He Chaolian Dou Xiao held a wedding. The Gambling King San Tai attended the meeting. He was rumored to be Li Zhi’s illegitimate daughter.

On April 18, He Chaolian and Dou Xiao will be held in Bali!

The two have been in love for 4 years, and now they have become positive, and they have been blessed by many people.

It is reported that the wedding name of the two was "wedding on the cliff". The scene was beautiful and romantic. Dou Xiao followed up and attached great importance to it.

The entire wedding scene was covered with flowers and green plants, and the breeze was blowing, leaving all romantic aromas, which was very intoxicating.

As we all know, He Chaolian and Dou Xiao are both people in the entertainment industry, and many of them have many friends in the entertainment industry.

This time, there are as many as a hundred friends invited to the entertainment industry. They are responsible for pick -up and drop -off and staying in luxury hotels throughout the process.

He Chaolian’s bridesmaid group is also very "big coffee". He invited Ah Sa, Gillian, Deng Ziqi, Xue Kaiqi, Wang Yier, and others. On April 17, he arrived in Bali to send the most sincere blessings to good sisters.

On April 17, the wedding invitations of He Chaolian and Dou Xiao and the gifts were also exposed, which looked very luxurious.

In this luxurious handling ceremony, there are lady’s care products, perfumes and custom chocolates, and with beautiful blessings and flowers, each of which is worth about 5,000 yuan.

According to incomplete statistics, the cost of this wedding must be a waste of 50 million, which is indeed "gambling king".

On April 18th, the hotel has considered order issues, and it will mobilize 120 security maintenance site order and guest safety, which will be very strong.

In order to prevent accidents on the wedding day, the local police also dispatched a number of police cars to maintain the scene, which shows how big the face of the Gambler family is.

Unfortunately, some Hong Kong media reported: He Chaolian’s mother, Chen Wanzhen (Gambling King San Tai) and her sister He Chaoyun, and his brother He Yanqi, were absent for various reasons. Is he not satisfied with this wedding?

The Gambling King San Tai Chen Wanzhen. In his early years, he was a private nurse with Li Wanhua. He was very careful and was loved by Li Wanhua.

At that time, Li Wanhua was seriously ill, and she didn’t have time to "serve" He Hongzhang. She didn’t want to look at the unique family of Er Tai Lan Qiong, so she sent Chen Wanzhen to He Hongzheng’s arms.

At that time, Chen Wanzhen was a little nurse. She was gentle and moving, her face was good, and she was very gentle and was very gentle. She quickly won the gambler.

In the first five years, He Hongzheng loved Chen Wanzhen very much. Jewelry, luxury homes, casino shares, investment in her own business, have always been carrying her.

Unfortunately, Chen Wanzhen would not dance. When he attended some dances, he would not be invited by the gambler.

Fortunately, Chen Wanzhen’s stomach was angry, and in 1989 and 1991, he gave birth to two daughters and one son, and quickly stood firmly.

Following the gambling king for many years, Chen Wanzhen has always been very low -key. He does not make demon, does not fight for favors, and does not grab property, so that the gambler is very assured.

In order to show her love for San Tai, He Hongzhang personally took her into "Executive Director of Macau Gaming Holdings Co., Ltd.", and her net worth was 1 billion more than Sitai Liang Anqi.

However, there are also media reports that the reason why the gambling king He Hongyi subsidized the three too much as the property was because she was ashamed of her, and the reason was because the little daughter He Chaolian.

For a few years, the outside world rumored that He Chaolian was the illegitimate daughter of the gambler He Hongzhang and Li Zhi. In order to cover up the eyes, she and He Yanqi were announced as twins.

Indeed, between 1989 and 1992, although Li Zhi’s pursuit of Jet Li was around, she didn’t look down on the poor boy, but instead fascinated the gambler.

He Chaolian was born in 1991, so many people in the outside world thought that He Chaolian was their illegitimate daughter.

In fact, this rumor is not reliable.Looking at the rhythm of Li Zhi to make a movie can be calculated, this may be just a rumor.

In 1989, Li Zhi filmed "Qunlong Play Phoenix" and "Dragon in the End of the World", and suddenly fascinated Jet Li, let him abandon Huang Qiuyan and two daughters.

In 1990, Li Zhi filmed "100 points in the pretty foot" and "Red Flying Dragon". There was no time to get pregnant and had no time to have children.

In 1991 and 1992, Li Zhi filmed "The Ghost Girl III Taoism", "Shuanglong Club" and "Tibetan Boys", etc., and worked very busy.

At that time, Li Zhi was very red, and many people around him were pursuing. Jet Li was even more inseparable. Where did she get pregnant and have children?

In addition, Li Zhi was still busy doing business. In that year, she developed real estate with people in Yantai that year, but she lost money and owed 70 million debts.

In the end, Jet Li came forward and "sold" himself to Chen Lan with a "three -year 6 -story contract" and received 72 million pay for the pay to repay the debt to Li Zhi.

Because of this incident, Li Zhi completely stayed away from the gambler and identified Jet Li, and the two had a happy life later.

It can be generally inferred that He Chaolian cannot be Li Zhi’s illegitimate daughter.

This time He Chaolian’s wedding, some people rumored that San Tai Chen Wanzhen would be absent, but this is not the case.

In addition to attending himself, Chen Wanzhen also brought his own brother’s brother to attend the wedding. Chinese -style dress, jewelry is eye -catching. At first glance, he was a rich wife.

And she seemed very satisfied with her new son -in -law Dou Xiao. She was amiable throughout the process, and Dou Xiao’s mother was also very temperamental.

Dou Xiao’s debut was at its peak. In 2010, he became popular with Zhang Yimou’s "Love of Hawthorn Tree".

In the past 10 years, Dou Xiao has participated in "Baihua of Autumn", "Jinling Thirteen Sisters", "Wolf Totem", "Chu Qiao Biography", etc., and there are many outstanding works.

However, in recent years, Dou Xiao seems to have been busy falling in love. Therefore, his career is not heavy, his works are not many, and he is also ridiculed by netizens as "repeated".

In fact, looking at Dou Xiao’s family life, he was not necessary to do "beyond" at all.

Although Dou Xiao was born in Xi’an, he immigrated to Canada with his family in 1998. He studied abroad and learned aerospace. He also won many awards.

In that time, it was not easy to immigrate to Canada’s families at that time, so Dou Xiao’s family was definitely not bad.

Moreover, for many years, Dou Xiao has been acting, and he has saved a lot of money. There is no need to do a lot at all. I believe that some kind of character on He Chaolian must attract him.

The reason why He Chaolian chose Dou Xiao, in addition to Dou Xiao’s carefulness, his seriousness and sincerity deeply moved her.

He Chaolian had a relationship with Wu Kequn earlier in the early years. The man loves to play with his heart, which disappointed He Chaolian. The two broke up after 4 years in love.

Later, He Chaolian talked with the rich son Huo Qishan for a period of love, because he couldn’t stand the other party, he chose to break up.

I walked around and met Dou Xiao, saw the flower heart of music talents, the second generation of the rich second generation, the seriousness and dedicated attitude of Dou Xiao moved He Chaolian.

During the four years of love, they did not have the eyes of the accident. From time to time, they sprinkled dog food and show affection. There was a feeling of "love must be frank and vigorous."

Nowadays, the two have finally become a positive result, and they are about to usher in another stage of life, hoping to cherish each other and grow old.

——End —————

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