Having lived in the thermal box for 20 days, my mother’s glass has broken heart

Check the pre -placenta at 17 weeks of pregnancy, and the doctor told me that I had to rest in bed, and I kept staying at home. I usually do not do other housework except for cooking, because the child’s dad can eat it.It ’s okay until 34 weeks, and I was thinking that maybe I could do it to the full moon. I did n’t expect that I saw red on the morning of 35+3. I was hospitalized for two days.Born 35 + 5 days 5.8 pounds. The doctor in the operating room said that the baby is very fat. Because I am a second child planer, although it is not painful, I am difficult to deal with the baby!Back to the ward to measure the blood sugar baby’s blood sugar is too low, the emergency sugar water rose, and the premature milk powder I bought for him to drink, but after drinking, the nose, nose or milk, and repeated. Later, my sister asked for breast milk.Repeated breastfeeding, it’s okay not to vomit again!In the middle of the night, my husband was duty again, and he started vomiting again!The next day, jaundice 10.8 was a bit high. The doctor suggested to go to the newborn department to observe it, fearing that in -palace infection, because the baby feels very weak!So go!A series of inspections began, and later had a magnetic resonance examination. Nothing was to vomit milk. Then we suggested that breast milk and started to send breast milk.After drinking breast milk, I vomit milk to relieve the amount of milk. After I go to the milk, I can be discharged from the hospital.Then reduce the amount of milk again!So it was a period of adjustment. It was not bad to watch stable in the later stage and start adding milk. Only 6 ml of additional will be added. The doctor said that it was suspected of being tolerated by protein.The expectations for discharging were far away. Now it is 20 days in hospital. I want the baby to be useless. I still have to work hard to milking frozen milk. I may not be able to drink it.Crying me how envious me is!My baby lived alone from his birth insulation box and did not know if he knew he was not with his mother. He always felt very pitiful!Why!I can’t drink such a good amount of milk!This ashamed in my heart 6 guilt!I feel that I have been depressed recently!I always want to see the baby but can’t see it!Although it is a second child, there is still a boss at home, it feels different, after all, he is still young!feeling terrible!Pray that my Erbao will get better earlier, go home!

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