How can puppies grow better

Many friends report that puppies are not easy to feed, it is difficult to serve. Those who are directly raised by adults are afraid of being familiar. I feel that raising dogs from childhood is more emotional.Yueyue feelings, for this reason, I am still sad. Today I will teach you how to raise puppies. The questions you usually pay attention to. If you like my article, please click Follow. There are more interesting and useful articles to share with everyone.

1. Dog should be deworming regularly

At the age of February to March, puppies will have diluted phenomena, commonly known as "turning the intestines."This has nothing to do with the "salty eating" of folklore, and it is an internal parasitic enteritis.It is generally caused by tapeworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, and there are also ballgins.Due to the thin intestinal cavity of puppies, there are relatively large number of parasites such as tapeworms.The individual is large, causing puppies diarrhea.Lost, severe vomiting.Worms can be found in feces.Individual puppies can cause small intestine cases, or prolapse.

Use insect repellent to drive the puppies parasitic in the body.Pepylhzole and levodole are commonly used, orally, eat 1 tablet every 5 pounds, once a day, and eat 3 days, which is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms and hookworms.Pitteriopyzole is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whip worms and nematodes.Compound toluene gemol (quick -acting bowel) is made of patchy of methylpidazole and levicole hydrochloride. Two tablets are taken, but some dogs have blood in the stool for unclear reasons.Peponeonone can treat ticks infection, and take 10 to 20 mg per kilogram of weight, and you can take it once.

Pregnant dogs should not take methylpidazole or "two tablets".If the parasites are driven, you can also choose to be destroyed (Ivei), and you can inject it once, and the dose is in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Anti -tricles can choose to destroy the drops.Sulfa drugs can only prevent pomoscopy infection. Treatment of amino amino hydrochloride in the treatment of cursers.

Because puppies can be infected from parasites when they eat breast milk, they can also infect parasites by licking the soil, licking the wall, and licking other dogs. Therefore, from puppies, regular insect repellent is necessary.

During the interval and use of insect repellent due to the difference in deworming, the veterinarian is prescribed by the veterinarian.Because eating more insect repellent is not good for dogs, the dose should be asked to master the veterinarians.Please note that some people’s insect repellent can not be completely used for dogs. Different insect repellent effects and which parasites are effective for science. The veterinarians should be completed.

The dog breeding farm needs to be deworming regularly, especially the parasitic hazards that cause blood hookworms and corms to cause great harm and must prevent it.Adult dogs also need to be deworm.Regular dog feces inspection is an important part of dog health. To understand whether the dog is infected with parasites, what kind of parasitic infection is infected, and treat it in time.

Second, dogs’ external parasitic prevention and control

Dogs’ parasitic diseases have a high incidence in dog skin diseases, including: creep infections, chigger mite infections, ears itchy mites infection, chignal infections, flea infections, lice and sagittal infection, especially in summer.It happened, so it should be paid attention to.

The prevention and treatment of parasites outside the dog is closely related to the environment.Some exotic parasites exist in the dog’s surface with a small amount of clinical symptoms; some parasites are related to poor environmental sanitation, such as flea, lice, 蜱 and other parasites.Using large neck circles, strengthening environmental sanitation can prevent these parasitic diseases.

Skin testing is the basis for the correct diagnosis of the exogenous parasitic disease of the dog. On the basis of this, the correct medication is a means to treat the exogenous diseases of the dog.

Dog’s diet taboos

1. Dogs cannot eat bones, especially the sharp bones of chickens and ducks.Because dogs swallow into these pointed and sharp bones, it is easy to cause gastric mucosa damage.It can be further developed into acute gastric ulcers, manifested as occasional vomiting and occurred in an empty time in the early morning. The appetite is good or bad, the condition is easy to worsen, and it is not easy to cure.When a dog eats a large amount of bones at a time, constipation may occur, and the stool is bone -like and accompanied by difficulty in defecation.

2. Dogs cannot eat liver for a long time.The liver is rich in vitamin A.Occasionally food is harmless to dogs. For a long period of time, the liver is the perfume of the liver, which can cause excessive or even poisoning of vitamin A. Excessive vitamin A can affect the absorption of calcium and the body’s metabolism of the body.Calcium deficiency is especially serious.Vitamin A poisoning can be manifested as osteoporosis, joint warts and spinal disease, and can affect the development of the teeth.Such diseases are a gradual process, which is often not easy to find in the early days. When discovering symptoms, it causes irreparable damage.

3. Dogs cannot eat foods of green onions, onions.Some dog foods into such foods can cause hybridies of red blood cells and occurbo hematuria. Although the principle is not clear now, it can be determined to be related to some substances in green onion foods.

4. Dogs cannot be chocolate, mainly because the dog is very sensitive to caffeine in chocolate. Although the individual differences are very large, some dogs do have a small amount of chocolate., It is harmful to the health of dogs.

5. Dogs cannot eat allergic foods such as seafood.Dogs may be allergic to many foods, varying from individuals, and very different. Generally speaking, because seafood foods contain more components of histamine and are prone to allergies, their symptoms are different., Irritable, itchy systemic, allergic pimples in the skin, and allergic diarrhea may occur. These need to carefully observe the owners to identify which foods are prone to allergies.

6. Dogs cannot eat high sugar, high -fat, and high salt foods.High -sugar and high -fat foods can easily make dogs gain weight, and obesity is easy to induce a series of diseases, such as fatty liver, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, etc., damaged exercise, circulation, reproductive and other systems.When dogs enter the age, these diseases will threaten the life of dogs.The long -term intake of dogs in dogs will inevitably increase the burden on kidney excretion and affect the health of the kidneys. At the same time, various minerals and vitamins are unbalanced, which directly affects the health and resistance of the skin, causing various skin diseases.Key tips:

Don’t let your dog eat too much, so as not to cause acute diseases such as gastric dilation.The harm of the overeating+overeating to the dog is more serious. Due to the weak digestion capacity of puppies and poor control of hungry, it is more likely to cause full fullness, which will cause acute gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.Essence

Knowledge of puppies’ immunity and deworming


After the puppies are born, they should be injected with vaccines. Everyone knows, but when will the injection?How many times do you inject in total?What seedlings do you use?

Because new puppies can obtain a certain amount of immune antibodies through placenta and breast milk, they can protect puppies from being invaded by certain sources of infection within a certain period of time.Because the mother source antibody can interfere with the antigenicity of the vaccine virus, it will interfere with the active immunization of the dog.The mother source antibodies are mainly obtained through colostrum. Depending on the chrome intake time and quantity, the time for protecting puppies in the mother source antibody is also different. At the same time, there are also differences in the protection time of different viruses.The concentration of mother source antibodies is lower than the concentration required for immune protection.

The parent source antibodies that have the role of immune effects on "canine plague" and "small dogs are small" have fallen to a relatively low level at the six or seven weeks, which is not enough to resist the invasion of these two viruses.However, there are still other mother -source antibodies at this time, so 6 colors of seedlings cannot be injected for the time being, so as not to cause immunity failure. At this time, you can shoot the Dutch Intelvios.In the case, it can quickly play a role within one to two weeks after injection, which plays a certain immune effect on "dog plague" and "small dogs".

After three to three weeks, the hexagonal seedlings can be injected.After two weeks, immunity was generated.To complete the immune program.In the future, the hexagon+rabies will be added once a year.(The above take Inteve as an example)

Some friends may not be able to obtain two -combined seedlings. If there is no in the epidemic area, you can use traditional immune procedures, that is, starting immune at seven to eight weeks.After the vaccine interval for three weeks), the second needle is injected in the six units, and the hexagonal+rabies are injected after two to three weeks.If in the epidemic area, the puppies should be injected high at four to five weeks, and they should be injected once every ten days, and then they are injected according to the traditional immune program.

To be careful of:

1. The vaccine should be used in the same brand, and the brand cannot be replaced in the process of immunization, otherwise it will easily lead to immune failure.

2. Pay attention to the preservation conditions of the vaccine. The active seedlings should be stored at 2–8 degrees Celsius to prevent frozen, high temperature, and direct sunlight; weak poisonous seedlings should be kept below -15 degrees Celsius to maintain its effectiveness.

3. Confirm that healthy dogs can inject vaccines. After the vaccine is injected, immunity is generally 10–15 days.During this period, puppies cannot take a bath.Before the immune program is completed, you should try to reduce the activities and do not contact other dogs.

4. For the age puppies, if the vaccine cannot be injected due to physical reasons, the high serum should be injected first, and the vaccine can be injected after the body is recovered.


At the age of 20 days, puppies should drive intestinal worms.Most puppies have intestinal parasites, which are infected by the female dog through the placenta or milk.General intestinal parasites include tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, etc.The diseased puppies are loss of appetite, weight loss, delayed development; constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and abdominal circumference.Severe infections can cause severe complications and die.Parasitic infections of adult dogs are generally invisible, so even if you are not found in the stool, you should repel deworming on time.

The puppies were first deworm at the age of 20, once a month until half a year, starting every quarter every quarter, and once every six months after adulthood.

It is recommended to use dog -cat -repellent drugs for insect repellent, which is safer.

Drug -driven medicine:

1. The "Remoral Movies" produced by Youda Company in Taiwan, the effect is good, and the side effects are relatively small.

2. "Leviticid", very cheap and practical drugs, sold everywhere, cost 10 mg/kg, orally.

3. Demoded net (pyramazole) 10–12 mg/kg, orally.

4. Avinin, 0.2 mg/kg, subcutaneous injection (should be more careful when puppies are used to strictly control the amount of usage).

Drug -driven medicine:

1. Pyramone, 5–10mg/kg, orally.

2. Extinction (chloriditamine), 70mg/kg, orally, fasting for 12 hours before taking the medicine.Repeat the medicine once after 2–3 weeks.

In addition, there is also a wide range of insecticidal pesticides "Ivekin". The effect of deworming is very good, but the side effects are relatively large. It is limited to the use of the dogs strictly according to the amount of use.(Corley Dog Disable)

The extinguisory of parasites such as cordworms and heartbirds needs to be proceeded until the doctor.

In vitro parasites are mainly flea, lice, etc., and the in vitro parasites can be imported from French imported drugs "Fulan". There are two types of spray and titration. The effects are very good, the safety and side effects are small, and puppies can also be used.In addition, there are domestic "insect extinguishing Ning" drops, the effect is also very good, and the quality is cheap.As for the flea -removing collar, it is recommended not to use it, because the toxicity is too high, a case of paralysis caused by the use of flea and cats has occurred!

Dog’s tapeworm disease

Dogs (dog bow head tapeworms) are mainly harmful to 1 to March, a dog, which affects growth and development, and can cause death when severe infection.Dog tapeworm eggs are excreted from the body with feces, and develop into infectious worm eggs under appropriate conditions.After the age of March, a dog swallowed the infectious insect eggs, hatched larvae in the intestine, larvae drilled into the intestinal wall, passed the lymphatic system to the intestinal membrane lymph nodes, then reached the liver through the blood flow, and then reached the lungs with the blood flow. The larvae passed through the blood.Liaoper, fine -telletal, bronchial, and then swallowed into the stomach through the throat, and further developed into adults in the small intestine. The whole process is 4 to 5 weeks.After the old dog swallowed the infectious insect eggs, the larvae reached the tissue and organs of the body with the blood flow, forming a bag, and the larvae kept vitality, but did not develop further.The fetal liver was moved through the placenta and caused in -fetal infection.After the fetus was born, the larvae moved to the lungs, and then moved to the gastrointestinal tract to develop into a adult. Mattoic pupae have appeared 23 to 40 days after the birth of the dog.Newborn dogs can also cause infection by sucking colostrum. After infection, larvae develop directly into adults in the small intestine.

Dogs suffer from clinical symptoms of tapeworm disease: gradually weight loss and pale mucosa.Disposity, vomiting, differentiated, digestive disorders, first diarrhea and then constipation.Occasionally there are epilepsy spasm.The puppies are swollen and their development is slow.When the infection is severe, the vomit and feces are often discharged.

Prevention measures: First, check and deworming regularly. Puppies are checked once a month, adult dogs are checked once a quarter, and the sick dogs are found to be deworm immediately.Owners with breeding experience can use left mimazole, 10 mg of weight per kilogram of weight.Or use toluene mimazole, 10 mg of weight per kilogram, take twice a day for two days.Or use a pyrimidine (insect -resistant spirit) 5 to 10 mg per kilogram of weight.Or use pyrodiazine (driven spirit) 100 mg per kilogram of weight, take internal.In addition, we must pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, clean and hygiene of the environment, grooves, and food, and remove feces in time.When bringing dogs out, it is strictly forbidden to pick food on the ground to eat

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