Funny Duanzi Collection, Duan Zi: I took more than 10 tablets of contraceptives, my girlfriend was still pregnant

On the first floor, the woman, a piano shop once, accidentally touched a piano.The boss said to me angrily, "Be careful, more than 200,000." I immediately said, "If I can’t afford it, I will be promised."The boss glanced at me immediately: "It’s okay, it’s okay, the piano is not bad."

What does this mean, do you mean that I am ugly …

2 Sleeping on the table, then suddenly dreamed, his body shook, and overturned the table directly.This is not the key. The key is the special position of my sitting. You all know, and then the teacher is directly scared to lose all the chalk, and then there is no more …

3 Ms. Wang near the elementary school is very depressed: "The son goes home from school, does not sing the song taught by the school, humming sorrow in his mouth, and the children next door shouted, ‘sipping, filial sons to salute".In the funeral cabinet, the filial piety cried continuously when the funeral was in the funeral.

4 When he was in high school, he secretly loved a boy in the first year.So every time I go to the toilet, I will go to the toilet next to their class. He takes a group of the first row, next to the door, one day to go to the toilet, the land of their class corridor is just dragged, I slip, kneel directly on their classAt the door, I can’t forget his eyes so far …

5. The two neighbors Liu Ha’s fat are rolling. They often come to my golden wool to play.Today it came again. I was cooking and found that there was no garlic, so I went to Liu Sister’s house.As soon as I pressed the doorbell, I heard Sister Liu screaming panicked: "Husband, our second hack is back, hiding the meat!"

6 The Minister of Finance complained to the leader: "Our finance is too lacking in hand now. There are three women who are pregnant, and they are going to leave maternity leave immediately. One person is about to leave, and it will not come next month.

The director over there heard a sentence: "How can you be the minister, how can you get three of them to get pregnant?"

7 Cousin’s family came to my house to meet.The cousin came to the study to find me. After seeing my mobile phone, I said: Cousin, your mobile phone is so old, it is time to change the new one. After that, he fell to the ground.I was just getting angry, my cousin suddenly said something that moved me: Mom, I don’t want to break my cousin’s mobile phone, you pay for a new phone!Good sister in China!

8 Eat with the boss. During this time, the boss and I were pinched to a chicken wings with chopsticks at the same time. At that time, the scene was quite embarrassing …

The boss is indeed a long -lasting battlefield, and said to me: In the company, I have always regarded you as a powerful and powerful general, so I want to pinch you to eat this …

I immediately said: The boss is so polite. In fact, I always hope that you can have a mile of miles and show your wings, so I want to pinch this wings to you …

Boss: Really, thank you for your blessings!

Me: You’re polite …

Boss: Since you want to eat it for me, you loose your chopsticks!

9 After opening the meeting this morning, I held a resignation report and told the boss to resign. The boss glanced at me obliquely!Add six hundred, go back to work immediately!Am I the kind of people who see money?Turn his head and twist the resignation report into a fierce throwing in the trash can!I went to work angrily ~

10 A judge squinting, one day trial of three criminal suspects of A, B, and C,

The judge said to A: "Did you steal things?"

B: "No"

The judge was furious: "I didn’t ask you."

Bingdao: "I didn’t say anything either."

The 11 small army has been very unhappy about his girlfriend these days.

The friend asked: "What happened to your brother? What happened to your girlfriend?"

Xiaojun said, "Hey, I took more than 10 pills of contraceptives, but my girlfriend was still pregnant!"

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