He Hongling was pregnant, and she and Ye Guohua’s CP finally locked!

Since Xiao Chun was injured and suffered a double betrayal of his girlfriend and brother, the audience of "Dream Sea" reached an agreement on the issue of "locking Ye Guohua and He Hongling".

Ye Guohua and He Hongling returned to Beijing together. He Hongling found that she was still unforgettable for Xiao Chunsheng’s old relationship, so she asked Xiao Chunsheng to reunite, but she was rejected by Chunsheng;

I do n’t know if it ’s a fate, or angry, or if you want to pick up your face to be rejected, you choose to marry Ye Guohua.

He Hongling and Ye Guohua were together, but her face was not happy;

Later, He Hongling was pregnant, but their children did not keep it.

As Xiao Chunsheng’s closest and most trusted two people, they stabbed him again and again when Xiao Chunsheng’s most difficult time:

Xiao Chunsheng rescued his brother on the battlefield, and Ye Guohua was not only grateful after being rescued, but also to lead him.

Although Ye Guohua later said the truth out of the condemnation of guilt, unable to withstand his conscience, it was the fact that he had forgotten, concealed the facts, and forgotten the meaning. He could not be regretted because of him.

And he finally chose to tell the truth, not because of his conscience, but because he was timid and cowardly, he was afraid of being dismantled and was frightened all day. Finally, in order to remove his mental pressure, he led the facts and coins.Give him back.

If there is no Chunsheng, Ye Guohua may have died on the battlefield long ago, not to mention the full honor today, maybe even the corpse can not be found.

He neither arranged a doctor for Chunsheng, nor did he express his sincere gratitude and apologies for his saving him. When Chunsheng returned home, he was still a hard seat. After Chunsheng returned to Beijing, he had no more than half of his care and care and care.greeting.

What did he do when He Hongling’s mother was sick?On the one hand, she raised surgical fees and used the relationship to arrange a doctor; on the other hand, she also found her out of the plane.

The gap between the goddess, life -saving and brothers who could not see him at a glance at a glance, and his character was also exposed at this time.

When Xiao Chunsheng experienced the double blow of ideals and reality, He Hongling kept talking about her future. At such a moment, Chunsheng had to give up his dream and consider himself;

Obviously Chunsheng at this time, her body and mind had suffered a huge blow, but she had to force Chunsheng to give her a guarantee to stand up.

At this time, Chunsheng was no longer worthy of her, so she was unwilling to wait, and faced the retention of Chunsheng and decided to leave.

He Hongling and Ye Guohua, afterwards, cleaned their responsibilities, and comforted each other.The audience’s myocardial infarction was almost committed in this scene.

From these points, the two of them are really perfect, one is selfish and false, and the other is unsatisfactory.

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