Four things that must not be done after pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to the baby

During pregnancy, there were all kinds of discomfort, and the people around me were reminding you that this could not be done, that would not be able to do it. Even if you knew what was great, psychology would still be very boring.

But sometimes I really want to bear it.

Sometimes I am loyal, and here I still have to list the taboos during pregnancy.

Do not do these four things below, 10. Moms must know.

1. Makeup

Love beauty is a woman’s nature, especially the skin of women during pregnancy will become worse. Some mothers will choose to make up during pregnancy, but do you know that if long -term makeup, how much impact the chemical components in cosmetics will have on the child?It may cause the baby’s malformation, so it is best not to makeup during pregnancy.

2. High -heeled shoes

How many women are the favorite of high heels, many women are obsessed with high heels.High -heeled shoes can make women look more sexy and more charming. If the bloated body during pregnancy, it is estimated that it will be much better, but the sense of balance of mothers during pregnancy will decline.Change may affect the joint health of mothers.

3. Eat randomly

During pregnancy, it is a person’s mouth. The stomach of the two people is not afraid of the mother’s appetite. I am afraid that the mother will eat randomly. If you do n’t avoid your mouth during pregnancy, you will cause a lot of trouble.Let’s bear it!

4. Stay up late

Nowadays, the pace of life is so fast, and many people will feel that time is not enough. Staying up late is the best choice. No matter what kind of people, they will use their mobile phones to brush. Sometimes they forget time. When they think of it, it is late at night.Maybe when you are young, you still have such a toss, but you must not do this if you are pregnant.Staying up late during pregnancy has a great impact on the baby. After the baby is born, there will also be upside down day and night, and his temper is not good.Presumably, mothers don’t want their children to sleep after birth, so mothers still change this bad habit as soon as possible!

For children, it is not easy for mothers to persist for more than nine months.But at the moment when a child is born, mothers will feel that all the efforts are worth it.

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