Hit the mahjong for three days and three nights leading to a breakup. Her husband fell into a mystery.

When it comes to Liu Xuehua, everyone will have a impression work in her heart.Her early work was more popular with Qiong Yao drama, the goddess Qiong Yao in the 1980s.He played Lu Yiping in "Smoke and Rain", which was also interpreted by Zhao Wei after this.

With this work and her first Qiong Yao drama "Several Sun Red" became the most popular star in Taiwan at the time.I have to say that Liu Xuehua, who is now 57, is so beautiful when he was young.

In addition, there are "Deep Court", "Dumb Wife", "Grass" of the Qingqing River, etc., because of the tears of the tears in "Dumb Wife", they are named "Tears Eye".

After the 80s, they should be most impressed by the "Grassy of Qingqing River". It accompanied the youth of a generation, and the theme song of the same name is also widely sung.The drama was still hot at the time. At that time, Xiao Jinming, who was a child star, was very popular with the audience.

In recent years, she has become active and often starred in the "Empress Dowager" who often appeared in the major court dramas."Applause sounded", which evoked the memories of her many audiences, and ushered in the peak of her career.

It can be said that after Liu Xuehua entered the performing arts circle at the age of 19, he began a performing arts. The image ranges from the original poor Qiong Yao heroine to the tough and powerful female strong woman and the queen queen.EssenceBut her love first is not so smooth in her emotional life.

When her Qiong Yao opera was the most popular, she and Liu Dekai, who were also the younger student of Qiong Yao drama, performed a "double Liu love". The two had been together for many years.End with Liu Xuehua’s abortion, and Liu Dekai and French girlfriend Anqi flashed.

Regarding the word between the two parties of this relationship, Liu Xuehua said that he proposed to break up with the third party An Qi during his time to France, and Liu Dekai said that the two broke up because Liu Xuehua beat Mahjong for three days and three nights in the case of pregnancy.This makes him unacceptable. No matter what the truth is, this is a thing of the past, and we don’t have to investigate the parties.

After this abuse, Liu Xuehua met her later husband, Deng Yuxun.The two met in 1999 because they filmed "Stupid A -Gump", and then they were also flash marriage. After marriage, the happiness of life thought that they could live in this life. As a result, the news of Deng Yukun’s death in 2011 shocked everyone.

The police ruled out that he was killed and defined as "accident".Whether it is suicide or accidentally falling down, there are many sayings when things happened.It is said that their husband and wife had a mouthful that morning, and Deng Yukun accidentally fell to the balcony to move the pot; some said it was because he accidentally adjusted the antenna; there was a saying that he committed suicide, but the reason for suicide could not be known.

Today, Liu Xuehua is active on the screen as an old opera bone, and has also participated in variety shows to perform very desperately.Her acting skills and professionalism are worthy of our young generation.Thank you for bringing us so many good works for so many years!

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