How can I know that the dog is pregnant?Through 4 methods and 3 stages, easily judge

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"How can you know that the dog is pregnant?"

For many new shovel officers, when dogs are pregnant, they are often at a loss and will emerge in many such problems.Because this is directly related to whether the baby dogs are born healthy, in order to help the shovel officers can better judge whether the dog is pregnant, this article will focus on "how to identify and judge dogs’ pregnancy".

We know that dogs belong to a multi -mammal animal. Because of their special physiological structure, "doting" and improper lifestyle of shovel officers, if the dog is not well maintained during pregnancy, it is easyAs a result, dogs have been miscarriage or at the stage of pregnancy that causes dogs to be difficult to produce.

Through the examination of dogs during pregnancy, not only can we detect the growth of the fetus, but it can also determine whether the dog has the risk of dystocia. If so, it can help us take preventive measures in advance.

Dogs do not need nine months as humans. Their pregnancy period is only about two months, that is, about 60-63 days; then, how can we correctly judge whether dogs are pregnant successfully?

Generally speaking, veterinarians will determine whether dogs are successful in pregnancy through four methods such as "cardi, hormone level testing, X -ray examination and ultrasound inspection".

1. Campnut

Daltic is the most convenient and cheapest way to judge whether the dog is pregnant. Over time and the development of the fetus, the embryo gradually develops in the uterus, and then the fetal membrane will be formed.A puppy has an independent "room", and then after about 28 days of development, it can obviously feel the liquid in the fetal membrane through the abdominal strike.Essence

2. Hormone level test

The veterinarian can test the relaxation of the female dog’s body to determine whether the dog is pregnant, because the relaxation is released from the placenta tissue during the dog’s pregnancy.If you have, you have to wait at least 30 days after the dog is pregnant. If it is less than 30 days, the test results may be errors.

3. X -ray examination

X -ray examination is generally used in the late pregnancy of female dogs. Through X -ray examination, you can judge the number of puppies in the puppy in the dog’s uterus. Generally, X -ray examination can be accurately judged after 55 days.Because before it, the baby’s skull and spine are developing, and it is not visible on the X film. Therefore, it is very important to master the time when conducting X -ray examinations for dogs;Whether there is a risk of fetal difficulty or maternal failure, such as whether the fetus is too large and whether the pelvic pelvic bone is too narrow.

4. Ultrasound

Ultrasonic examinations are not only widely used in human medicine, but also widely used in veterinary clinical clinical clinical. Ultrasonic examination is the best way to understand whether dogs are pregnant in early pregnancy. When performing ultrasonic examinations on dogsOn the 25th-35th day, in this way, not only can the dog get pregnant, but also can determine whether the fetus is survived by recording the heartbeat of the fetus. In addition, ultrasound examination can also help calculate the fetal age and exclude the female dog whether the female dog canDiseases of uterine diseases.

X -ray examination of pregnant dogs

In addition to checking whether the dog is pregnant through the veterinarian, the shoveling officer can also judge whether the dog is pregnant through the performance of the dog mother at each stage. So, what will the dog’s mother perform during the pregnancy stage?

In the first month (stage), the embryo usually enters the uterine horns around the seventh day after the breeding, and then the embryo will be embedded in the endometrium on the 16th day. The embryo begins to form on the 22nd day.Then on the 28th or 30 days, the veterinarian can detect the fetal heartbeat on the ultrasonic.

Many dogs have almost no obvious symptoms in the first three weeks of pregnancy, but if you observe carefully, you will see that the dogs who are already pregnant have these signs: increased appetite to increase the nipple slightly increased exercise and reduce "pregnancy vomiting".

The second month (stage), the fetus also develops rapidly this month. When the fetus develops on the 32nd day, the eyelids will be formed. On the 35th day, the toe is formed. On the 40th dayThe bones and skin will gradually form; when the fetus develops on the 50th day, the X -ray examination can be relatively accurate to determine the number of puppies. Moreover, on the 58th day, the dog mother will start to find ""Building a nest" place.

By the second month, the signs of the dog’s pregnancy will be more obvious: the appetite increases significantly; the weight increases by 20%-50%; the increase of urination; the change of behavior, gradually showing maternal sex;; The abdomen increases significantly; appetite will decrease after 45 days; after 50 days, observation of the dog’s abdomen can be seen in the dog’s mother’s belly.

In the third month (stage), the dog’s mother will give birth at the beginning of the third month. In the last few days when the dog’s mother is pregnant, the following signs will appear: As the puppy gradually enters the birth canal, the dog’s waist will be significantly reduced;The appetite decreases at 61-62 days of pregnancy; the body temperature decreases 12-24 hours before childbirth; the symptoms such as uneasiness will be manifested 24 hours before childbirth.

In short, it is very simple to judge whether the dog is pregnant. It is important to take the correct maintenance measures when the dog is pregnant.

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During the dog’s pregnancy, you must avoid the severe exercise of dogs and drop from a high place. In addition, if the fetus is too large or the dog mother pelvis is narrow and there is a risk of difficulty in giving birth, it is recommended to take preparations in advance.

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