Honghong has been pregnant for 23 weeks. At that time, I wanted to post a post to teach you how to teach you

It has been 23 weeks of pregnancy. At that time, I wanted to post a post to teach you how to teach you how to teach you some methods now. How to prepare for pregnancy!

On October 1, 18 years ago, my husband and I got married.My husband and I are 28 years old this year.We are too late to get married and have children, because we are old and feel that if we get married, we should have a child.I was pregnant 17 years ago, but because of some other problems, I didn’t want to get pregnant, until one year later I wanted to have a child.We had a pre -pregnancy examination. My husband was okay. At that time, the doctor also said that I was normal and said that you went home to my dear. There was no problem, and then I was glad to go home.Then the baby’s manufacturing process began.

After returning home, my husband and I fell asleep, and naively thought I was going to be pregnant this month.When I finally came to menstruation, I was very frustrated and thought, "Why didn’t you win?" I said to my husband, "It’s okay, we continue next month." As a result, I didn’t think much.In the next month, I had several sexual relationships with her.This time, I still feel a little uneasy, and I should be able to win this time.I think the waiting process is a bit long, with various symptoms.As a result, my aunt came again, and I was sad at the time.I don’t understand what happened, and then I thought, there would be no problems.Is this caused by premature birth?Later, my sister said that I could use ovulation test strips to accurately measure my ovulation date, and then get pregnant with a high probability. I saw that my sister was pregnant.So I started the process of playing with my own urine.Essence

After two months, I felt pressure and couldn’t bear to do anything else.I bought ovulation test paper and watched them say that the 14th day before menstruation was ovulation day. I tried another month and then had a sexual relationship with her, but I failed again.This time, my heart was broken. I want to know if I have something wrong. If I can’t have a child, the pressure increases. I find that I don’t know the ovulation date.I have a menstrual period of about six days and each menstrual period, so the ovulation date is not the same. I will find the correct date of ovulation the next day according to the guidance of Baoma.I thought I have survived a long wait this time. I have been pregnant with all kinds of symptoms. As a result, my aunt came to report on time.After experiencing it again and again, I really don’t have this mentality.This time, I not only doubted myself, but also began to doubt whether my husband had any problems, because he often drank and stayed up late, I doubted whether there was a problem with the sperm, and then I forced my husband to let me do it again. My husband thought I was crazy.She said that I was too anxious. She said it was only a few months, and she was working hard.But I didn’t hear any words at the time, and I felt that I had to check again.This is also a variety of online Baidu search.I suggest you not go to Baidu to check this casually. It really scares you to death. At that time, I had no mood to work, and I had no mood to do anything all day.I am so sad.Later, my husband told my mother -in -law.But I really want to thank God, I met a good mother -in -law.She often comforts me.She said that you are still so young, take your time, take your time, often make delicious food for me, cook soup for me, buy me Ejiao and Western -style ginseng to self -cultivation, and often buy clothes for me to make me happy, but the more I am, the more I am, the more I amThe more I want a child for my mother -in -law, the more I want a child.

Later, I went to the hospital to see a doctor myself.I presented the report with my husband and my husband.This is really a doctor’s statement.There are several ways of saying are different.A doctor said that after reading my report, he said that the ovary function was low and dropped to zero.Several times, the doctor told me politely that pregnancy is not necessarily difficult. The doctor said that a 30-year-old person is equivalent to 40-50 ovaries. The doctor also said what to do. At that time, I felt that my life had lost my life.Significance.At that time, I felt that I couldn’t have children.I went home and cried with my husband.If my husband comforts me like this, then try it again.We can also do test tubes. At that time, I went to see other doctors.The doctor also said that the ovarian function was low. My husband has been pregnant for 24 weeks now. At that time, my husband felt that I was like a demon, just like I was crazy. My husband said that he was good and didn’t want to do it again.My husband and I quarreled all day, and we were in a bad mood.The doctor suggested that I take coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. She said that she would take care of her ovaries and let me open it slowly!

Later, my mother -in -law asked one of my acquaintances to see a doctor.The doctor said that you are only a few months pregnant. Do you think you have a problem?She said that she spent six months to check before pregnancy before she found any problems.The doctor gave me some medicine and asked me to go home. I tried it again in the same room, but I still failed.At that time, I didn’t even listen to what the doctor said, and I felt that I had a problem.I think I have no confidence in myself.The doctor suggested that I do ovulation test.Then I used ovulation test paper at home, and went to the hospital for ovulation test before ovulation. The doctor said that the follicles have not grown up.He asked me home to try my roommate to see if I can get pregnant.After returning home, he also arranged to live in the same room with his husband.He arranged several times, but failed to win.After four or five months of hard work, I was a little tired and felt tired. I no longer put all my hearts on it. At that time, I felt that I had to follow the waves, and I could no longer divorce.This is the bitter journey of tossing for so long, sorry for being so embarrassed. Next, uh, I will share with you some ways to make you faster and better.

In recent days, I slowly relaxed.I flipped a post and wanted to see some methods shared by others.At that time, I also won a lot of confidence for myself.I also changed a job. In my life, I was busy and enriched. At first, I was very nervous and had no time to think about other things. I was busy and fulfilled every day.It is said that this Chinese medicine medicine is very powerful and difficult to register. It has been hung for more than half a month in advance to see it.At that time, he showed a report to Chinese medicine and gave me the pulse.He said that the uterus was a bit cold, and the doctor told me that it was so wrong.The real problem is that you are lazy.He said that your young people were too lazy to exercise, so the problem came out. At that time, the doctor prescribed a prescription for me to use the purple car powder to adjust the thickness of the endometrium.Then I drank Chinese medicine for seven days at home.The most important thing is that the doctor told me that I had to exercise and run for 2000 meters before the day. The doctor said that I had to exercise anyway.After returning home, I do it every day according to the method of Chinese medicine.I go to work every morning too early, and I go to run after get off work in the afternoon.Then I also combined according to the creative method. My husband bought me soymilk machine, soybean black beans, drinking soy milk with my aunt every month, running rope after work, stop drinking soy milk skipping rope after three or four days, but the amount of exercise is still suitable. This is still suitable. This is still suitable.The mood of the moon also relaxed a lot, and did not go to the same room to test the ovulation, but when I relax, I have a mood to come to the same room. When do I want to go to the same room and when to go to the same room?Parenting, I just feel that the doctor’s suggestion is relaxed, and everything is naturally relaxed. Between the busy work and exercise every day, you also slowly take care of your body.

After drinking Chinese medicine, I went to the Chinese medicine medicine and took some traditional Chinese medicine to continue to recuperate.The doctor gave me a pulse, saying that there was no palace cold, no qi deficiency and blood deficiency.Let me continue to exercise, continue to recuperate, and open a week of Chinese medicine, I returned to my aunt’s house.The doctor said that the aunt would drink again after menstruation.After my aunt’s menstrual period, I exercised as usual.I’m too lazy to drink Chinese medicine.Ha ha.At that time, my husband said that he wanted to have sex with me. I had a vague feeling. I would not be pregnant, ah, so I went downstairs to buy a pregnancy test stick for testing.After the test, I still put it on the window sill like before, because I was afraid to think about it again. After washing my clothes, I couldn’t help but go to the bathroom to see it.Therefore, I saw the legendary gray mark.I was very excited at the time.Haha, pregnancy test stick

I was very excited at the time.Haha, holding the pregnancy test stick, looking around, I think there is a mark, let my husband see, the husband also said that there is a small ash number.At that time, he felt hopeful.He bought five or six pregnancy tests from the pharmacy after get off work.The next morning, he came to do a morning urine test.The score is deeper than the first day. I compare all the tests every day. When I get off work, I do it several times a day.The mark is getting deeper and deeper. In the evening, I went to the pharmacy to buy a Colin pregnancy test stick to measure the pregnancy time. The morning urine test began again. As a result, I was 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. Then you excited me and stopped all the drugs and all the drugs and all the drugs.Strong exercise, in order to further confirm that I went to the hospital to draw blood, the result was pregnancy, and the progesterone was very good. When I got the result, my tears flooded my eyes.I can not believe it.I first told me the good news of my husband and his family.My family is also very happy.My husband laughed at my various nervous behaviors at the time.Haha, then my child created life

I said that because I could feel that I couldn’t get pregnant.I also read a lot of posts to increase confidence.I am also grateful to the sisters who have prepared experience during pregnancy in the creation. I also thank me for their efforts to adjust my mood, stress, work, exercise myself, relax myself, comfort myself, and go to the temple to burn incense and worship the Buddha. I hope to give me a child.It has been more than 24 weeks now, and each inspection is smooth.Now I hope that the baby can have a healthy full moon delivery, and then I will repay it!

I hope this post can help more sisters get pregnant smoothly.In fact, this is to relax and not feel pressure.In the best case, children will come.I call on more sisters not to go to Baidu at will, don’t scare myself, more importantly, believe in yourself, adjust your mentality, don’t worry about anything, take care of your body first, wait in the best state, and finally, I am in the best state.I hope that all pregnant sisters will welcome their babies as soon as possible.bring it on

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