How can pregnant mothers calculate how many days they are pregnant?Teach you more accurate than the general method

For pregnant mothers, there are actually many things they need to pay attention to, because pregnancy is not a simple matter. If I now ask everyone how many days they are pregnant, do the pregnant mother know the specific number?

In fact, for all pregnant mothers, it is good for future pregnancy tests to understand their pregnancy days, but the problem is that many pregnant mothers are also pregnant for the first time.I only know that the child has been for a few months.

Moreover, some pregnant mothers have listened to many wrong calculation methods to make their own production date and check -up time. If the optimal check -up time is missed, it is not good for the development of the fetus in a timely manner.Come and talk, when will you start counting.

How can pregnant mothers calculate how many days they are pregnant?

I have a friend. At first, because I felt that my body was not particularly comfortable, she was different from time to time. I was worried that I was pregnant, so I bought a pregnancy test stick to check.After doing the first pregnancy test, after the examination, the doctor told her that she had been pregnant for almost 32 days, which was about a month.

And my friend got this inspection report very puzzled. I only felt that I was pregnant a few days ago. Why did I get pregnant for more than a month?

In fact, it is because from the first day of menstruation, the body hormones of pregnant women will change. During this period, the follicles in the ovaries have begun to grow and develop, which means that this period is already pregnant during this period, and women’s ovulation ovulation is already during this period, and women’s ovulation ovulationThe period was originally 14 days before menstruation. At this time, sperm and eggs can be combined to form fertilized eggs.

It takes 3-4 days to bed with fertilized eggs. Therefore, many women have actually been postponed for about five days after they realize that they are pregnant. At this time, it should have been pregnant for about one month.

After watching this example, did the pregnant mother know how to correctly calculate the number of days of pregnancy?It’s better to start counting now.

Now I have understood how to calculate my pregnancy time, but why do I have to look like this?What is the principle?

First of all, everyone can certainly not be pregnant during menstruation. As for why it starts from the first day of the last menstruation before pregnancy, there are actually two main reasons.

If you want to calculate a person’s pregnancy time, then you must know when his ovulation period is, because you must start from the women’s ovulation period. For most people now, they are not fixed.Ovulation date.

Compared to determining a date that unknown, it is better to understand the menstrual time of women, because the first day of each woman’s last menstrual period can be determined, so when checking pregnancy, general doctors will ask the pregnant woman’s last last time.The start time of menstruation is to calculate the number of days of pregnancy.

The reason why the last menstrual period of pregnant women is to understand the period of time of my pregnant woman also wants to calculate the due date of the mother in this way.

Normally, a woman’s pregnancy cycle is about 40 weeks, that is, ten months, 28 days as a cycle, that is, 280 days. To correctly understand the due date of the pregnant woman, we must learn about the last menstrual period.On the first day, I was calculated in this way. You can learn about the day of Nissan in about ten months.

There are more than one way to solve problems in the world, and there are actually many ways to calculate pregnancy time. What I just introduced is just one of them. So, what other ways to calculate the time of pregnancy?

In fact, through the 12 -week B -ultrasound, you can also calculate the time and due date of pregnancy.

When the doctor is about three months of pregnancy, the doctor will recommend that the pregnant mother starts the first B -ultrasound examination. At this time, the doctor usually calculates the expected due date of the fetus according to the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman’s menstruation and the B -ultrasound examination.The accuracy of such calculation methods is relatively high.

Through the estimation of the month and date, the future due date can also be determined.

In addition to the calculation of the B -ultrasound and the previous menstrual number of the previous menstrual period, another method is to understand the last menstrual time of the pregnant woman, add a nine or one three on the month, plus one 7 in the date plus 7The time to calculate this is the time for the future due.

But there are many variables in this method, so the accuracy is not so high.

Parenting message

In fact, for the first pregnancy or pregnancy, pregnancy is still strange to them, and there are many things that need to be understood. Therefore, expectant mothers may wish to know more during pregnancy.Some parenting knowledge can better take care of the fetus and their bodies.

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