How can the fetus be thirsty for pregnant mothers to hydrate BB?

do you know?The fetus has been drinking water since three months.In fact, from the moment the fertilized eggs were successful, the fetus was slowly developing.Whether we can feel whether the baby starts from 12 weeks, it also begins to appear in addition to drinking water.Therefore, the fetus is thirsty.

We all know that when the baby grows in the abdomen, it requires sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and these are supplied by the mother through the placenta.He does not have to eat hard, nor does he need to breathe, nor does it have to bother to drink water.

In fact, according to studies, in addition to punishing muscles and bones and practicing breathing movements every day, babies in the stomach will also actively practice the necessary actions of drinking water.As long as the baby’s fetal age is more than 3 months, the fetus can consciously start drinking water.Of course, they actually drink amniotic fluid.There are also scientists who have estimated this that each baby can drink up to 500 ml of amniotic fluid every day.

Don’t think that amniotic fluid is actually a very dirty thing. If you drink it, you will get sick. This worry is actually unnecessary.The amniotic fluid in the uterus will actually be replaced every three hours. Because it does not contact the outside world, there is neither bacteria nor dust.The protein in amniotic fluid will be excreted with the umbilical cord after the kidney decomposition; and those who are mixed off in amniotic fluids in the amniotic fluid will form tire dung.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the baby will like to taste amniotic fluid more and more.Of course, the baby will also train the lung and kidney function through this swallowing movement.The mother’s amniotic fluid actually contains sugar and salt. At the same time, it can also explain why the baby who is just born will obviously prefer the sweet taste.Studies also show that some strong flavors, such as green onion ginger and garlic can also reach amniotic fluid, but they are not liked by the baby, and the baby rarely sucks the salty solution.

Therefore, for the baby’s "drinking water", expectant mothers must supplement sufficient water during pregnancy to form nutrients that the baby can absorb.Therefore, in terms of drinking water, expectant mothers must not be sloppy. As long as there are conditions, you must replenish sufficient water every day.

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