Have you taken medicine and take X -ray?If you are pregnant, can your baby ask?

This kind of incident is not uncommon. Many people also describe similar situations in the clinic, such as:

I took a cold two days ago and took medicine, and I just found pregnancy;

The unit organized a medical examination some time ago, and took X -ray;

After taking contraceptives afterwards, I still won the first prize;

Recently, I was in a bad mood to drink a little wine, but I found that I was pregnant …

The baby came to the belly like this, and the prospective mother was surprised to this "fall from the sky", but more worried.In these situations, they often have a rushing doubt: "Can this baby still want it?"

After taking the medicine and found that I was pregnant, can this child still ask?

The main component of emergency contraceptives is elegance of left prodigo (such as Yuting, which is well known).This type of medicine mainly plays a contraceptive effect by inhibiting ovarian ovulation, preventing sperm and eggs, and preventing fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.

At present, there is no report on the use of oral contraceptives that cause human fetus teratogenic.People use emergency contraceptives before and after ovulation or fertilized eggs. Whether it has an impact on the embryo, there is no way to talk about it, and there is no basis at all.

In other words, pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives after taking things can only show that "your child" is too powerful. In this case, the baby who is pregnant can be retained without abortion.

This requires comprehensive judgment based on the type, dose, and medication time of the drug.

1. Use medicine within 17 days after fertilization

If you take medicine within 17 days after fertilization, there are two cases of impact on the fetus: the first is embryo death or abortion; the second is that there is no impact and can continue pregnancy.

Suggestion: Pregnant mothers need to perform ultrasound examinations after 7 weeks of pregnancy. If you can see germ and fetal heart, you can rule out the impact of the drug.

2. After fertilization, take medicine 18-55 days

If you take medicine 18-55 days after fertilization, it is most likely to cause congenital malformations in the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should consider or consult the doctor carefully, and decide whether to continue pregnancy based on the medication of the medication and the types of drugs used.

3. Use medication from 8 weeks to full -month delivery

If you use medication from 8 weeks to a full month after fertilization, the drug can affect the growth and development of the fetus through the placenta, causing the central nervous system damage or limited fetal growth, abnormal long -term functional behavior, such as low IQ.Therefore, after taking medicine during pregnancy, pay attention to consulting the doctor in time, check on time, and pay attention to the detection of fetal malformations, such as Tang’s screening, NT examination, etc.

Relevant studies believe that within the 2 weeks of fertilization, any embryo toxic drugs, toxic and harmful substances (such as X -ray) on embryos on embryos are manifested as "full" or "none", that is, either miscarriage or no impact.

In fact, X -rays are not as terrible as ordinary people think. The radiation of X -ray needs to be accumulated to a certain amount to cause teratogenic. A single X -ray examination dose does not reach the dose that can cause embryo or fetal damage.

Studies have shown that after contacting 0.5rad’s irradiation, the chance of adverse effects only increases 0.17 on the basis of the original risk, that is, about one fetus with a dose of X -ray radiation per 6,000.Bad ending.

Of course, if the radiation dose received by the fetus is seriously exceeding the standard, doctors may recommend termination of pregnancy, but this is very rare.

Many people know that women are not suitable for shooting X -rays during pregnancy, but they do not know that men’s shooting X -rays will also affect.Therefore, if there is a problem with a child, don’t always hold the shit basin on the woman. Maybe the problem is on men ~

X -ray affects testicular sperm cells, affects sperm production, and may also lead to increased sperm malformation rates. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for pregnant couples if one of them has contact with X -ray, then the pregnancy time will be delayed for three months to half a year.

The fetal alcohol syndrome caused by drinking during pregnancy occurs in pregnant women who have been drinking in a long period, a large number or even during pregnancy. The fetus does not have a lot of impact on the fetus only once or twice in the early pregnancy.However, it is recommended not to drink during pregnancy, pay attention to nutrition, and maintain a happy mood.

For computer radiation, in general, only if it exceeds a certain dose, it will have a negative effect on the human body.

However, my country’s electromagnetic radiation safety and sanitary standard limit is less than 40 microde/square centimeters. Therefore, as long as the computer purchased is not a three -free product, it will be tested by related testing, and there will be no harmful physical health.

Therefore, from the perspective of radiation, as long as it is not working under high -power radiation such as huge computer rooms and workstations, the use of computers in work and life will not have a great impact on the fetus.

What needs to be noticed is that the abortion rate is relatively higher than other pregnant women who are engaged in computer work, because long -term spiritual concentration, resulting in excessive labor risk.

It is recommended that pregnant women engage in computer workers for no more than 6 hours a day, and often get up to move their positions.

Don’t be doubtful, the fetus is not as fragile as we think.The one that can become the "most lucky" of hundreds of millions of sperm, and successfully spend a heavy level to form a fetus, proves how tenacious he wants to come to this world.

Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to the nutritious diet, exercise moderately, provide a more comfortable generation environment for babies in the stomach, and greet him with a happy mood.

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