Four performances of breasts during pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not look lightly

Breasts are an important second sexual characteristic of women and an important part of sexy charm, but in addition to sexy bodybuilding, breast health is the focus of all women.At the stage, you should check your own breasts every month to master breast health!

Especially after pregnancy, hormones have changed drastically, and breastfeeding is needed due to postpartum. The breasts start to proliferate from pregnancy.,pain.In fact, regardless of whether you are pregnant, as long as the breasts have symptoms of abnormal abnormalities, you must go to obstetrics and gynecology or breast surgery to seek medical treatment to find out the reason so that you can reassure yourself!

Symptoms 1. Tingling

According to past research, about 4%of the case of "breast pain" is related to breast cancer. Therefore, pregnant moms don’t have to worry too much.However, if it is not fixed pain before menstruation, they should be diagnosed with medical treatment. When ordinary women or pregnant women indicate breast pain, the physician will first have a chestnut to check whether there is a rigid block and confirm the pain of pain. Many women say that breast pain, butThe pain site is actually the sternum or lungs. If the hard block is not found after a chestnut, other pathological causes are excluded. Generally, the method of continuous observation and tracking will be adopted. Most of the pain will be relieved without taking medicine.If there is a continuous pain for 6 months, it will be checked in detail.

It is usually caused by fasciitis during pregnancy

The most common cause of breast tingling after pregnancy is due to the big breasts of the breast, which causes pulling the fascia in the breast, increasing the burden on the shoulders, back, and breasts."Pain" is the most commonly reacting breast symptoms after pregnancy. Such pain is similar to the pain before the menstrual cycle.All of them are in normal circumstances.

Reminder: Monthly self -breast test to avoid pregnancy trouble

A few days ago, a woman at the age of 33 was found to have breast cancer. In order to further actively treat, she had to remove the fetus.After each woman comes from the beginning of the tide, she should develop the habit of self -breast examination before the end of the menstrual period. After pregnancy, the breasts become larger and swollen, but it is easy to bury the hard block.In bad cells, proliferative blood vessels will provide more nutritional development, and the tumor will grow greater.When you are pregnant, you can also ask the doctor to do a careful breast examination, so as not to find a more difficult choice in the future.

Symptom 2. hard block

Some pregnant moms reflect that there are hard pieces in the breast, and they are really worried about whether they have breast cancer!In fact, the breasts are swollen after pregnancy, and the hard block will be more difficult to find. If the hard block is found during pregnancy, most of the hard blocks exist before pregnancy. Therefore, before pregnancy, you must conduct a monthly self -breast examination.

View as benign or malignant

If the pregnant woman finds a hard block, the doctor will check it first to judge that the hard block is benign or malignant. The benign mass is usually a cyst, lipoma, glandular tumor, or water tumor caused by pregnancy.Nakian lumps do not need to be processed immediately, especially in the pregnancy stage, but they will be tracked and observed regularly.

If it is a malignant tumor, it will determine the treatment method depending on the number of pregnancy weeks.If it is found in the early stages of pregnancy, some examinations may affect the fetus, and the hormonal and blood changes after pregnancy will make the tumor grow very fast, and it is easy to cause lymphatic metastasis. It is generally recommended to terminate pregnancy;

In the middle and late pregnancy, the organs of the fetus have been formed. Simple anesthesia will no longer cause much impact. Breast surgery can be performed without affecting the uterus and fetus.Evaluate.

Symptoms 3. Ambutatic

During the pregnancy, the secretion of breasts is normal. Some colostrum will begin to secrete during pregnancy. As long as the pregnant mommy can do basic cleaning care, it must be confirmed with the physician whether it is normal secretion.Some people are worried that the secretion is a sign of cancer. In fact, blood does not necessarily be cancer, or it may be squeezed and injured and bleeding. Therefore, if other possibilities are suspected, doctors will test.

There are not many quantities and no other abnormal symptoms are not hindrance

If it is simply milk secretion, or the expansion of the milk pipes causes the secretions, and the normal flow is not much, the inspection report is determined that there are no inflammatory or malignant cells, basically, it will not be treated.Use drugs to stop the inflammation.If the amount of traffic can be soaked, it will be removed by surgery. However, the removal of the duct during pregnancy may affect the breastfeeding in the future. Therefore, it will not be treated for the time being.

Whenever there is a secretion of the nipple, you must seek medical treatment. If it is not because of pregnancy or breastfeeding, there are more abnormal secretions, which may be a problem with the milk duct or hormonal disorders.

Symptoms 4. Itchy nipples

Itchy nipples should first observe whether the appearance is combined with other symptoms. Because cancer sometimes has a characteristics of inflammation and redness of the skin. If the color of the nipple skin does not change, the secretion color is not abnormal.The peeling and swelling situation should be medically seek medical treatment quickly.Poilis inflammation and cancer are more likely to occur on white people.

Choosing the right underwear is the primary service

Generally speaking, the cause of itching nipples is usually related to underwear.Too tight underwear is easy to compress the breast, and the impermeability may also cause the nipple allergy; too pine can cause friction and itching.Underwear must choose breathable sweat absorption and size in the chest shape, with good support, especially after entering the pregnancy, the breast bloating is obvious, enough support can reduce fascia and avoid fasciitis.

Breast self -testing method

1. Take off the underwear and stand in front of the mirror to check whether the height of the breast is symmetrical, the appearance and the skin is abnormal, whether the nipple is sunken or there are abnormal secretions and bleeding.

2. Raise your hands up and observe whether the breast and nipples have abnormalities mentioned in step 1.

3. Lie on the bed, place your left hand under your head, and go together with your right hand four fingers. In the direction of the clock, check whether there is a lumpet in the flat pressure method from the front of the nipple, and finally move to the nipple.Block.

4. Put back the left hand back, press the right hand under the left armpit, and check whether there are lumps.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to check the right breast.

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