High blood pressure during pregnancy, how to do self -test and prevention

Studies have shown that 6-8%of pregnant women will suffer from hypertension.When the systolic voltage (high voltage) exceeds 140 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure (low pressure) exceeds 90 mm Hg, it means that pregnant women suffer from pregnancy hypertension.If the patient is not treated in time, it may cause symptoms of systemic spasm, coma, and heart and kidney failure.

Hyperpicidal, hypertension before pregnancy, multiple twins, chronic diseases or bad diets (high salt and high fat) are risk factors that cause hypertension during pregnancy.Hypertension can cause various complications (fetal weight, kidney problems, premature birth, and premature eclampsia), so measures should be taken to reduce hypertension during pregnancy.

Self -testing during pregnancy is to understand your blood pressure in a timely manner.But lighting is not enough, and more importantly, preventing and reducing hypertension.

【Detection weight】

Overweight is an important cause of hypertension during pregnancy.During pregnancy, as pregnant mothers have increased nutrition and baby’s growth and development, the weight of pregnant mothers will rise steadily.However, if the weight gain is too large and too fast, pregnant mothers must be vigilant, eat reasonably, and control weight in a reasonable range.Therefore, while pregnant mothers pay attention to measuring blood pressure, they should also pay attention to their weight.

【Moderate exercise】

The probability of lack of exercise women suffer from hypertension than women who often exercise.Therefore, pregnant mothers must formulate a reasonable exercise solution that suits them, adhere to long -term insistence, and long water flows.Due to the particularity of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can choose low -intensity exercise methods to compare yoga and walk.

【relieve pressure】

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can easily increase blood pressure due to mental stress.Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate stress as much as possible and relax your body and mind.Don’t work too much and tired, try more relaxation skills such as meditation and yoga, so that your body and mind will return to peace.

【Enjoy music】

Studies have shown that slowly breathing every day to listen to the right music for more than 30 minutes, which can reduce blood pressure.But must be quiet and soothing music, such as classical music, light music, etc.And feel the influence of music, it can be regarded as a prenatal education for the baby in the stomach ~


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