How big is "abortion" to uterine damage?Can girls still have sex after flowing?


With the development of society

More and more people start

Knowing and understanding artificial abortion

Harm to girls

But there are some people

On the topic of female abortion

Still choose to be a "ostrich" with a head -of -headed "ostrich"

Don’t ignore it directly

The harm caused by the flow of people to girls

Otherwise, because of fear of the consequences of people’s flow

Forcibly to give birth to children who are pregnant

And these two extreme ideas

It’s actually wrong!

Today, I want to talk to you

What does "flow" mean for girls?

as far as I can tell

The flow of people that the hospital can provide

There are the following types

【1】 Drug abortion

Refers to taking medicine

Generally, rice non -felosterine+Meso anterior glycol tablets

Reduce the level of hormones in pregnant women


Then use Morne frontol

The strong contraction of the uterus

Down the fetus’s embryo and moltage out of the body

This method

Mainly used for early pregnancy within 7 weeks

Relatively surgery

High safety factor and relatively small cost

But the disadvantage is that it is prone to miscarriage of drugs

The vaginal bleeding time is long, increasing the chance of the Qing Palace

【2】 Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is mainly divided into two types

One is to attract artificial flow in negative pressure

It is mainly suitable for pregnant women who want to end pregnancy within 10 weeks

This surgery uses a negative pressure device

Use a straw to suck out the embryo and other tissues in the uterus

The effect of abortion

And the other is called pliers scraping

This is the commonly known curettage technique

Compared with the negative pressure above attracting artificial flow,

It will first pass a special pliers first

Scrape the embryo tissue in the uterus

Then cooperate with the negative pressure to attract them to suck them out

Although it sounds scary

But it is indeed 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy

The preferred plan for artificial abortion

With anesthesia and drugs

Can shorten surgery time and reduce bleeding

In short, listen to the above description

Everyone should be able to realize

Whether it is drug abortion or surgical abortion

Although the flow of people is relatively safe, gynecological surgery

But it is still inevitable to treat girls

Cause certain harm

According to the statistics

Artificial abortion in the world every year

It reached 40 million to 60 million cases

7.9%of the pregnant women died due to abortion

And 45%of them are unsafe abortion

In our country, in the past 5 years

The total number of manual abortion every year

Always maintained around 9.5 million cases

According to the Chinese Medical Association Family Planning Branch

Investigation by Professor Cheng Linan, Chairman of the Sixth Committee

About 10%-15%of women in my country

There will be various complications due to artificial abortion, or even infertility for life

Many girls are undergoing abortion

In addition to causing damage to the endometrium

It is also easy to cause cervical adhesion, pelvic inflammatory disease and other stories

Some may even have psychological diseases such as depression, anxiety

In addition, some surveys show

Many people have not put an artificial abortion on my heart

After they have aborted once once

There is still a chance of repetitive abortion

On average every 10 people

There are 3 ~ 4 people who have experienced repeated abortion

The serious consequences of the end

Except for the above complications

It will also increase the risk of infertility

Some studies have pointed out that the income rate of women in my country

From 3.5%in 1997 to 16.4%in 2019

Even in 2023, it may increase to 18.2%

Of course, although the dangers of so many people are said

But the beginning of the sentence

Because I am afraid of not being abortion and ignoring the dangers of people

The same is irresponsible behavior

Compared to the child after pregnancy, the child is born

Although the flow of people is harmful to the body

But the harm is far from the damage caused by pregnant and given a child

We discuss this topic

Not to argue pregnancy and abortion

Which one is more harmful to girls

Not to make everyone afraid of people’s flow of people

Do not do abortion after accidental pregnancy

On the contrary, we want to tell everyone

Under a better and more mature contraceptive means

Everyone should try to avoid being caught in themselves

In this dilemma risk

After all, serious contraception, wear a good set

These two situations above

Nothing will happen ~

One minute of Ph.D., the posture continues to rise

-The end of this issue-

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