High incidence of cancer in my country is the calamity of chicken?Doctor reminds: These 3 parts really have to eat less

Chicken, as the name suggests, refers to the meat on the chicken.Compared with other meats, the chicken is tender and delicious. It can be suitable for a variety of cooking methods, which is rich in nutrients and has the effect of nourishing and nourishing.

There are many ways to say about eating chicken.Many people said that chicken skin, chicken neck, chicken wings, and chicken head could not eat poisoning. There was also a study that eating chicken will cause cancer. Can we still eat chicken healthy?

Chicken protein is high, and it is easy to be absorbed by the human body. It has the effect of enhancing physical strength and strengthening the body.In addition, chicken also contains fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, and tobaccoic acid.

Chicken has more vitamin A in other meats, and although the amount is worse than vegetables or liver, it is much higher than that of beef and pork.

And can promote the growth and development of infants and young people, alleviate sub -health, and improve the body’s immunity.It also contains phospholipids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which can reduce the content of low -density lipoprotein and cholesterol, and play a role in protecting the cardiovascular.

Published in the "Popular and Public Health Magazine", a research related to the risk of chicken and cancer from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. After conducting a tracking investigation of 475,000 middle -aged British people from 2006 to 2014, the results were results.Discover:

Edible chicken is related to the increase in risk of non -Hodgkin lymphoma, melanoma, and male prostate cancer, which seriously affects personal health.

Although this research looks very reasonable, in fact, this research is a "correlation" research, but it only shows that regular eating chicken through data surveys, which has a higher risk of cancer.The mechanism does not have enough evidence to prove that chicken will increase the risk of onset.

The disease mechanism of cancer is not a simple chance of illness, but caused by many factors. Therefore, the so -called "eating chicken carcinogenic" remarks are not established. This research is just an observation research.

Some people think that the high incidence of cancer is closely related to eating chicken all year round, and it is fast to become chicken, which will also increase the risk of puberty in children.

Now the growing speed of chicken is so fast that it must be related to hormone ripening.In the early days, there were also related reports of "hormone chicken", which made everyone doubt the food safety of chicken.

The current chicken farm has not been cooked with hormones. Through the improvement of cultivation technology, the currently cultivated white feather chicken only takes 40 days to grow to 2.5 kg. Cumulative hormones will increase the burden on the heart and the burden on the liver, accelerate the death of the chicken, the death of the chicken, So the merchants will not make a loss of money.

Eating chicken properly is a very good approach, because the nutrients contained in chicken are very rich, can help strengthen the body and bring good benefits to the body, but when buying chicken, you must choose a regular manufacturerDon’t be greedy for small and cheap.

1. Chicken skin

Chicken is rich in high -quality protein, while the unit’s fat content is extremely low, but the chicken is not without fat.Most of the fat on the chickens are stored in chicken skin.The high heat of fat will affect human health, and its fatty acid composition is not suitable for the human body.

In addition, there are lymphatic tissues in chicken skin, which are not suitable for consumption.

In addition, the chicken skin is also easy to accumulate a lot of ‘parasites. If it is not handled clean, it will easily cause damage to the body.

2. Chicken buttocks

In addition to containing a large amount of fat, chicken buttocks also gather countless lymph nodes. These lymphs contain a large amount of harmful substances such as phagococcal bacteria and viruses, but they cannot be decomposed. After long -term breeding, chicken butt becomes a """Large warehouses", so chicken buttocks cannot be eaten.

3. Chicken neck

The blood vessels and lymph glands in this area are relatively concentrated.Occasionally, there is no problem to eat some solution. It is best to peel when eating, because some detox gonads such as lymphs are concentrated in the skin fat on the neck.

1. Buy chicken safely to avoid risks

Buy chicken to choose a regular supermarket and large farmer market to avoid buying chickens that may exist.

2. Although the chicken is good, it needs an appropriate amount

Any food must be appropriate. It is recommended to be 40g -75g (the recommended amount of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines) in total.

3. Peel "eating meat" is safer

For poultry food represented by chicken, reducing fat intake is more reliable to peel.

4. Choose a reliable cooking method

Refuse frying and stir -fry, choose to cook, restore the taste of the food itself, and avoid taking more fat, salt, and some harmful substances (benzene pheasant, etc.).

1. Do not buy dead chickens with unknown farmers’ markets

"I don’t dare to buy chicken, especially the dead chickens in the farmer’s market." Compared with pork, chicken is more "dangerous".There are strict quarantine tests sold in various places, while chicken lacks formal quarantine and poor supervision.

Coupled with chickens, it is easy to die, and many farmers have to take medicine to maintain it.Therefore, it is recommended to buy chickens with information such as manufacturers and date marked on the packaging.

2. Choose a living chicken

Generally speaking, when we choose a living chicken, we must choose those feathers and tight feathers. The eyes are gods and eyes are full of eye sockets.Chicken.

For those chickens who stand unstable, chicken breasts and sacs feel bloated, gases, or stiff foods, it may be a sick chicken, so don’t buy it.

3. Frozen chicken

Frozen chicken can judge that its good, bad, and disadvantage is limited, and we can judge from the color of the appearance.Generally, the surface of fresh chicken is white and pink.

If the surface of the chicken looks yellow, gray, or even black, don’t buy this frozen chicken because it may have been frozen for a month.

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