Healthy daily test, what should I do if anemia occurs during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the iron in the body eliminates the physical needs of themselves, and the development needs of the fetus must also be supplied. At the end of the pregnancy, the blood in the pregnant woman will increase by 30%to 50%compared to the early pregnancy.Therefore, if there is no timely nutritional supplement, pregnant women are prone to anemia. The main reason is that according to the usual diet structure, it cannot achieve extra needs for iron.It is iron deficiency anemia.

When a anemia occurs in pregnant women, the fetus may not be able to obtain sufficient oxygen and nutrients, which will cause the fetus to be too low or limited.If anemia is severe and the placenta oxygen is insufficient, bleeding necrosis or infarction may occur, resulting in premature or dead birth.The diagnosis and treatment of anemia are not complicated. The key is to have a sense of prevention.So, how to discover anemia during pregnancy and how to deal with it?Let the test content give you the answer.

The question about the following descriptions of anemia during pregnancy, which one do you think is correct?

Alternative answer

A routine blood test cannot find anemia during pregnancy

B Whether anemia during pregnancy has nothing to do with the interval between pregnancy

C eating therapy helps improve the anemia during pregnancy

D anemia during pregnancy does not need to be treated with drugs

Correct answer C Diet therapy can help improve anemia during pregnancy

Answer explanation

Blood routine examination is a simple and reliable method for diagnosis of anemia. If symptoms related to anemia during pregnancy, you need to perform regular blood tests in time. These symptoms include fatigue or weakness, dizziness, dazzling, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet, complexion, complexionPale and difficult attention.During pregnancy, anemia will occur in women who do not like to eat vegetables, have been dietary and lose weight, have more menstrual flow, have digestive system diseases, and severe pregnancy. The interval between pregnancy is also a factor that promotes anemia.People are more likely to have anemia during pregnancy.This is very easy to understand. The planting crops have to be stubborn, otherwise the power can not keep up, not to mention that it is such a major project.

After the anemia during pregnancy, because many people are worried about the impact of medication during pregnancy, in the case of anemia, they can first try to correct them through diet therapy.Grain, eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish, etc., and pay attention to diet balance.Tea and coffee should drink as little as possible, so as not to affect the absorption of iron.Vitamin C helps to absorb iron, so eating more fruits is beneficial.

When anemia is more serious, it is not possible to solve the problem by relying on food supplements.It should be pointed out that the iron supplement is absorbing, not just staring.

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