How can it be easily conceived?5 techniques make you pregnant without trouble, and the couple in preparing for pregnancy know it

Some people do not want children, but they are still pregnant. Some people have been preparing for pregnancy, but they can’t be pregnant.Although conception is a natural state of both men and women, for couples who can’t be pregnant, they need to make artificially try to quickly increase the chance of conception. At this time, skills are essential.

Any technique requires both men and women to achieve the best cooperation before they can play a role.Therefore, the preparation of men and women before pregnancy is also very important. These five preparations before pregnancy are indispensable for both men and women. We must pay attention.

1. It is very heavy before pregnancy.

2. The harmful substances after smoking and drinking will stay in the body for a long time, so it is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol before preparing for pregnancy

3. The wife supplement folic acid more, and vitamins are also essential. In order to improve the quality of sperm, it is best to add folic acid

4. Don’t stay up late at night, maintain a good rules of schedule, usually exercise more, and enhance the vitality of the body

5. Breakfast must be eaten. Three daily meals must be regular, and nutritional balance can help environmental health in the body.

After both men and women’s body are raised, try these 5 tips again

1. If both men and women are tired, the most needed at this time is to relax and relax. It is best not to drag a tired body for darning the body for pregnancy and child.

2. If both husband and wife have been urged by the family, they have not been successful for a long time. At this time, we must communicate more with the family because the depressed environment will definitely affect the mood of both men and women.High, especially women’s pressure is too high, it will also affect the body’s endocrine and ovulation.

3. The husband and wife can take time to travel. Looking back at the honeymoon feelings at the beginning of marriage, enjoy the sweet two -person world, the quality of life of husband and wife will be higher without external disturbances, and the chance of pregnancy will increase a lot.

4. By testing or calculating your ovulation time to determine when the same room is, the body temperature increases slightly during ovulation, and accurately knows your ovulation day, and then the same room is the most conducive to pregnancy.

5. Do not increase the number of times in the same room for pregnancy. If the same frequency of the same room is too high, it will lead to a decrease in male semen concentration and reduced sperm.Especially for the old couple who wants the second child, it is no longer the best age of childbirth. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of sperm, not only to increase the chance of conception, but also reduce the probability of fetal malformations.

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