Giant creatures that can eat dinosaurs as dishes, giant squid can swallow a boat

The earth once lived more and more fierce than dinosaurs.From the large snake to the deep -sea monsters, if you can bring it back, who will you choose?

Dag Peduz.Some of the most terrible creatures I have lived were aquatic creatures, and Dagreusus was certainly no exception.This fierce fish lives in the late mud, which is about 370 million to 360 million years ago.This is much earlier than the dinosaurs walking on the earth, from about 2.45 million to 66 million years ago.Like a shark, there is a face with armor and a face that can only love only his mother.Based on its fierce appearance, you may be surprised to find that there is actually no teeth.But don’t be deceived.On the contrary, it has two long bone blade, which can break and crush almost anything.Because Dagreshus is definitely not a discerning diner, it eats fish, sharks, and even its own kind.Its terrible pointed teeth kept growing and rubbing each other, just like self -grinding scissors.In order to let you know how powerful its jaw is, scientists speculate that they can produce up to 8,000 pounds of bite every square inch.From a certain perspective, the lion’s bite is about a few pounds per square meter.Dagreusus’s fatal disadvantage is that he is insatiable and often indigestion.The fossils of this prehistoric animal are often discovered with the reaction animals.And the wreckage of semi -digestible fish, you are glad to know that Dagreusus no longer exists.

Horror bird.Scientists nicknamed this horrible bird, and a meteor destroyed terrible dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus and Raptors.Fear birds jumped into the top predators on land in South America.In the next 60 million years, they have been defending the title.These prehistoric animals grow to ten feet high.They have the feet and hook -shaped beaks of the overlord dragon, and they can cut off the spinal cord by a fist.Their terrorist rule began in Central America we know now, when South America was still an island.Animals like Leopard Cats and Wolf take over the work of top predators in other places.Most mammals in South America are happy herbs.This provides a large group of grass animals for horror birds, and they can eat and eat without competition.These fast -moving creatures are equipped with beaks like crane mouth, and they hit the skull of smaller animals with a beak down and fatally crush the smaller animals.Their thin heads can be used as huge meat softeners, and they may use their huge clumsy feet to kick the prey out of the three souls and seven souls.During their 60 million years of rule, there were 17 different species in the horror bird family.Until they finally disappeared about 2.5 million years ago.

Andrew.It’s hard to imagine that there is something named Andrew than dinosaurs, but this fierce creature does not think so.Although no complete Andrew Salca skeleton has been found so far, some skulls were discovered in Mongolia in 1923.Nearly three feet long.The captain of the expedition, Roy Chapman Andrews, believes that this animal must be carnivores because it has huge teeth.And named Andrew Salca in his own name.sure.To this day, this is the only specimen that belongs to this terrible species. This terrible species wandered in Asia about 45 million to 36 million years ago.In the era of EO scenes, paleontologists used the knowledge of skull to establish the impression of other parts of the animal body.And its relationship with another prehistoric bear creature.This kind of stout, wolf -like animals walk with four short legs, with a long body and a hoof on the tail.It has a terrible big nose and big teeth that can bite the bones.The weight may be between 1764 pounds and 2200 pounds.For more reasons you need more reasons to be trembling.This huge body shape has made Andrew Salcas the largest and meditated terrestrial mammals known to date.However, strangely, these hoof animals are actually considered closer to the relationship with hippos and whales.They all belong to a larger mammalian, called puppets.

Sixty million years ago, in the Paleolithic era, in the current swamps of Colombia.There is the largest snake, Titan python.It is about 50 feet long.Weighing 2500 pounds.The weight of this giant snake is ten times that of the green python and water python that ruled this land today.Sadly, although Pinobo has never confronted the Tyrannosaurus dragon.After millions of years after the dinosaurs extinct, the Titan giant python ruled the vast swamp jungle, where everything was hotter.More humid and larger than today, consistent with the common theme of "big".The Titan python is so big that it almost violates the law of physics.You see, each creature evolved under the constraints of gravity.This is the only reason why giant creatures like 100 feet of blue whale can exist.It is because the impact of gravity on giant planet is not so great in the ocean.Scientists speculate that Titan’s python must use this to reach such a huge scale.This creature is too isolated that it may not be able to move well on the land, and it must be spent in the water most of the time.Her behavior is more like a water python living in the water, although it looks a bit like a modern python.If you want to know what the Titan python eats, the simple answer is anything it sees.The python is an ambush predator, relying on its amazing power to squeeze the prey out of life.Titan’s python is very heavy, mainly predating large reptiles, swallowing giant turtles and even crocodiles.

For centuries, fishermen have been telling a terrible sea monster story that can overturn a boat and devour the crew.These huge beasts have a place in Hollywood movies, but have they really existed?In 1857, Danish maternal scholar took a checked squid mouth that was rushed ashore.About three inches wide, so he concluded that it was a giant squid that he named it wild duck or ruled the squid.Since then, people have described about 21 giant squids, each of which comes from different body parts of the coast.These elusive creatures wander deep in the ocean, but it is difficult to know how big they are.Because it is difficult to find a complete specimen.Some estimates show that giant squid is the largest species in existing, and can only be learned from the beak found in the scent whale.It may weigh 1500 pounds and 33 feet long.In terms of size, it may not be a crack squid.But is such a beast lurking in the prehistoric waters?Professor Mark Mike of Hadel Monthir, South Hadelmont, Massachusetts, believes this is the case.There may be as many as 100 feet long squid in the early tri -stacked.They predatory marine reptiles of school buses look a bit like modern dolphins.As we all know, octopus will collect bones, shells and rocks as caves.However, other paleontologists do not believe it so much. Some critics have pointed out that the lack of evidence indicates that head and foot animals do store their prey.Although there is almost no evidence that there is still a really huge squid, the minimum value theory shows that there is reason to believe that the squid has reached a huge size in the distant past.Considering that only 5%of the ocean has been explored so far, it is likely that there are more and more terrible things that are more terrible than giant squid.

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