Golden retriever has four babies in a year, and a high -quality puppy is given by hormones. The farm does not treat the dog as a pet.

Many people often look at dogs and their descent, so people often go to some dog breeding farms to buy dogs and come back, so that some people in the breeding farm are fancy.In order to make more money so that some dogs with good quality inside are forced to conceive puppies, even more abominable is that dogs can only have two babies a year, but those bad breeding fields make the dogs with good dogs born three to four babies a year.Let the dog’s body reach the limit.

However, there are also good breeding farms. They are relatively formal, but high -quality breeding farms are still small, because they mainly cost a lot of money and a lot of time to cultivate dogs.Profit is mainly based on the dogs for profit.There is a frequent production of hormones by golden retriever, and has encountered a lot of painful experiences. Fortunately, the abandoned dog after illness now finally shows a smile.

We know that there are many volunteers who care for animals now, they will help stray animals and suffering animals, and their dogs this time are very special.This golden retriever was rescued from the breeding field. Because its appearance and blood were inherently good, the person in the breeding farm allowed this dog to be a breeding mother.The price.

From this golden retriever, it has never left the breeding farm. Golden retriever had four babies a year, and a high -quality puppy was given by hormones. The farm did not treat the dog as a pet. When it was an adult, it was arranged to breed.It has never seen the outside world.After the first breeding, Golden Mao quickly became pregnant and became a mother. It was still very excited.

When the puppy was born, Jin Mao also served as the responsibility of taking care of them, and took care of them. Over time, they gradually grew up. When they were sold, the breeding farm began to start the dogs.When selling, when Jin Mao saw his child left himself, his heart was very sad, and he was depressed for a long time.

Seeing that golden retriever was recovered in the breeding field, it was also arranged for the second breeding, but the golden retriever’s body recovered shortly.Under the second breeding, Golden Rather quickly had their own children. I thought that this time they could protect their children not sold by them, but those people still forcibly sold their children, regardless of the golden retrieverUnwilling.

Golden Mao: Can you leave my child, please.

The body has reached the limit, and it has gradually occurred.

Because the people in the breeding farm do not allow golden retrievers to move out, they stay in the cage for a long time, which causes its hips to not sit. It is the cause of pain and hormones when sitting. It suffers from many diseases and the skin is also infected in large areas.

When the people in the breeding farm knew these, they quickly abandoned Golden Mao. It had not experienced people’s love, nor had they seen the outside world. I did not expect that the first time the outside world was in this way.Fortunately, it was quickly rescued, because it was a variety of dogs and the body was too strange, causing people’s attention, so volunteers quickly rescued it!

When the volunteers arrived, they found that its disc herniation was seriously prominent, and it was still very thin. As an adult dog, it should not be such a body shape.An unexpected scene, the dogs saw that people were not attacked, and they were very gentle to others.The volunteers present were not moved. Such a gentle dog, those people do not cherish at all!

Later, the dog was taken to the pet hospital for treatment by volunteers. Its case can be said to be a bit dangerous, but after seeing the dog, the pet doctor thought it was an ordinary symptom, and thought that it would be possible to perform surgery.Very restored.Who knows that when the doctor went to perform surgery for it, he found that its symptoms were more serious than expected, which made the surgical operation a lot of difficulties.However, the doctor did not give up, and insisted on performing surgery for the dog!

After the operation, the Golden Retriever recovered very quickly, and even the weight gradually recovered. The nurse in the hospital saw it very well to see it recovered. It took it to experience the feeling of going out for the first time. When it saw the beautiful world outside, it saw the beautiful world outside.It opened his mouth and smiled happily.

Golden Mao: It turns out that this is the beautiful world outside. I will come out frequently in the future!

The only thing to make RIO’s father is only Golden Mao did not give up his trust in people, and he was still so gentle to people.If other dogs may not be so lucky, I hope that everyone will resist such inferior breeding farms, so that dogs can also see the beautiful world, and we can get our care like other dogs.

“"Flash Moment" theme essay No. 2”

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