French media: Chinese people are fascinated by oysters, "the output increases by 45%within ten years"

Source: Global Times

French News Radio reported on January 2 that the original topic: In order to meet the needs of the dining table, the production of Chinese oysters has doubled as the French. The Chinese are very fascinated by oysters, so that their output increased by 45%in ten years.China is the world’s largest oyster production country.

In Chinese restaurants, oysters can be eaten all year round.Oysters have also become a special feature of a restaurant.The oyster provided by the restaurant is a local variety, which is full and weighs more than 250 grams.Here, oysters are not used in New Year’s celebrations like France.The owner of the restaurant said that customers have come to eat oysters throughout the year, and they can sell up to 4,800 up to 4,800 per day.In the soup, roasted racks, steamed, in the wok … The restaurant chef created more than 20 recipes for oysters, but the Chinese never eat them.

In the restaurant, diners’ pursuit of oysters will never stop.A customer said, "I must order cheese to make oysters every time."Another customer claims that "eating oysters can be beauty and is good for skin."

In order to meet the growing appetite of diners, various types of oyster farms have appeared in the coastal areas of China. One of them has 8,000 hectares, and all produced oysters are supplied to the domestic market.Seaching oysters requires 30 workers and averaged 20 tons per day.

The farms we visited were breeding oysters in the waters of 5 to 12 meters.Breeding oysters are physical work, but the monthly salary of employees is about 1,200 euros (about 8600 yuan), which is higher than the local average salary level.Mr. Xu, the owner of the farm, said: "The oysters we have breeding oysters are white, and the output is also large. It is really a good business!"

China currently produces 6 million tons of artificially breeding oysters annually, which is the largest producing country in the world.After the oysters were transported back to the pier, the workers began to work nervously, sorting and cleaning according to quality, shape, and size.They are sent to restaurants across the country at a price of 0.5 euros.One of the restaurants used them to cook the small "pirate oysters". For the French people who were invited to taste, this was definitely a rare new year dish.(Translated by Zhao Fengying)

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