Hemorrhoid bleeding, but not pain, how to treat this hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be roughly divided into two types.The hemorrhoids formed outside the anus are called external hemorrhoids, and the hemorrhoids on the inside of the anus are called internal hemorrhoids.Internal hemorrhoids did not have obvious pain in the early days, and they might be bleeding suddenly during bowel movements.Some people are surprised by bright blood.

The internal hemorrhoids are classified according to the severity, and the stage of only bleeding is level I.As the symptoms worsen, hemorrhoids began to extend to the anus.The Ⅱ degree has a bowel movement, but naturally returns.However, at III, it must be pushed back with a finger, and it cannot be returned at the ⅳ degree.

In other words, if there is severe bleeding and no obvious swelling or discomfort near the anus, it may form internal hemorrhoids from level I to II.

Surgery is generally required for treatment of hemorrhoids. However, in the stage of I to II, it can improve the condition through conservative treatment (such as internal drugs and ointment) and lifestyle (such as eating habits and intestinal rhythms) to improve the condition.However, if the symptoms deteriorate from III to IV, surgical treatment will be considered.In recent years, in addition to the method of removing hemorrhoids (called rubber ring ligation surgery) in the clinic, there is also a method of using injection.

Rubber ring ligation

This is a method for execution on the internal hemorrhoids. Among them, a rubber ring is placed at the bottom of the internal hemorrhoids, and the wart -shaped hemorrhoids are squeezed by naturally squeezing rubber.Generally, after about 1 to 2 weeks, hemorrhoids will be removed and rubber bands will be discharged together.The process itself will be completed in a short time, and you will be able to live a normal life, which will reduce your body burden.However, according to the size and hardness of hemorrhoids, rubber ring may not be ligated.

Injecting therapy (ALTA method)

"Alta" is an abbreviation of aluminum sulfate potassium water compound/tannic acid.By injection around the internal hemorrhoids, blood will not flow to the internal hemorrhoids. This is a treatment method that gradually hardened and reduces internal hemorrhoids.This treatment method has been adopted since 2005. The attending physician must be experts with special skills.In addition to providing day treatment, some medical institutions also provide local anesthesia for short -term hospitalization.

Hemorrhoids may have a lot of blood.Some may have enough blood to cause anemia, and blood may penetrate into underwear.

If the bleeding does not stop, it is best to press hard, instead of wiping the anus with a toilet paper.If too much bleeding or darker blood color, other diseases may be hidden.Make sure to visit medical institutions as soon as possible and conduct necessary tests.

Among these hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids do not have subjective symptoms such as pain, and they suddenly bleed and surprised when they defecate.Internal hemorrhoids have a severity classification and do not have to surgery.In addition to improving conservative treatment such as life time and drug treatment, minimally invasive surgery or injection treatment can reduce the burden on the human body and life.

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