Have you chosen the right fish for your baby?Eating fish healthy, one text clear ~

Xiaobian first asked the expectant mothers, did you understand the classification of meat?

Such as red and white meat.

Red meat: It refers to muscle tissue of all mammals, such as beef, pork, mutton, rabbit meat, etc.

White meat: refers to poultry and seafood aquatic products, such as chickens, ducks, geese, fish, shellfish, etc.

The muscle fibers of red meat are thick and high, with high fat content, rich in protein and vitamins. White meat is richer protein, including deep -sea fish, shellfish meat, and nutrient elements such as [EPA] and [DHA].

Today, let’s take the "fish meat" in the white meat first, starting with healthy fish, let’s talk about the baby’s supplementary food nutrition added.As we all know, the fish is rich in nutrition. Eating more fish in the baby can help brain development, but there are many varieties of fish, and the baby has just started eating supplementary food. The gastrointestinal function has not yet been perfect. How should eating fish be more scientific?

Fish choice

Fish have freshwater fish and deep -sea fish. Which fish is good, it should be said that there are advantages and disadvantages.

Freshwater fish: less oil content, high exquisite protein content, and easy to digest and absorb.However, the fishbone is usually small, it is difficult to remove the difficulty, and it is easy to get stuck in the baby. Generally, it is recommended to eat it over 1 year old.

Deep Sea Fish: DHA (commonly known as "brain gold") has a high content, which is very important for improving memory and thinking ability, but its oil content is also high. Some babies have poor digestive function, which can easily cause indigestible symptoms such as diarrhea.

Recommended fish: yellow flowers, fish and salmon are very suitable for babies, sea bass, eel, etc. are also good choices.

Yellow Flower Fish: It is very suitable for fish that babies eat in summer.Fish is rich in nutrition, contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, etc., and the fish tissue is soft, without crushing, suitable for children to chew, digestion and absorption.

Bringing fish: It is rich in soft phospholipids and has the function of nourishing the brain and brain. It tastes delicious and small, and it is very suitable for babies to eat.

Salmon: rich in high -quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids.At the same time, the Smartfish Fish is small and less thorns. The meat is solid and elastic, which is suitable for babies to eat.

Bass: Contains nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients.There are less thorns all over the body, the fish is tender, and it is not easy to steam. It is very suitable for steaming.When buying, choose living fish with suitable size and alive.

Eel: rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, which has great benefits to protecting the liver and vision development.It is basically suitable for all ages, and the baby can eat eels over 2 years old.

Fish cooking method

Although the fish is good, but the method of cooking is different, the baby’s nutrition from it is different.Therefore, eating fish should also pay attention to healthy cooking methods.Moms can adopt steaming, cooking, stewing, etc., and should not use fried, baked, fried and other methods.If the mother is afraid that the fish thorns will not be clean, they can also make the fish into fish balls. This way of eating is safer and light.Fish ball soup is also delicious. It is mainly that the fish can be made into fish balls, and it is convenient to store it. It is very nice.

specific methods:

Chop the fish, add egg white and salt into fur.Add water to the pot, knead the fish savage into a ball, cook them one by one, and add a little salt and green onion.

When making fish for your baby, you can add vegetables as a side dish, which increases the taste and balanced nutrition.When stewed fish, you may wish to match melon, shiitake mushrooms, radish, tofu, etc.However, it should be noted that the taste should not be too salty, let alone add spicy and irritating seasoning.

Warm reminder: Many mothers think that nutrition is in the soup, only drinking fish soup for the baby does not give meat.In fact, the nutrition of fish soup is in fish meat, so the correct way to eat is to drink soup and eat the meat.

Recommended recipe -steamed sea bass

Suitable age: babies of more than 6 months

Ingredients: A lively bass (suitable for about 2 pounds), appropriate amount of green onion ginger

Production Method:

① Perch treatment, remove unsatisfactory parts such as internal organs, and clean;

② Put the ginger in the bowl and pour in a small amount of boiling water and soak for later use.

③ Pour a small amount of ginger juice into the sea bass and marinate in the onion section for about 10 minutes;

Pour the appropriate amount of water in the steamer, put the marinated sea bass in the plate and steam the pan, and turn it off for 5 minutes to turn off the heat;

④ Take out the sea bass. Due to the small amount of babies in more than 6 months, the abdomen of the sea bass can be removed (less abdominal spines), and pressed with a small spoon for fish mud for the baby.

Tip: The baby who adds fish for the first time, about the size of the thumb -sized pieces of stabbing fish. The mother needs to observe whether the baby’s skin and digestion are abnormal.For the remaining fish, adults can cook and cook them. It is not recommended to eat it for the baby twice after freezing.


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