High -speed rear -end, pregnant women’s face groaned pale and covered her belly, and her life relay quickly sent to the hospital

Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Chen Dong correspondent Li Shasha Wang Jianbing

At 16:09 on June 5th, during the video inspection of the Taizhou Operation Management Sub -Center of Zhejiang Transportation Group’s Highway Taizhou Operation Management Sub -Video inspection, it was found that two cars were parked on the main lane at the entrance of the Takuling Tunnel at the High -speed Highway.Later, it was confirmed that there were two cars a rear -end accident.

The operation branch center immediately notified the high -speed traffic police command center to implement the bayonet at the warm -looking Wu Yan, modify the intelligence board and guide the device after the accident, ensure the safety of the division, and send the nearest high -speed rescue trailers, tire cars, and inspecting vehicles to the scene.Essence

After 3 minutes, the high -speed people arrived at the scene, took safety measures after the accident, and guided the accident vehicle that could be drove away to the tunnel square emergency parking belt, and dragged away the rear faulty vehicle rescue.

Just when everyone thought that the accident would be handled so calm, groaning came from the side of the vehicle. The high -speed people stepped forward and asked a woman in the car to face pale, covering her stomach and frowned. "Is the stomach uncomfortable?Is it a seat belt? "" Tied, I am pregnant … "A three -year -old child was sitting next to the pregnant woman, and the" family of four "panicked.

"Sub -center, there is a pregnant woman at the scene. When I first rear -end, I hit it. Now my stomach hurts and needs to go to the hospital."

At 16:18, the monitor of the central center received a tightness at the scene. This is the last day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The traffic on the high speed will be large. The time to delay the on -site delay on the ambulance will be relatively long.Other trauma, after discussion with the high -speed traffic police decided to let the ambulance wait at Linhai North, the pregnant woman sent the high speed by the traffic police.At 16:23, it would go well with the ambulance and send the pregnant woman to the hospital.It turned out that the sudden impact caused the pregnant woman to be unwell, coupled with emotional tension, and premature signs of abdominal pain.

After Linhai rescue team, Mao Zuoling’s trailer arrived at the scene, and found that another woman in another car was injured by pelvic bone due to impact.The rescuer hurriedly comforted: "Please do not move in the car. We will immediately send you to Linhai to exit. The ambulance will pick you up, please do not worry."Drag the car to the high -speed exit and pick it up by the ambulance.After being dragged to the north of Linhai, the ambulance was waiting here. Rescuers co -rescued the ambulance personnel to move the injured woman out of the car to the ambulance. The woman kept thanks to the rescuers.At 16:28, the accident site was handled, and the bayonet was put in the rear.

Later, I learned that there was no big deal in the end.

The accident originally originated from the rear pickup truck to keep a safe car with the front car. When driving on the section of the incident, the front car suddenly reduced the speed, and the rear car hit it without stopping.Reminding the first element of high -speed safety driving is to keep the distance from the car, to be distracted, and prevent the sudden brake.

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