Girls’ Police Police in Hong Kong: Dare to watch Riot News afraid of emotional fluctuations affect the fetus

Hong Kong Police Company showed the pictures earlier to clarify the false allegations of "yellow media".(Wen report)

Overseas Network, October 16th. Hong Kong violence activities lasted for several months. Faced with the attacks of mobs in all directions, opposition politicians reversed black and white slander, the risks and pressures of the Hong Kong police were getting greater and greater, but they were still in danger to protect their homes and protect their homes, Maintain the dignity of the rule of law.The policewoman Leah (a pseudonym) has been pregnant for four months, and bluntly stated that her recent social incidents have undergone a lot of pressure, but she said that with her family’s consideration and support, she will continue to work hard to work hard to do the best for colleagues to do the best for

According to Hong Kong’s "Grand Press" on October 16, Leah has joined the police for 13 years. Her husband is also a member of the police force, and a commander of the special tactical team (commonly known as "Spearlon").She said that during the past days, her husband would have to command and deploy on the front line on weekends, and she was very worried that her husband would be injured.Leah also said that he had to stay at home to take care of his nine -month -old daughter. He had occasional discomfort and could only take care of himself.In addition, she bluntly did not dare to watch the news live broadcast at home, fearing that the emotional fluctuations were too large, and it had an impact on the fetus.

In the anti -"repair" storm, the thugs not only directly impacted the police, but also threatened to "disaster the wife and children."They conducted online "human flesh" to police officers, and disclosed that they and their family members and their families were full of Chinese and English, ID numbers, birthdays, and addresses, which led some police officers to receive a lot of harassment calls and even threatened by intimidation and death.As Ye Liu Shuyi, chairman of the New Democratic Party of Hong Kong, said, chaos Hong Kong elements knew that the police was an important pillar of maintaining Hong Kong’s law and order and order, and continued to crack down on the morale of the police force.It is a double torture from the flesh and spirit.

However, violence did not block the determination of the SAR government and the Hong Kong police to stop violence.The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Lin Zhengyue said on October 8 that the thugs have reached the point where it is not heaven, and the SAR government will stop these violence with the greatest determination.The Hong Kong police have also stated many times that they will be so serious that the cases involved in the case will be taken into account."Bald Sheriff" Liu Sir bluntly said, "Because you are a compatriot, we will protect each other. If anyone thinks that they are not Chinese, then the waiting for them will be the network."

Bald Sheriff Liu Zeji (Picture Source: Dagong News)

More and more Hong Kong citizens are no longer silent. They have the courage to stand up to express their positions and support the Hong Kong police to enforce the law.Wang Lili, the owner of the Hong Kong snack shop, said, "The work of the police is very hard and it is very restrained. I support and respect their efforts to pay for Hong Kong’s public security, so even if I am suppressed and regrets the police, I will continue to support them."

As a list of mothers, Wang Lili has to run a small shop and bring two sons.In order to support the police, she said, "I let them (son) choose. If they do not support the police, they can go to the adventure park, I will support the police by myself, and finally they choose to support the police."Little has a national consciousness, knowing that you are Chinese, this is an iron -like fact. "

On October 13, a middle -aged woman who loved Hong Kong came forward and came forward to clean up the barrels of the thugs on the street.Faced with the abuse and intimidation of the mob, the woman had no fear and scolded "Although I only have one life, I must stop you."

Hong Kong citizens sang the national anthem in the atrium of Taikoo Plaza.(Source: Orange News))

Recently, more and more patriotic Hong Kong groups and individuals have expressed their efforts to support the police and support the police for law enforcement and decisive law enforcement.They sang the national anthem in various districts in Hong Kong and held up "guarding Hong Kong, cheering for the whole people", "Ah Sir worked hard, you won’t be alone!"(Overseas Network/Zhu Xiao)

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