How can I treat acne during pregnancy, but do not use medicine?

"Acne" in adolescence is more common. Is "acne" during pregnancy because pregnancy makes people "young"?What is the reason why many pregnant mothers have a headache for a headache?What can pregnant mothers who have "acne" do?In order to not affect the baby’s health, growth and development, but also meet the appearance needs of the "people’s common" of pregnant mothers.

The onset of acne is mainly related to increased hormone levels and sebum secretion.In addition, it is also related to bacterial infections, abnormal sebaceous glands, and inflammation.Acne during pregnancy is mainly related to changes in hormone levels and changes in the secretion of oil and change during pregnancy.

General treatment:

① Pay attention to the diet. The pregnant woman "eats one person, and the two people digest and absorb." There are relatively high nutritional needs, but patients with "acne" during pregnancy should avoid excessive intake of high sugar and high -fat foods. These foods mayAdding acne symptoms, spicy diet can also aggravate acne symptoms.Diet should also be reasonable during pregnancy.

② In addition, good sleep, rational skin care during pregnancy is conducive to acne symptoms.

③ "Hold your own hand", remember that you cannot squeeze acne and inflammatory pimples with your hands. When inflammation is obvious, acne with your hands may cause more serious infection or diffusion of infection.

Pregnant women’s clothes are also particular about it. Try to wear some loose, cotton, light -colored clothes, especially underwear, which is important to maintain local ventilation and dryness, because some patients’ acne rash may grow on the hips, chest or back.If you wear tight clothes or not to sweat more when the weather is hot, it may stimulate the symptoms of acne.

④ Drug treatment:

For pregnant women who are not seriously acne, it is generally recommended to wait until childbirth, or treat it after the end of the breastfeeding. If the disease is severe and the pregnant woman has an urgent treatment needs for the appearance, some medication suggestions can be given as appropriate according to the condition.According to the classification of FDA drugs in the United States, the medication of pregnant women is divided into level X according to ABCDE. Generally speaking, it can only be used by Class B. It is generally not recommended in clinical clinical Class.You can use clinithromycin gel, erythromycin ointment. If the disease cannot be controlled by the disease, you can use oral drugs, such as erythromycin oral treatment.Orally, they all have a clear role of teratogenic effects, so it is forbidden to use acne during pregnancy.Generally, the suggestions for acne during pregnancy are still symptomatic treatment to control inflammation. After childbirth, a comprehensive and complete system treatment is performed after childbirth.

In the end, mothers are really great, pregnant in October, facing the challenges of various physical changes.Once childbirth, pain more than 10 levels of pain.Several years of nursery cultivation does not require returns and gratitude.But we should all recognize that our mother has paid us and is grateful to our mother.

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Qingye Information Special Author: Zhang Jianglin, Dermatology Department of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

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