High school boys are pregnant with female classmates, and girls still want to give birth to the child. The ending is miserable.

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A high school male student, poor studies, but long and handsome, handsome and handsome, and the family is relatively solid, but he started a romantic student life at the age of school!

Girls are the same classmates of boys. They are not tall and their appearance belongs to the more lovely one. Wearing glasses, I usually do n’t like to talk, and my learning is not good!

The boys looked at girls, showing love crazy, romantic and generous. The girls were getting old when they were in love, and they quickly fell, and the relationship was very rapid!

On one occasion, the girl complained to her boyfriend, "Even if I wash your clothes, you still wash my friend’s clothes! Too bullying!"

Although he was reluctant, the girl took away her clothes!

This relationship is doomed to the miserable ending of girls!

At that time, there was a dormitory building mixed with men and women. Boys lived on the first and second floors, and girls lived on the third floor. When we went to bed at night, the centers would locke the second floor to the door on the third floor.

Boys and girls are like paint, and they are in love, and girls start to skip classes!Pretend to be sick to the teacher, hid in the dormitory during the day, and helped the boys who also skipped the class to open the door of the dormitory. The two had a relationship in the dormitory, and more than once!

I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes!Girls are pregnant soon!The girl was scared and told her parents!

Girls and daughters came to school to discuss their opinions. Later, I heard that the girls’ family conditions were very good. A supply and marketing hotel was opened in the county!The school attaches great importance to it, and the parents of boys are agreed to solve the problem!

Girls like boys very much, and now they are pregnant again. Parents of girls hope that boys can promise and sign the agreement to marry girls in the future. Girls give birth to the child!

The parents of the boys think that the two children are still small and they cannot bear this responsibility. They do not agree with the woman’s request!In fact, it can be seen that boys are just playing, and I don’t think of any results with girls at all!

In the end, I didn’t talk about it, crying and making trouble. The two quarreled at school. We were in class and ran out to watch the fun!

Finally, under the coordination of the school, the girl’s house also took care of her face, which symbolically received 2,000 yuan in the boys’ homes. The children were removed. The girls were transferred to school!Boys have not been fired, and they still graduate at school!

This is a real story in 2005!We are a private high school, a pointed class and ordinary classes.In high school, the school pulled out the good grades from various ordinary classes to the top class.I was in the top class. At that time, one of the dormitory was pulled up from that boy class, and in our class, it also belonged to the countdown.He told us that the boy was very scum. Every time he had a relationship with the girl, he would share the process in the dormitory. It can only be said that this girl is too stupid and naive!

I hope that no matter whether it is a boy or a girl, you should not love early. It affects learning. The consequences are often unbearable. During the middle school, students’ minds are not completely mature, and judgment of people and things is difficult to get in place!So it is best to put your mind in the stage of learning!

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