Health during pregnancy: Which vaginal secretions are abnormal?

Introduction: It is normal for women’s vagina to secrete, especially during pregnancy. This is because of a large number of hormonal relationships.But because of this, bacteria can easily grow too much, leading to infection and inflammation.Therefore, if your secretions are thin gray, yellow and white, pink, it is best to seek medical examination.

1. What kind of secretions will be during pregnancy?

1. There is no odor in white

Clear white secretions are common during pregnancy, because of the changes in various hormones in the body.In fact, a clear white discharge represents the vagina lubrication, which can prevent excessive dryness, which may cause itching and burning sensation in the area.

2. Belly gray secretions

During the transfer of hormones during pregnancy, your sensitive area may accumulate excessive bacteria.This excess bacteria cumulative will destroy the normal balance of bacteria and cause bacterial vaginitis.

The increase in secretions during pregnancy is normal.

3. Yellow and white secretions

This type of secretion represents yeast infection in your vagina.There will be natural bacteria in the vagina, such as Candida yeast. However, due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body, yeasts in the vaginal region will thrive and cause yellow secretions.

4. Dot -like bleeding

If you are pregnant, you may have a dot in 10 to 15 days in bed bleeding.Therefore, if you have such symptoms, it is best to check to determine whether you are pregnant.

5. Pink secretions

If you have pink secretions, this means that your secretion is mixed with a little blood.The cause of bleeding may be due to premature birth, miscarriage, infection or pre -placenta.

Second, how to avoid abnormal pregnancy secretions?

1. Keep personal hygiene

It is necessary to keep personal hygiene from having excessive reproduction of bacteria in the vaginal region.Due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy, bacteria can easily grow in large quantities, so if you can, you can take a few more baths and reduce heat.

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2. Underwear comfortable and breathable

It is also because it is easy to dry and sweat during pregnancy. Such an environment is very suitable for bacterial growth.Therefore, you’d better wear comfortable and breathable underwear to prevent the vaginal area from being too stuffy and more bacterial growth.

3. Avoid too tight pants

In addition to your panties need to be comfortable and breathable, your pants are not suitable for wearing too tightly.Because in addition to hurting the abdomen, it will also increase the heat and humidity of the vagina area, forming a good environment for bacterial growth.

4. Avoid excessive rinse

Don’t wash your vagina over because you are worried about too much bacteria, because this may destroy the balance and other problems.You only need to clean it appropriately while taking a bath.

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