancy will make the mother take care of the child more actively, which is conducive to the establishment of feelings between mother and child.Children need to respond immediately when they need a mother, which also makes the child feel more secure.

Therefore, for three years of pregnancy, my mother just responded slightly on things that had nothing to do with their children, but she would be smarter in taking care of the child.

And after pregnancy, there are great individual differences if you become stupid. Some mothers have little reaction speed before and after pregnancy. Some mothers will have obvious reaction ability decrease and memory ability decreases.

▲ Reason 1: Iron deficiency

Iron has an important physiological function, which is to participate in the transportation and tissue breathing, hemoglobin, and myoglobin composition of the body’s oxygen, and participate in the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

During pregnancy and early pregnancy, mothers need 15 mg of iron per day, 25 mg of iron per day in the second trimester, 35 mg of iron per day in the third trimester, and 25 mg of iron per day during postpartum breastfeeding.

That is, there are more iron that mothers need in the middle and late pregnancy and postpartum mothers. If you do not take so much iron from your diet in time, the mother will have iron deficiency.Once iron deficiency, it will affect the transportation of oxygen in the body, and hypoxia will directly lead to dull brain reaction and decline in memory.

[How to correct]

Pay attention to eating more lean beef, eat animal liver or animal blood 2 to 3 times a week to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

It was found that the iron deficiency was taken during the inspection and took medicine.

▲ Reason 2: Lack of consciousness

Professor Li Tingping of Sleep Medical Center of Southern Hospital: Many pregnant women have sleep injury in the middle and late pregnancy, which leads to poor sleep quality.

That is, I fell asleep, because I woke myself without oxygen.

Sleep deficiency will affect cognitive function, and it will affect cognitive ability, memory, and response speed during sleep.

Postpartum mothers should take care of their children, and their sleep time will be greatly compressed.

Someone had done related research and found that the child would sleep less for 700 hours after the first year after birth!

Therefore, for three years of pregnancy, it is mainly because I don’t sleep enough.

[How to correct]

Controlling weight during pregnancy, adhering to exercise, helping to increase lung venti.

Use a pregnant woman sleeping pillow as much as possible when sleeping at night, so that the mother can sleep better.

After the child is born, he learn to sleep and sleep, and you should also shallow the responsibility of taking care of the child to his father.

▲ Reason three: too anxious

An anxiety occurred in postpartum depression is an unavoidable mood for many mothers.

After all, taking care of a child to be fed needs more patience.

When anxiety and depression, it will directly affect the reaction ability of the brain and also affect sleep.

[How to correct]

It is normal for the change in postpartum emotion during pregnancy and accepting their imperfections.

Many friends who have already given birth to children are asked.

Take your children to children’s health on time, understand the growth and development of children, and accept professional guidance.

Three years of pregnancy is not a bad thing, it is the physical change from the role of a strong woman to a tender mothers.

Mom raises her body and accepts their imperfections. You will find that the pregnancy stupid is not terrible!

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