Have these discomforts start torture you after pregnancy?Congratulations!The signal of the fetus is safe!

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After pregnancy, expectant mothers always worry that due to their own discomfort, it has an impact on the fetus. In fact, sometimes the pregnant mother’s uncomfortable symptoms are the manifestation of the fetal development, such as the following six types.

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1. Pregnancy

Frequent time: 5 weeks of pregnancy -14 weeks of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers were very severe. Not only could they eat it, but they would vomit when they smelled the smell of oil.strong.Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about pregnancy that will affect fetal development. In fact, this proves that the fetal development is good, because HCG can promote the capillary development of the embryo, form a small tentacle, and grasp the pregnant mother’s uterine wall tightly.When the placenta is not formed, these tentacles are responsible for absorbing nutrients for embryonic development.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters remind: pregnant mothers with strong pregnancy can eat less meals and eat light food as much as possible every meal.If the pregnancy is too strong, you need to seek medical treatment in time to avoid dehydration.

Second, the stomach hurts by the fetus

Frequent time: 28 weeks of pregnancy -36 weeks of pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers will encounter this situation: sleep well, and suddenly the fetus kicks a few times in the stomach, and the pregnant mother wakes up.In most cases, the fetus is doing this on the legs.At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus’s limbs have taken shape, and the legs of the legs have further developed. Since then, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement. Usually the fetus stretch the arms and kick.When exercising, you will accidentally kick the stomach pain in the pregnant mother.

Fortunately, the pregnant sister reminded: If the pregnant mother feels that the fetus is exercising violently in the abdomen, and the number of fetal movements is abnormal (1 hour <3 times, 12 hours <30 times), indicating that the fetus may encounter hypoxia and need to seek medical treatment in time.

Third, chest pain

Frequent time: about 40 days of pregnancy, late pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, chest tenderness is due to the after conception, the pregnant mother secretes a large amount of estrogen hormone and catalysis, which stimulates the breast, so it will cause pain.When the fetal treasure is mature, the prolactin in the pregnant mother will rise and start preparing for postpartum breastfeeding. Therefore, the pregnant mother will have chest pain.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters remind: During breast pain, pregnant mothers can gently massage their breasts with their hands to relieve pain.If there is milk exudation, it is recommended to clean it with warm water every day to keep it clean.

Fourth, back pain

Frequent time: after 16 weeks of pregnancy

After 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus gradually developed, and the abdomen of the pregnant mother gradually raised, and back pain will begin to occur. This is because the bulging abdomen increases the pressure on the waist and back muscles, causing muscle fatigue and leading to pain.If the pregnant mother has a strong pain, it means that the baby absorbs sufficient nutrition and develops well.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters remind: Pregnant mothers can let the prospective dad help massage muscles on the sides of the waist and back spine on the back of the waist to relieve the pain. Try to take the left side sleeping position as much as possible when sleeping.Back burden.

Five, leg cramps

Frequent time: After 20 weeks of pregnancy

At 4 months of pregnancy, the fetus and teeth of the fetus began to develop, and a large amount of calcium was required. Therefore, they often snatched the calcium in the pregnant mother, causing the pregnant mother to cramp due to calcium deficiency.The better the fetus develops, the more "plunder" of calcium, the more serious the leg cramps of the pregnant mothers.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters reminded that the pregnant mother must start to supplement calcium appropriately from 4 months, and eat more foods rich in calcium, such as kelp, shrimp skin, soybeans, etc., and can also appropriately supplement calcium tablets under the guidance of a doctor.

Six, pubic pain

Frequent time: after 32 weeks of pregnancy

By the third trimester, most pregnant mothers will have strong pubic pain. This is because the pubic bone expands outward under the action of hormones to help the fetus childbirth.At the same time, hormone secretion is conducive to fetal development, and in the third trimester, the fetus will gradually sink and pour to the birth canal. This will exacerbate the pubic pain, but it also reflects the fetal development well and can not wait to meet her mother.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters remind: When pregnant mothers sleep, they can put a pillow between legs to relieve discomfort and usually pay more attention to rest.(CJQ)

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