Goddess Gao Yuanyuan is pregnant

On April 8th, Zhao Youting posted on Weibo: "Whenever we encounter everyone’s concern, we always answer, let it be. Now, we can say, yes, thank you for your blessings." The news of Gao Yuanyuan’s pregnancy was announced.

In June 2014, Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting registered for marriage, and a wedding was held in November.Gao Yuanyuan is 8 years older than Zhao Youting. As the saying goes, there are Yun "female big three embrace of the brick".Love, now Gao Yuanyuan announced that he was pregnant, and the love of the two added the icing on the cake.

She and Zhao Youting met in the filming of the movie "Search".In the five years after they got married, they finally came out of good news. They are about to have their own babies. How high will such a high -value couple give birth to the baby!

Jia Jingwen also reposted a comment "I can finally share the parenting scriptures."Jia Jingwen and Gao Yuanyuan became a good friend and good girlfriend because of the shooting "The Dragon Tu Long Ji" in 2003, a handsome and beautiful Zhou Yiruo, who played the gentle and beautiful Zhou Yiruo.

When Jia Jingwen was young, there was a failed marriage.When Jia Jingwen met Sun Zhihao, she hurriedly married and had children, but as soon as she entered the giants, she was like a sea.Jia Jingwen couldn’t stand such a marriage life, and finally bravely chose to divorce.

In order to fight for the custody of her daughter, Jia Jingwen opened the trial with her ex -husband three times. In the end, Jia Jingwen abandoned the right to ask for property and returned half of the property rights of Pudong in Shanghai. Two people settled and signed a divorce agreement.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen today encountered Xiu Jiekai. Although Xiu Jiekai is not a giants, it is very intimate. Jia Jingwen and 9 -year -old Xiu Jiekai cannot see the age difference. Although they are the mother of the three children, they are still young and beautiful. Jia Jingwen is now.It’s very happy to be happy.

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