Give a name for "10 most beautiful actresses in ugly" in 2022, Liu Lin 8th, Yan Bingyan No. 2

In 2022, there is no shortage of national dramas.

But what kind of beauty do you love?

Is it carefully dressing up, wigs of dental dental abdominal muscles, everything can be fake.

It is a hardcore, plastic surgery, plastic surgery, and whole body, and a bumpy body. In the beauty, filter and refinement blessing, the beautiful and beautiful women’s group -style standard beauty?

It is okay, because the form of beauty is diverse, everyone has the right to appreciate the beauty in their hearts.

But I love alone -the beauty of many "ugly girls" in the Chinese drama in 2022.

What’s the meaning?Is this a sick sentence?

That’s right, if you understand the beauty simply as "the feeling of stimulating men’s desire."

The temptation is beauty, and the simple appearance is ugly.

So this is of course a sick sentence -ugly girl, how can it be beautiful?The Chinese teach by sports teachers?Chinese white studies?

Unless there is an ugly, the purpose is to enhance the charm of the work.

The "ugliness" of the actress is the beauty in film and television dramas.

For example, in Zhang Yimou’s movie "Qiuju’s Lawsuit", the village woman played by Gong Li surrounded the green headscarf, wearing cotton jackets, black face, enough soil.

However, the "soil" of the actress, in the movie, turned into a splashing poetic in the camera, becoming a stepping stepping tile for human nature.

In addition, the water played by the hot Yiza in "Shan Haiqing", with a thin body, pulled a car car, a disabled husband and young child, walked for seven days and seven nights, and finally came to Jintan Village.When Chaoyang shone on her gray face, the face smiled brightly.

The infinite vitality instantly overflows the entire hill.The beauty of vitality is like a verse.

I found it. In the hands of the real master, beauty is not an impeccable makeup, but a mixed man’s warmth and warmth, not the curve of the clever work, but it is the vitality of anger.

"Beauty is not in the skin." The bones here are not only bones, but also wind bones.

Because of the real beauty, there are many appearances.

In the 2022 national drama, there are so some outstanding actresses that let us appreciate the diverse beauty of the world.

The following is the basis for my reference based on the film and television works that have been broadcast in 2022. The 10 actresses who selected the role of "beauty are the most underestimated" for everyone, and by the way, the beauty contrast between them and outside the play.

How ugly they are, how beautiful they are outside the play.

When countless women are facing endless suffering in the face, these national dramas are full of appearance and collapsed "aunts" villagers "villagers.Healing thousands of women’s "mental internal consumption".

Work in 2022: "Meeting Time"

Today’s entertainment industry has more and more beautiful "hard currency".

In many idol dramas led by traffic, no matter what scenes, plots, and characters, beauty is right.

But Luo Haiqiong is about to "ugly".

In the eyes of ordinary people, Luo Haiqiong is not stained with ugly.

Luo Haiqiong’s face is not an attractive look of the beautiful appearance, but it belongs to the beauty of the bone, the brow bone is three -dimensional, the nose is tall, and the face shape reveals a rare heroine of an actress.

The more you look at it, the more charm, and the plasticity is strong.

She became famous at the age of 27 and married to Vice President Huayi at the age of 37. The event of the wedding that year made countless people envy.Coupled with her good acting skills, she has a clear and cold beauty, and she looks good.

At the young age, Luo Haiqiong’s masterpieces and classic characters are many.

For example, the aunt in "The Prison Officer of the Great Song", Fang Ziyi, who is like a fog like rain and like a wind. "

Entering middle -aged, although the supporting paintings began, they are still brilliant and still beautiful.

In the "Life" starring Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, Qin Wan played by her has a face that looks badly speaking.People are unforgettable.

But in this year’s "Meeting Time", the role of middle -aged Jian Minmin opened the "stupid", and then crazy about it. If you say nothing, you can do it with a little temperament.

Either bombed people or burst of self -explosion.

Luo Haiqiong’s acting skills are really absolutely absolutely, what is acting like.

This is irritable, inner anger, and "Demon" generally the appalling character, how will it remind people of the intellectual and wise Han Bing in "Kite"?

But because of this performance, when the audience watched the show, they saw the shadow of the actor’s past, but to see things outside the story through the actor. This is the charm of the performance.

Work in 2022: "Happiness to Wanjia"

If you don’t look at the older generation of actors, you can’t really understand that "the old goddess" and "frozen age" are just a dream.

The moment I saw Chi Peng, I directly perceived the magic of time.

At the beginning of the year, he opened "Happy to Wanjia" at Zhao Liying, but he was taken away by Chi Peng, who played her mother -in -law.Ms. Lin Guizhi, don’t come without it.

Later, Cao Jianjun’s snobbish mother -in -law was also her in "The Honor of Police".

Of course, the acting skills of the old opera bones are infectious, and each expression is rich and layered and accurate.

But I found that Chi Peng’s old photos found that the evil mother -in -law today was so beautiful when she was young.

Once a girl’s face was shaking,

At the age, it becomes a temperament beauty, gentle and moving.

However, Chi Peng, who can act as a noble woman, played her mother -in -law, but performed lively rustic, and did not fall into the villain of the evil mother -in -law who did not fall into the domestic drama.Instead, let the character have a past and cause.

In this era of "white young thinness", makeup and filters rampant, the once gentle beauty seemed to be the old -fashioned manner in the play, and the deliberately displayed earth smell also covered the elegance and calmness of the actor itself.

But because of the role, Chi Peng’s traces of leaving time on the character transformed into an extremely solid wisdom of life.

Chi Peng’s life path, so it becomes a dose of moisturizing and silent life medicine, which is enough to alleviate the spiritual internal consumption of many women, especially the fear of glory and the anxiety of old age.

Chi Peng, who was once a Peugeot beauty, did not know if he had experienced a large or small pain.

But when she put down all her looks and performed such a vivid village woman.Time couldn’t hold her.

Work in 2022: "Dear Child"

Don’t look at Liu Lin’s work this year, first look at the shape of Tao Ni in the TV series "Campaign Tree" in the early years.

Long straight hair, pure and generous, I see pity.Do you dare say that this girl is not beautiful?

Now we return to 2022 to see Liu Lin’s role in the moon in "Dear Child".

A moon -hearted moon with eight hundred hearts launched a fierce war with Fang Yinuo in the beginning of the story.

If you only look at the shape, who can not be curious, how did the girl who was so moving that year gave birth to such a secular look?

But after watching "Parent’s Love", the aunt Jiang Dehua, who played in the countryside, had the answer.

Such a rustic, temper, no culture and heart, middle -aged rural woman.

She couldn’t find it in the crowd by Liu Lin. This is no longer like, she is.

However, if the rustic is ugly, Liu Jing, the screenwriter of "Parental Love", will not agree.

At that time, Liu Jing completely did not hide her preference for Liu Lin, who played Jiang Dehua. "When I haven’t seen her, when I was watching the flowers, I fell in love with this female who can act.The actor. She simply performed the rustic little aunt Jiang Dehua (later renamed Dehua) who came out of the countryside. "

But Liu Jing’s Dehua was not just the rustic side in the soil.

A drama in the play was regarded by countless audiences as the most memorable scene of the entire drama -Jiang Dehua’s husband sacrificed in the war, and was called the widow of the same villagers as the widow of the villagers.He is kind -hearted, helping his brother and grandmother to bring all the children.

She likes her brother’s comrades -in -arms Lao Ding, dared to pursue the initiative, was repeatedly rejected, and still moved forward. In the end, Lao Ding finally "from" her. On the way home, Dehua cried and laughed.The movement.

At this moment, the character’s tears are beautiful.

This scene is also the theme of the story that many people return to -love.

Over the years, Liu Lin’s role is always the case. It is either a lady in the Sheng family without the city, or the extremely paranoid single -parent mother in "Hidden Corner", either soil or evil.

But Liu Lin, who walked out of the character, was so temperamental and so beautiful.

In that play, wearing a flower gown, with short hair, carrying a big bag, dark complexion, one by one "俺", grinning, exposing her mouth full of teeth, the whole person showed a rustic woman, put on exquisite makeup on her delicate makeup., Immediately became an elegant beautiful lady from the aunt of the village.

She is so beautiful, but she performs so many rustic characters. It is really moving when rustic blooming.

Work in 2022: "Dear Child"

Ren Suxi is not a beautiful actor, but I can say that few actresses in China can do it in "Dear Children".

The opening of the whole drama was the heroine of her player, Fang Yinuo, showing her pregnancy spots, holding a big belly, and appeared on the screen.

Fang Yinuo looked at himself in the mirror, from calm to doubt, and then sorrowful, instead of pretending not to be, after quickly removing makeup, looking at himself in the mirror, he cried wrongly, and finally faced the mirror in the mirror.Changshu smiled stiffly at himself, and in this play, his emotions changed more than a dozen times, which can be called "cosmetic" acting skills.

Fang Yinuo is indeed a rare and unpleasant protagonist on the Chinese drama screen this year. It is not a face value, but a personality.

However, Ren Suxi performed an extremely real process of a mother from pregnancy, production to raising children, and experiencing turbulence in life. Whether it was an excessive anxiety when being a mother, or the complex emotions when she was in a difficult choice, she was performed as like her as much as she was.Xingyun flowing water.

It is such an forgetful performance that allows the audience to understand the hardships of conceiving in October through this character.

The frankness and truth in the performance also allowed Ren Suxi to suck countless powder with a very unpleasant character.

Compared with the "white beauty and thinness" in the TV series, so many female audiences love the real "ugly girl" in front of this camera.

Because of the truth, it is the most moving.

Work in 2022: "Outside Court"

When many national actresses, the acting competition eventually became the competition of beauty technology. Under the praise of the fans’ "beauty" and "unbearable", the audience could not help but be rolled up and brought in.

But Jiao Junyan is the opposite of this entertainment circle.

Jiao Junyan this year has been broadcast, but the most moved me is "Outside the court".

As the heroine of the second part of the series of the series of the drama, Xiao Zhen, who played by the seventh episode, appeared.

Such a small character of a seemingly soy sauce internship lawyer was performed by Jiao Junyan’s unpredictable layering.

Even if it is played at the end, the character still has obvious AB surface.

One devil, an angel.

Jiao Junyan is a typical bone -phase beauty. The biggest feature is that there is a girl’s face, but when she shows a pure and sweet smile like Xiao Qiu in front of the camera, she

The audience couldn’t help but shudder, because the smile was covered with mystery. In this way, she pretended to be fragile and powerful, and she stood up solidly.

There is a show in the play that is impressive, that is, go home to remove makeup, and Jiao Junyan, who is completely beautiful, looked at herself at the mirror. At that moment, Jiao Junyan was not beautiful enough, but her eyes were so penetrating, so confusing and fascinating.

A complex character was performed so naturally and charming because Jiao Junyan kneaded her pure appearance into the performance.

When many actresses fight their faces in the play, Jiao Junyan can use this face to empower the performance.

And when those beauty becomes the same, the truth under the camera has a different charm.

Works in 2022: "The World", "Battle of Rose"

In the Chinese dramas in these years, we have seen too many "peerless beauties" without skin texture, no pores, and no edges on their faces.

To say that the peerless beauty, Sui Junbo also performed.

When "Snow in Snow" was broadcast, Sui Junbo plays Pei Nanwei.

Because of the original book, Pei Nanwei is recognized by the world’s first beauty in the world, but Sui Junbo’s appearance does not match the role.

Her bone phase is very good, with sharp edges and corners, and she belongs to a beautiful beauty, but she is not a sharp beauty who can sweep the rivers and lakes.

But in Hao Dongmei in "The World", her reputation reversed instantly, relying on both acting and face value.

In "The World", Sui Junbo plays Hao Dongmei almost in "The World". There is a kind of beauty of the hibiscus out of the water. There is no need for heavy makeup, and naturally reveals the gentle temperament of everyone’s lady.

Sui Junbo appeared with a simple twist braid, which was Hao Dongmei.

But if it was amazing, it was her makeup and performance when she was old.

You know, this female star, which is willing to grow old in front of the camera?

Even if you are no longer young, you are staring, pouting, and walking the silly white and sweet model, and you can try to mix into the young actress.Because "full of vitality" and "girl sense" is the undefeated cheats of this internal entertainment.

However, Sui Junbo really grows old in front of the camera. The scene of learning that he was sick. With accurate performance, Hao Dongmei made Hao Dongmei reveal the backlog of long -back pressure in her heart, showing her without fear, so that the audience was in her.I felt tender in crying, and saw real acting skills in the peak of the acting school.

At that moment, she had completely jumped out of the internal entertainment.

Sui Junbo has a light, elegant and quiet temperament, and an elegant and soft beauty, which will always give her a feeling of light and cloudy, quiet and quiet.

But in fact, she can also perform the charming of the dust.

When a beauty can become old and ugly on the screen, time is no longer her enemy, and she also becomes the best proof of actresses against time.

Work in 2022: "The World"

This session of female celebrities popular is that in the modeled performances, they can’t afford it, incorporate "white young thin", net redization aesthetics, and follow the waves.

Yin Tao does not care about this.

Yin Tao is of course a beauty, with round eyes, full forehead, and a deep pair of dimples when he laughs.In "The History of Wu Zetian", her shape is round and round, graceful and luxurious, dignified, raising her hands and feet, with the momentum of the queen.

Occasionally, the tenderness of the little daughter is like water and coquettish and cute.

But as long as the character needs, she can be beautiful or ugly.

When "The World" opened, she was dressed as a goddess.

However, when the character goes through the years, he will ask Luo Shibin’s wife Zeng Shan to go to the street to sell pancakes. The pores on Yin Tao’s face are clearly visible.The ripple shirt seems to really come from a middle -aged woman who came out of the past.

It can be said that at this time, Yin Tao was actually "daring to be ugly."

A strong woman who struggled in life, a woman who collapsed in court and kneeling to a snake -scorpion beauty like Zeng Shan, could not be "gorgeous" by Zeng Shan?

But as her knees were connected to the ground, the soul of the character was still clean.

Yin Tao told the audience with his own interpretation that a real actor can be ugly or beautiful. Everything lies in the role, rather than actively seeking the so -called character to break the beauty.

Her empathy in the play, the sense of performance, and crying scenes can be called a textbook -level interpretation. It is because of her performance. Zheng Juan’s ordinary woman is so shocking to the audience.

The beauty of the actor and the face value of the character cannot be all.

Yin Tao chose the role.The last character’s "ugly", the endless beauty of the world.

Work in 2022: "End"

The most popular acting school in this year’s drama is of course "Aunt Pot" Tao Yinghong played by Liu Dan.

But who could have thought that "aunt of the pot" was super beautiful when he was young.

And it is the beauty of bright, charming and sexy Hong Kong style.

When Liu Dan was 14 years old, he took the Beijing Film Academy at the place in Harbin and entered the last round.If it wasn’t for the discovery of the examiner because of the age, it would likely be Liu Yijun’s classmates.

At that time, Liu Dan’s face was covered with collagen, and his skin was broken, his eyes were good, and his lips were red and white, like a fairy.

Later, she was admitted to Beiying, and she was still the youngest student in Beiying 90 performance class.Huang Lei, Jiang Wu, and Wang Jinsong are her classmates.

After graduating, Liu Dan was admitted to the Chinese Youth Art Theater (now the National Troupe).Since then, we have embarked on another way.Liu Dan said, "As long as there is a stage, there is a god."

At that time, she always played a beautiful and beautiful beauty in the national drama.

In "Interpol", her eyes are like stars, and she is domineering in her glamorousness.

In the "Night Car" directed by Diao Yi, she took a lonely beauty and almost performed a unicorn.

But when she played the "extreme character" of the loss of her daughter in "Starting", she completely let go of her former beauty.

In her performance, there is hysteria and despair.There are gritted teeth, and some ridicule, and often reveal the deepest sadness in the character’s heart.

Such a grinning performance is not only conscientious, but also easy to be in front of the camera -showing "ugly".

But for a real actor, there is no difficulty to choose the face value and performance, of course, choose a performance.

In addition to this role, in "The Sea of Stars", she played Liu Tao’s evil aunt.

In "The Wind Sty", she is a beautiful beauty.

In "Love is delicious", she is still President Zhu who dances and is smart and capable.

The acting school is the acting school because they are as much as possible for each character.

The face value is side by side."Aunt Guo" mighty.

Work in 2022: "Big Examination"

Said that "after the eight shadows" Yan Bingyan’s acting skills are topped among the entertainment actresses, of course, no one will doubt.

But if you say that Yan Bingyan was young, the value of Yan was also entertaining?

Yan Bingyan of that year was really beautiful.

The face was full and red in white, such as the peach blossoms that opened the righteousness in the spring. In the martial arts drama "Gan Nine Sisters", she played the female young Xia Lanxin, looking back at her, smart eyes, showing the girl’sThe cute and cute, not only amazing the male lead, but also the audience in front of the screen.

Later, when her mother suffered from cancer, she retreated for eight years, accompanied and took care of her mother, and when she went out of the mountain, she covered her beauty step by step in exchange for the acting "one person thousands".

It is generally believed that Yan Bingyan when "Through the Heart of the Thousands of Arrows" was passively farewell to the peak of Yan value.

What kidding?Look at the prosperous beauty of my sister in the same period.Obviously, she can also act as a big beauty. She chose to sneak into life by herself.

When Duan Yingjiu in "opponent", the character’s habit is: when you are anxious, keep scratching his head, this is not what every actress can do.

In the "Grand Exam", she performed a slightly white hair, obvious decree pattern, and edema -eyed bags. She performed a mother and wife who was tired of her life in her life.

But the role is more vivid.

Yan Bingyan outside the play is still elegant and dignified. Naturally old face looks very comfortable, reminiscent of Hao Lei, who is also a powerful faction, and also easily abandoned God’s face.

Hao Lei said: As an actress, I have been fat like this, and I still sit here very confidently, because my acting skills cannot be taken away.

Yan Bingyan can’t.

However, their similar acting skills and not perfect posture may give many women’s strength: compared to the perfect figure, the strong strength is an actress, and it is also a capital of a woman in society.

Acting skills are always much more important than face value.

2022 works: "Heart Live"

Haiqing has been a textbook that defeats the rules of the internal entertainment in the past years.

In 2001, Haiqing when he graduated from Nortel, his appearance was gentle and atmospheric, his face was like a jade girl, and the natural beauty emitted from the inside out was very touching.

However, she entered the ethical drama and played Li Juan in "Double -sided Gloss", Hai Ping in "Snail House", and Tong Wenjie in "Little Happy", and became a "national daughter -in -law".

And when she played for many years, her face was naturally aging, and there was no trace of medical beauty. She could lie on the character type of the national daughter -in -law for a lifetime, but she turned to play the unkempt and shirt, and fucking an authentic northwest dialect.Lay abnormally on the big screen.

The shape in Haiqing’s movies is indeed not beautiful. His legs are limped, his scattered hair is half -covered with dark face, picking wheat ears, feeding chicken, and dried farm work to make a handy, as if holding a real Northwest VillageThe woman brings the audience.

Hai Qing in the movie looks ugly, but he is as clear as he is.

Is it ugly?I think it’s beautiful.

Written at the end:

In recent years, appearance anxiety, figure anxiety, and age are like three mountains, which are pressed in the minds of countless women, making them breathless.

Under a single female aesthetic standard, "white young thin" and "net red face" became the standard of women, and beauty and trimming became the basic model.

Internal entertainment is not only the initiator of this anxiety, but also the victim.

But no one really has the time to kill the pig knife, and everyone must accept the fact that they are getting old.

Therefore, the above ten actresses are calm in the face of years, and they have brought three points of inspiration:

First, compared with the uniform white and thin beauty, the beauty of mature and true is the king.

In the entertainment industry, bitter white and thin.

Although beauty is valuable, but rejection of appearance anxiety is true beauty.

Because the real beauty should be blooming.

It is not just the beauty of youth, but it should be the spitting and temperament that integrates years.

It is the actress’s unique charm, and the beauty is different.

Second, compared to the uniform skin, the acting skills that dare to be ugly are the real beauty.

Rather than saying that the aforementioned actress deliberately "dressed up ugliness", it is better to say that when they shape these characters, they completely "abandon" themselves, devote themselves, and perform their roles.

On the surface, the years left traces on their faces, and time left ax on them.

Compared with those net red faces, this true appearance, even for the purpose of "ugly" for the character, is not beautiful enough.

But if you look into the story, you will feel a deep spiritual joy.

These ugly beauty is unforgettable because they all have a natural and fresh appearance. Their beauty is very real, and has vivid and accurate acting skills.

Third, there is no need for appearance and anxiety.

Everyone is afraid of old, ugly, especially women.

But the threshold of beauty has never been that skin.

The precipitation of the years often allows good actors to have a deeper understanding of life and emotions. It is reflected in the shaping of characters to move the audience more.

The audience praised these actresses with word of mouth, and also subconsciously got rid of a aesthetic aesthetic.

It turns out that for these actresses who know how to accept years, time will only add more charm.

The definition of beauty is never the age, but the eyes that are good at discovering beauty.

Especially internal consumption, it is better to accept uncertainty with sufficient confidence and accept time carving.

The years are invincible and beautiful, and the real beauty can always use acting skills, respect the years, and respect the beauty.

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