Four well -known facial cleanser, unlimited repurchase!

The first step of facial cleanser is the key to the absorption of sub -skin care.Now the facial cleanser on the market is full, and the selection of facial cleanser will not cause burden on the skin.Next, Xiaobian recommends four super -word -of -mouth facial cleanser. Among them, the Face Shop, Fulfangs, Ben, and Ben are all on the list.

TOP1 Philippine Shop

Qiang pushing the cheap Korean makeup brand Philippine Xiaopu facial cleanser. Recently, under the recommendation of the beauty blogger Yongzai Leo, it has ushered in the "second spring".Philippine Xiaopu facial cleanser has also been newly upgraded. From the amino acid+soap system to transform the pure amino acid system, add 11 amino acid composite ingredients. The pH value of the product is neutral.Oil and dust can even remove sun protection and isolation easily.The skin experience is mild and refreshing.At the same time, the facial cleanser of the Philippine Shop has also created six models based on skin quality, which are targeted at men’s hybrid muscles, men’s oily acne muscles, ladies hybrid muscles, ladies dry \ partial dry muscles, ladies oily sexualityMuscle and sensitive muscles are extremely satisfied with consumers’ functional demands for cleansing products, so that each type of group can find exclusive cleansing products.

TOP2 Fulfang Si

The composition table of their facial cleanser can be said to be very free.The ingredient party can be used with confidence, and the safety is very high.The feeling of use is very good, mild and non -irritating, very friendly for sensitive muscles, dense foam, cleaning the skin clean and not tight after washing the skin.Note that the authentic counters are not sealed!

TOP3 Facial Milk

The cheap amino acid facial cleanser, there are not many foams, but the cleaning is great. The beet -alkali and nicotinamide can soothe the skin. The daily care is enough.Sisters who often have acne can come over quickly!Ren diexin can help the crowd of oil and acne skin to clear pores and remove red and swollen acne. It is also very good for daily oil control and reduced blackheads!


The product of this family is very attentive. The bottle body and packaging are minimalist wind, and a facial cleanser’s skinbook is also sent.The ingredients are safe. The main amino acid formula is not tight after washing. Combining its price is really cost -effective.

To sum up, the cleaning power of the Filigue Poems is online, mild and non -irritating, and can be closed with different skin types; Fulfang silk facial cleanser is suitable for dry sensitivity to make morning cleaning, and the moisturizing effect is good;Clean, dry skin, it will be a bit dry after use; it is recommended to use dry skin on the facial cleanser, and the student party can enter.

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