Four phenomena that are common after pregnancy, look at, how many did you get?

It is said that women are pregnant for ten months. They do n’t have to do anything when they are pregnant.In fact, even if you are pregnant, the pregnant mother is not doing well. For example, most pregnant mothers will inevitably spit out. The pregnant mother’s belly is big.The frequent urination is also tortured.Let’s take a look at the 4 common phenomena after pregnancy. Look at, how many did you get?

1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a type of early pregnancy reaction, and most of the pregnant mothers will experience pregnancy.After starting pregnancy, pregnancy will occur from about 5th week of pregnancy (also earlier).The cause of pregnancy may be in the early stages of pregnancy. The rapid increase in the level of velvetic gonadotropin (HCG) and the level of estrogen levels have increased, resulting in the increased sense of smell and sensitivity to the smell.Generally, the first 3 months of pregnancy will be reduced, and a few pregnant mothers may last until 5 or 6 months.

2. frequent urination

At about a month of pregnancy, due to changes in the hormonal concentration in the body, the secretion of cervical glands increased, and the vaginal mucosal hyperplasia produced white mucus, called leucorrhea.The gradual increase of the uterus will constantly oppress the bladder, and the capacity of the bladder will become smaller and smaller. Therefore, frequent urination will occur when you are pregnant for one month.In the late pregnancy, the increasing uterine compression of the bladder or the irregular shrinkage of the uterus stimulated the bladder, which can also cause more severe frequent frequency.So far, this situation of pregnant mothers has no way to solve. The only way to relieve is that they do not want to get up at night frequently at night, and try not to drink too much water 2 hours before going to bed.

3. Cacket

The pregnant mother will still have cramps after pregnancy. Generally, the legs will be cramps when they are about six months of pregnancy, because at this time the baby is growing slowly, and the amount of calcium will be more.There will be leg cramps, but sometimes it will be cramps.Pregnant mothers usually occur at night, usually painful contraction of calf belly and foot muscles.It may be cramps with lazy waist and feet, calves or abdomen, and waist muscles.The improvement method is that more calcium supplementation during pregnancy is good for themselves and fetal baby.In addition, avoid walking or standing for a long time. Generally speaking, stand or take 30 minutes. It is recommended to rest for 10 minutes to avoid excessive fatigue.When resting, you can raise your legs slightly and stretch your toes as much as possible, which can help relax the muscles of the lower legs and reduce the feeling of swelling and uncomfortable.Straighten your knees and bend your feet in the direction of the knee, and carefully move around the ankle to reduce the pain of the cramps.

4. Sleeping back pain back pain

With the continuous development of the baby’s baby, the pregnant belly of the pregnant mother will continue to increase, especially when the pregnant mother stands, the normal physiological arcs and the curvature of the spine have changed.In order to maintain upright waist, the weight of the abdomen’s large pregnant belly is often the muscles on the back muscles and the sides of the spine.Therefore, pregnant mothers often feel back pain during pregnancy.The relief method is: when you sit on the ground, you can add a few large pillows to the back and waist to increase the support of the waist and slow down the situation of waist acid.ease.

After pregnancy, what else do you have?Welcome to share and communicate!

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