Hong Kong media exposed that Liang Luoshi was pregnant with her fourth child, and Li Zekai suspected to be a dad again!14 -year -old son showed the first appearance

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As the saying goes, there are many people.I wonder if it was because Liang Luoshi celebrated the 35th birthday banquet twice in June, which attracted the attention of a large number of Hong Kong media and journalists. Once he was onlookers, he would inevitably make some scandals.

Recently, some Hong Kong media actually exposed a big material, saying that Liang Luoshi succeeded in having the fourth child. Li Zekai was accompanied by the hospital for examination. During the period, the 57 -year -old Xiao Superman showed his long -lost "happiness".

The media finally stated that Li Ka -shing, as "the head of the Li family", also seemed to let go of his former attachment. On the spot, he rewarded a luxury mansion to Liang Luoshi, only to allow the woman to keep his fetus with peace of mind.

This breaking news is obviously doubtful, which is exactly the same as the previous report of Zheng Xinyi’s "death" incident, so the credibility is not high.However, because Liang Luoshi was celebrating his birthday, he exposed the "cake storm", which once made many netizens speculate that Liang Luoshi and Li Zekai had reunited in a low -key, otherwise they would not choose to celebrate their birthdays on the day of "Father’s Day".Therefore, the Hong Kong media suddenly broke the news that Liang Luoshi was pregnant, which also instantly attracted the attention of netizens.

In addition, on July 1st, some overseas netizens were lucky enough to meet Liang Luoshi’s mother and son in a Canadian merchant. According to this netizen, when Liang Luoshi was dressed in casual outfits, Isabella, who did not apply fans, was very low -key and the people. Netizens also.Boast that she has a high face value and Mandarin speaks well.

It is worth mentioning that Li Changzhi, the eldest son of Liang Luoshi on the day, was also at the scene. He was communicating with the clerk selling flowers. It seemed to buy some flowers to give people.I saw that Li Changzhi, who was 14 -year -old, had almost surpassed 172cm’s mother. According to netizens, Li Changzhi’s appearance was similar to his father Li Zekai.

Over the past few years, the Li family’s privacy protection for future generations has been very well -in place. Generally, few people can see their true appearance. Even when Liang Luoshi takes every time in the festival, he rarely allow his sons to show the camera, even if evenThere are also special filters or coding.Therefore, this time Li Changzhi "showed up" for the first time.

Earlier, when Liang Luoshi took a selfie with the cat he adopted, he accidentally took the back of his eldest son. At that time, Li Changzhi had also reached his mother’s ears.Presumably in a few years, Li Changzhi can catch up with his parents.

In fact, last month, Hong Kong media broke the news that Liang Luoshi and Li Zekai had reunited for more than 1 year. Li Zekai announced that he would no longer have a new girlfriend to return to the family, and began to start training his eldest son.

For the 35 -year -old Liang Luoshi, she has been in the minds of Buddhism for many years, and she has already left all kinds of fame and fortune and puts down all kinds of grievances in the past. The word "division" is not important for Liang Luoshi.

As before in the Hong Kong Golden Awards Awards, Liang Luoshi said such a sentence to reporters: "Single is so comfortable, and it is natural for feelings. The current focus is on filming."

Therefore, this time Hong Kong media broke the news that Liang Luoshi was pregnant is obviously incurable.After all, for Liang Luoshi, maintaining the current state of life is the best. There is money, face, son, and career.

Just as Zhou Kaixuan, who had been with Li Ka -shing for decades, she showed amazing talents in the business farm and won the favor of Li Ka -shing, but Zhou Kaixuan did not mention marriage.Some netizens once teased: "It is the real winner if you don’t marry the Li family!"

However, when the same problem was placed on Liang Luoshi, many netizens supported her and Li Zekai to truly reunite to give the three sons a complete family.

Therefore, although the materials exposed by the media are not high, netizens have given netizens very much looking forward to one day Li Zekai can truly marry Liang Luoshi.

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