Guo Biting said late at night?Repeatedly spawned to get pregnant, but had problems with Xiangzuo’s marriage?

The younger sister talked to you today that she has become a expectant mother.

On June 17, some media photographed Guo Biting with a pregnant belly and shopping with friends. For a long time, she was wearing a loose dress and her belly was very obvious.It seems that the rumor of pregnancy that has been passed for a long time is finally confirmed!

After the exposure of Taiwan media, other media also got the news. Guo Biting was really pregnant. The due date is estimated to be in September this year.

For the "new member report" issued by Zuo Zuo on social media before, the picture is two large pots+a small potted plant. There should be no fake with ten or nine melons.

The people who eat melon have sent blessings to Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo. Congratulations to the couple of loved ones who love their children and become prospective parents.

However, in the middle of the night on June 28, Guo Biting suddenly went online and posted: "The day of awakening will always come. At that time, Maose was open, and it was suddenly cheerful, or regret it, and regret it?"

Looking at this word, "regret", "regret", "the day of awakening" … What happened to Guo Biting that made her feel like this?

Look at the more lively comment area. Fans who stay up late to Xiu Xian do not sleep have come over to ask Guo Biting what happened, so that she should not be angry.

How did Guo Biting reply?"Can you read it well ~ Don’t think about it."

Some fans asked her what was wrong. Guo Biting’s reply was full of deep intent, and asked, "What else can I eat and drink, can raise chickens and dogs, and make flowers," seems to be unsatisfactory to her current situation.

Some fans asked her to awaken early. At that time, whether it was suddenly cheerful or regretted, she had the courage to re -entertain. Guo Biting also praised the other party as "good".

Next, a fan asked Guo Biting if he was not good for her. The rumors on the Internet were all true, but Guo Biting remained silent, no longer responded, and even no rumors.It stands to reason that she has chosen to ignore this emotional topic with her "rigid" temper tonight, and it is hard not to make people think much.

Guo Biting also replied: "Why do you feel that the text is meant to mean? You treat me as a star, and also look at the gossip. Is this good?" This reply probably means that netizens mean this state?But how does this kind of frightened text look like it?

After tossing in the middle of the night, I might feel that there were too many messy sounds in the comments. Guo Biting directly replaced the comment with "selected comments", and all his speeches were blocked.

This series of operations is really too easy to cause the public about her and Xiang Zuo’s guess.

This is not the first time Guo Biting posted similar negative news. Before that, she posted a dynamic, showing a picture of a dog, and asked, "What should I do if the people around you always consume you without the limit?People? "Suspected of complaining that he was used by others without limit.

On the day of the day, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting’s proposed marriage notice was uploaded. This notice had signed a name on the notice, but Guo Biting has not signed it.The marriage notice was still in the hands of Zuo, and the news was naturally revealed to Zuo, so Guo Biting’s news seemed to be pointing out.

But soon responded to the mother of Zuo Zuo’s mother. She had a soft and hard connotation. She first explained that she and her family were in Taiwan. They missed Guo Biting and asked "who dares to consume you" to remove herself clean.To let Xiao Jingteng help her to put a dog to bite, it seems that she also has a good friend in Taiwan.Finally, I said that in mid -July, the whole family went to Taiwan to pick up Guo Biting back to Hong Kong.Guo Biting naturally saw the steps and replied "I look forward to going to Hong Kong to see my parents."

There was no follow -up of the last post, and Guo Biting’s time in this article was also strange.Not long ago, there was a good news of pregnancy. It was really puzzling that it didn’t take long to publish such a text. Is it really a bit cold in Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo?

To say that Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting showed such a long love for so long, and a wedding with noodles, and in the end, the simplest marriage certificate did not receive it. Is the relationship between the two people really or pretending to be good?IntersectionSpeaking of which, many people may not know that Guo Biting can not be regarded as a legal daughter -in -law who has faced the family … Although the two had a wedding, they actually did not receive a certificate!

This is not a little girl who talks about it, it is what the Lord said to himself: I only had a wedding and waited for a good day to receive a certificate.

Hearing this, the guests at the scene were also covered … It seems that many people don’t know that Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting are not legal couples.

Netizens have also fry it, thinking that receiving a certificate is very important for girls, and there will be no sense of security for girls.He thought that Guo Biting got on the thief boat and was pitted.

Some people think that they may want to wait for the woman to get pregnant before receiving the certificate, fearing that Guo Biting will not prepare children so early after getting married.

At that time, the so -called wedding photos of Guo Biting were actually sponsored by a wedding travel brand, and the wedding was also the LOGO of the merchant.

Later, Xiang Zuo’s mother spoke to the dispute from the outside world: the Hong Kong government only needed to set up a wedding, even the formal husband and wife.

It ’s too busy working to work with Zuo Guo Biting, and Hong Kong’ s certification will announce it for one month to get a certificate.The Taiwan certificate was to obtain a single certificate from the Hong Kong government. As a result, it was not possible to take it to Taipei, and he had to run back to the Hong Kong and Taiwan offices.Then encountered the New Year and epidemic, and could not go to Taiwan.

The delay of receiving the certificate is also because Guo Biting wants to settle in Taiwan, but has not been able to put it.Although the wedding in Europe, the wedding in Taiwan is Guo Biting’s ideal.

In the end, Xiang Tai still does not forget the classic blessing: the crystallization of love at an early date!

But soon, Xiang Tai was beaten by the Hong Kong media.

Hong Kong media said that since October 1971, Hong Kong residents need to apply to the marriage registration office first. After obtaining approval, they have employed a certificate of marriage to register to get married on the day of the wedding or liquor.If there is only a wedding banquet without registering, it will not be considered a legal couple.

In other words, there is no such thing as a banquet in Hong Kong.You need to register with the marriage registration office first, and then hire a marriage lawyer to register for marriage at the wedding venue.Obviously Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting did not register first, so now they are not legal couples …

Earlier, many netizens questioned that Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo’s feelings did not seem to be as sweet as the marketing number.At that time, the first phase of the reality show "My Family Little Two" on the two was broadcast, and the way Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo got along.After watching the show, many netizens thought that the two were not suitable. The two people who were not like a couple in the show were like "polite" friends, and they were described by netizens as: formal marriage.

In the first public proposal video, facing Xiang Zuo’s affection, "Maybe I can’t give you the world, but all of my worlds are you!" Guo Biting just laughed and made the atmosphere of proposal embarrassing.

On the show, the two went out to travel together. Due to the unfamiliar place of life, Guo Biting’s navigation was wrong, which caused Xiang Zuo to enter the dead end. Xiang Zuo immediately showed unhappy, and then drove the car and scared Guo Biting directly.And also used cold violence for Guo Biting, and the two lives were sullen.

The two went to ride a horse together, Guo Biting sat on the horse’s back and held it in front of him.

After walking for a long time, Guo Biting didn’t want to continue to move forward, and he asked Zhenda who didn’t want to go. He heard Guo Biting’s words, but he still led the horse forward. Guo Biting talked aboutIs there any pressure, Guo Biting said "others", naturally himself.Her words implied that Xiang Zuo gave herself pressure and took herself to do what she did not want to do.

Later, Guo Biting also said that there was no way to accept someone who has been passionate about himself …

From this point of view, the relationship between these two people really has a small problem.Small problems are piled up together, and it is difficult to solve over time.Xiang Zuo also said in an interview that during this time, he didn’t want to fit together with Guo Biting … It is difficult to not let the little sister guess the relationship between the two!

And this is this marriage that looks like a lot of loopholes, and has not been led by many people. Many people have been "envied". In addition, Guo Biting seems to win everything.But in fact, does this relationship really make Guo Biting happy?In addition to the suspicion of feelings, the little girl’s view, Xiang Taihe Xiangzuo some operations made Guo Biting, who had "married" the giants a little bit aggrieved.

Many people must know that since the exposure of Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo, Guo Biting has been spawned by the man’s house. It seems that he is pregnant, and Guo Biting can become a winner in life.In particular, Xiang Zuo’s mother Xiang Tai has repeatedly expressed her wanting to hold a baby in the show. In a group of exposed groups exposed in the show, Xiang Tai Xiang Guo Biting bluntly said "successful babies."

In the show, Guo Biting "gave birth to" Guo Biting too many times, saying "this is the wish of the whole family."

At that time, the two had not had a wedding, and Xiang Tai began to give birth. It was said that Guo Biting could "get the better the baby as soon as possible."

At this time, Guo Biting’s face was not very good -looking, a little stiff … then began to laugh to alleviate his embarrassment.In this case, as a future daughter -in -law, even if she is very embarrassed, she dare not agree …

Later, Guo Biting had to express his "leadership decision" and said that he pointed his hands to Xiangtai, which means that Xiang Tai is always his own leader.

To say that the giants are really bad, even the courage of "regenerating baby in a few years".

When Guo Biting celebrated his birthday this year, Xiang Tai smiled and set a year KPI for Guo Biting: that is the baby of a mouse.

However, Guo Biting said earlier that he didn’t want to have children too early and be a fertility machine.

Guo Biting hopes that he can have his own life. If you can’t do this, you can only break up.

Xiang Zuo was surprised after hearing Guo Biting’s words, and then his face was dignified, and he pouted.

Guo Biting was also suspected in the medical examination.

That Xiangtai expressed concern and nervous about Guo Biting’s physical condition on the show. When he turned his head, he asked Guo Biting if he was afraid of pain. Guo Biting said he was afraid and immediately changed his face to fight back: "What should I do that have a child?"Interestingly, seeing that Guo Biting sinking his face now (shortly after the physical examination situation), he smiled and looked for it, so that Guo Biting would give birth painless delivery.

It is estimated that in the eyes of the Taishi, Guo Biting’s physical psychological problems are not a problem, and having a child is the first priority for his daughter -in -law!

It can be said that in recent years, Guo Biting seems to be tightly tightly bundled with words such as "pregnancy" and "show affection". As long as "Guo Biting" appeared on the news hot search, it must be the three questions: Is Guo Biting pregnant today?Is Guo Biting denied pregnancy today?When will Guo Biting get pregnant?

Guo Biting’s belly seemed to be the topic of netizens after dinner.Once Guo Biting took photos, netizens would pay attention to her belly first.

In March, Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo went out to travel, and netizens pointed out that the figure changed.

In April, Guo Biting took a photo, and netizens found that Guo Biting obstructed his belly with loose clothes.

Looking at the photo of Guo Biting’s friends on the social platform, Guo Biting’s stomach still grabbed the mirror.

Guo Biting, who was called the goddess of temperament because of the corner of the "Little Times" at that time, was now focusing on her belly.This sounds so sad, probably this is the price of giants love.

Before getting married, Zuo Guo Biting signed a pre -marital convention on the show.In the show, Guo Biting proposed that the two discussed the details of life after marriage, wrote the requirements for each other after marriage with paper and pen, and practiced together after marriage.

Xiang Zuo mentioned the three points he cared about most in the convention:

One is that Guo Biting wants to organize the room by himself, because Guo Biting’s room is messy.

Then you ca n’t raise too many pets, which will affect life, and it will be annoying.

Finally, the economic life is jointly assumed, that is, the AA system.Xiang Zuo hopes that his small family’s expenses will be responsible for him, and he means that he does not want his wife Guo Biting to be too hard.He believes that Guo Biting is responsible for the money to raise pets and his clothes and cosmetics overhead.

Rich people are probably afraid that others to marry him are just money, but the living economy sharing this is more comfortable.The man proposed that the chicken intestine was too small … Besides, it was so clear … It was so thin that the woman bought clothes to raise pets and asked the other party to produce themselves.Can girls feel the taste in their hearts?

In his mouth, he didn’t want Guo Biting to be too hard, but in fact he was so clear that he was so clear. Although Guo Biting was a very independent girl, he wanted to AA and the other party to ask AA. It was completely two feelings …

Xiangtai has already arranged the economic distribution of Xiang Zuo after marriage with Guo Biting.

She has already dealt with the property problem of Xiangzuo, saying that she has bought the trust fund for Xiangzuo. This money does not belong to Xiang Zuo, and the relationship with Guo Biting is not great. Even if they divorcemoney.And the money left by Xiangtai can only guarantee that they are hungry, so as not to lose their property.

The little girl heard that she did not treat Guo Biting as her own daughter -in -law!

The strong desire to control Xiang Tai Lian Guo Biting’s communication circle must also be inserted.At that time, she bluntly did not like the small group of "Little Times", and even click on the show "Guo Jingming and they love to play, and they may bring bad Guo Biting."

However, Guo Biting is already an adult. Should her communication circle be able to grasp itself?However, "daughter -in -law" Guo Biting is also Real. Even Guo Biting married Yang Mi to give blessings in person. Guo Biting has not returned in half.

In any case, the dating circle is still understandable, but Guo Biting cuts a hairstyle and has no freedom?IntersectionBefore Guo Biting dyed his hair, he happily developed a social platform.

The first comment on Zuo Li said that "my wife returned to 16 years old", Guo Biting returned: "You are suspected of abducting minors", "Little Both" words are very sweet in words.

At this time, Xiang Tai killed, and said, "Good -looking daughter -in -law, go back to Taipei and change hairstyles? Next time you must ask my consent."

If you change your hairstyle, you have to pass the consent of the mother -in -law. Which reason is this?Some netizens guessed, maybe Xiang Tai felt that he was not very good to get pregnant …

Later, I really got back …

All in all, there are previously given birth to no certificates. Later, property has nothing to do with daughter -in -law, and reports in advance for hair dyeing. Guo Biting, this wealthy love, is it really happy?Now, Guo Biting has finally realized the grandson of Xiangtai’s heart, but published such a text late at night. Is this the so -called prenatal depression?Whether this text is really related to her feelings is unknown, but some of the moves from the home can indeed be said to Guo Biting step by step.

But his happiness is in your own hands.Since Guo Biting chose to be home, he is still willing to get pregnant and have children. There is no need to say more about the viewers of the outside world … The little girl wishes Guo Biting a happy ~

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