Gynecologists let nearly a hundred women give birth to his children, becoming a nightmare for infertile families

Netflix’s new documentary "Our Father" tells a desperate real horror story: a gynecological male doctor who is loved by locals, specializing in infertility in infertility. After more than 30 years of career, he was found to be unknown.Utilizing the stool, the sperm required for the original surgery was used to get the sperm and inject their sperm into patients who underwent artificial insemination surgery, so that they were pregnant with their children.As of the broadcast of the documentary, 94 people have been found to be his children.

This incident was discovered in an unexpected investigation in a lady named Jacoba. The reason was that she found that her appearance was not in line with her family. The family was black, but she was blonde. Her mother confessed to her when she was ten years old.She comes from sperm donation.Because Jacoba’s father could not have children, his mother longed for a child who belonged to himself, so he asked the famous local doctor Klein to artificial insemination.Dr. Klein also promised to find a sperm donor who looks similar to Jacoba’s father. Shortly after the operation, Jacoba’s mother was pregnant and gave birth to a cute daughter.Theoretically, the sperm of each sperm donor is three times, which means that Jacoba may have no more than two brothers and sisters. After learning about his life, Jacoba once wanted to ask Dr. Klein to ask about their whereabouts, but KockeeLyin said that the age of the customer had been destroyed.

Until 2014, the commercial advertising of genetic testing was overwhelming, and this boom made the 35 -year -old Jacoba evoked the curiosity of blood, but this rise has changed the life of many people.The results showed that she did have brothers and sisters, but not like one or two of the imagination, but as many as seven!This result is not only different from Dr. Klein, but even more terrible is that if the descendants of the same person are too many in a short period of time and a small range, these offspring does not grow up together.As a result, the offspring was unintentionally married, forming serious and complex ethical problems.Jacoba contacted these "brothers and sisters" who also did genetic testing. They wanted to investigate the identity of their biological father and continue to find more lost "loved ones".Just when Jacoba was committed to exploring the family map for the patriarchal matching, one of the ladies named Silvia provided help. She gave her family surname list, which found the mother’s family name of Dr. Klein.The blood relationship between Jacoba and Dr. Klein surfaced, and Dr. Klein was suspected of serious misconduct and fraud.

The experience of two sisters in the search was even more angry. A lady named Julie said that her mother had brought her husband’s sperm.Happiness is happy, and now the entire family has suffered huge damage.Another lady has been watching a doctor at Dr. Klein, but unexpectedly learned that her gynecological doctor was her biological father, and she was psychologically covered with a shadow.

Jacoba submitted complaints to the office of the Indiana Attorney General, but did not respond.She also contacted the news channels of large and small, and no one was willing to report until the reporter Angillagnot stretched out a assistance.When Angela contacted Dr. Klein as a reporter, he denied his behavior and explicitly rejected DNA testing.As long as Klein refuses DNA testing and lacks legal aid, they are helpless to Clain.

At this time, the turnover appeared, and Klein’s son took the initiative to contact Jacoba. He said that his father had secretly injected his sperm to the customer, but the number of times was very small, but at this time, Jacoba was matched with 14 compatriots., Dr. Klein is still full of lies!Jacoba decided to bring brothers and sisters and Klein in private to ask the scum in private. His response was extremely calm. In order to prevent him from carrying a pistol with him, he asked about each "child".Rating, judging which offspring you are most satisfied with yourself.When asked why he used his sperm, Klein said nothing but wanted to help his mother who was eager to give birth to a child. He thought he was a great savior of his infertile family, and how many times he used him, andKlein said that it does not exceed 15 times.With the retirement of time, the brothers and sisters found in the community are still increasing. From a dozen to dozens, more and more victims have talked about their own experience, and even in the operation.Details of disgusting.What’s even more amazing is that in the investigation, Jacoba found that he was likely to fall into the abyss of cults. The purpose was to use women as much as possible to have children as much as possible. He turned out to be a religious and fanatic cult.

Although the evidence of this evil deeds is conclusive, the victim is also working unremittingly. However, in response to this behavior, there is no applicable charges at present, Dr. Klein still did not pay any price for his actions, and he failed to force him to do DNA identification.After the incident was revealed, not only did he apologize, but instead threatened and threatened to threaten Jacoba.In 2016, after a long tap, the victims could only send Klein to court on the grounds of hindering judicial justice and threatening personal safety. Finally, they had the name to extract Klein’s DNA in name.The test results can be imagined that the probability of parent -child relationship between Jacoba and Klein was 99.9997%.The development of the matter seemed to be smooth, and it was about to usher in justice. However, the reality gave the victims a good stick.Dr. Klein practiced medicine for dozens of years. In the eyes of colleagues and community residents, he was a good doctor, a good father, a charity, or the elder of the church.In the glory of identity, it is really difficult to believe that he is a loser for breeding and destroying the family.The members of the community and the church, the former patients, and even the prosecutors sent letters support to guarantee his character. Even the judge showed sympathy for him when he pronounced it.Funding for one year and a fine of 500 yuan.Two years have passed, and justice has not been stretched out, but the innocent victims of evil behaviors are constantly emerging, and their fate has been quietly changed.More cruel reality is also in front of them, and they all have the same autoimmune disease.There is no doubt that this is inherited from Christine. It turned out that he had already been sick, and even could not practice medicine for a time. He was a diligent body, and his health could not meet the standard of donating sperm.This bad gene is continuously circulated.

When the article "Atlantic" was published, he was already in his 80s and still lived in his hometown, maintaining a low -key, and has many supporters.Even though the law cannot be justified for the victims, they did not give up, and persevered the Clein’s behavior perseverance.And war until the day of death.According to the length of Jacoba’s hair, it can be seen that the shooting of this documentary has gone through a lot of time span. It is her persistence and courage to make this appalling truth.Even though her biological father was a shameless scum, she was unhappy, and the genetic genetic did not determine the good and evil of this strong woman.

This shocking case made Indiana adopted a law in 2019 -the fertility fraud law stipulates that it is illegal to use their sperm without the consent of the patient and allow doctors to be victims, spouses and children in the civil court.Litigation, the staff of the sperm bank does not allow sperm donations.

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